Eagles “expected more” from Jalen Reagor at this point

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The most memorable moment of Eagles wide receiver Jalen Reagor‘s second NFL season came in Week 12 against the Giants, but it wasn’t memorable in a positive way.

Reagor dropped a pair of passes in or near the end zone during the fourth quarter of Philadelphia’s 13-7 loss to their divisional rivals. Reagor didn’t get benched as a result of the drops, but he didn’t really produce much before or after that game.

Reagor had 33 catches for 299 yards and two touchdowns, which didn’t represent a step forward from an underwhelming rookie year and General Manager Howie Roseman said at a Wednesday press conference that the team was looking for more from the 2020 first-round pick.

“Certainly, heading into year three, expected more from Jalen at this point,” Roseman said. “We had a chance to sit down with him after the season and had an honest conversation about the things that he needs to develop and the things that we can help him develop to continue his growth, in terms of learning from anything. We have to do that.”

The question to Roseman also involved whether the Eagles could learn something for their draft process based on how things played out with Reagor. He said the team has to look at both the “things that maybe we don’t like about our decision making” as well as things they’ve done well in order to evolve. With three picks in this year’s first round, the sooner they can do that the better.

12 responses to “Eagles “expected more” from Jalen Reagor at this point

  1. Interesting to note that Justin Jefferson was drafted with the next pick after this dude. That is a very high draft pick for a punt returner.

  2. He’s a BUST Howie. Worst draft choice you ever made, and that’s saying something.

  3. Its hard to continue to develop when your QB zeroes in on Goedert. Smith developed quicker but he could have caught more passes as well.

  4. “Worst Eagles 1st round pick since Antone Davis.”

    Marcus Smith and Danny Watkins have entered the chat.

  5. I could believe that Howie passed on Jefferson who was clearly the best WR in the draft that year.

  6. He isn’t responsible for throwing the ball- that is the problem with the Philthy team – they don’t have a QB on the starting roster. He is a running back and has demonstrated he is just that. He is no threat to any defense as a passer.

  7. Reagor was rated at no higher that a second round pick. With Howie picking him so high, Reagor felt pressure to perform at a higher level than was expected of him. Plus, the constant comparisons to Jefferson put more pressure on him. Reagor does have talent, but Howie ruined this guy by drafting him in an unrealistic spot. Hopefully, Jeff Lurie figures out that Howie is not a talent evaluator and removes his authority to make draft picks.

  8. I was expecting more too, but put him in K.C., Green Bay, or Tampa Bay, and he’d be a pro bowler and potential HOFer. I can’t evaluate a WR when he doesn’t have an NFL caliber QB throwing the ball. Hurts came into the league about as green as green can be, and he’s a good kid. I like him and hope that he becomes a good QB some day.

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