Howie Roseman: Jalen Hurts has done enough to be Eagles starter in 2022

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Football Team
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Though they had an early exit, the Eagles made it to the postseason in 2021 — their first season with Nick Sirianni as a head coach and Jalen Hurts as their full-time starting quarterback.

In a season-ending press conference on Wednesday, General Manager Howie Roseman said he feels like Hurts showed enough during 2021 to declare him the starter entering 2022.

“We talk about Jalen and the growth he had, really first-year starter, second-year player, leading this team to the playoffs — tremendously impressed with his work ethic, his leadership,” Roseman said. “The last time we talked was during camp and we said we wanted to see him take the bull by the horns and he certainly did that.”

Asked to clarify if that means Hurts is the starter for 2022, Roseman answered, “Yes.”

Hurts completed 61 percent of his passes for 3,144 yards with 16 touchdowns and nine interceptions in 15 games. He also led Philadelphia with 784 yards rushing and 10 rushing TDs.

Roseman said it’s incumbent on the Eagles to build around Hurts so he can excel heading into his third season in the league.

“I think for us, we’ve got to do whatever we can to continue to help him develop,” Roseman said. “And how do we do that? By surrounding him with really good players, players who continue to grow. … That’s on us to continue to build this team.”

56 responses to “Howie Roseman: Jalen Hurts has done enough to be Eagles starter in 2022

  1. Needs to be an open competition with Minshew. Both deserve the chance. If Hurts is clearly better and doing better with reading his progressions, then he should stay the starter.

  2. Why is the GM telling us who the starter is for the team.

    It’s hard to be an Eagles fan, get rid of Howie already.

  3. Last place schedule and being in a soft division kinda skews those numbers , what did he do in the playoff game ? Nothing much !

  4. That’s hilarious! If HR really thinks that then he needs to head to the medical tent for a brain injury.

  5. We’ll…I would STILL take a POCKET passing QB in the DRAFT, late 1st or 2nd as insurance A) it’s needed because he has a noodle arm and B) let’s see if he handles the PUSH , or if he pouts like other VETERAN QBs in the league.

  6. Have a lot of respect for this guy from his bama days and he comes across as a decent guy but I dont see him being an NFL caliber QB? Arm just isnt that accurate.

  7. Hurts showed growth this year, clearly. Will he develop enough to recognize where to go with the ball and deliver it quickly and accurately? That’s the name of the game in the NFL. Lots of work to be done.

  8. Hurts and the Eagles late season success was “fools gold.” I don’t believe that Jeff/Howie really believe that Hurts is the long term answer like they did with Wentz.

  9. He’s done enough to get another year despite the playoff debacle (the whole team was bad and unprepared and that’s on the coach) and the people that think otherwise are what’s wrong with the NFL today. The NFL has always been Not For Long but it seems even worse now among certain fans with the “what have you done for me lately” mindset seemingly being as short as a week. Can only imagine somebody like Trent Dilfer and the 2000 Ravens playing today, social media would be awful.

  10. Weren’t supposed to be there as everybody called them a 3 win team Making the Playoffs is a plus for a “rebuilding” franchise

  11. This is one of those deals where what Howie says in January means very little. If they have an opportunity to pursue a different QB, they will… it’s not like Howie is going to say “well, we can pursue a QB because I already said Jalen’s the guy in 22”

  12. Bigger concerns on D and OL. Kid is a fine QB, nothing spectacular. Should sniff the playoffs each year, but he isn’t the kid to get you to 15-2 and the 1 seed.

  13. He is a very limited passer but in Philly they think he is a nice guy so that is good enough for them.

  14. He may have “earned” the right to be the starter but that certainly doesn’t mean the entire season. Give him 4-6 games to show what he has and bring in a veteran backup that can step in. Philly certainly has the draft chips that they can cash in on another QB too.

  15. Howie Roseman is like a mob boss. He’ll tell you everything’s fine on the phone while a hit squad is on their way to your house. Front offices don’t telegraph their moves. He said the same stuff about Carson Wentz right before he traded him to Indianapolis.

  16. Get rid of Howie? That dude just cleaned up a mess left behind by CK and has you guys in great position in the draft.

  17. Hurts’ stats are very similar to Lamar after his 2nd season. Build around Hurts and it will pay off.

  18. Translation: There’s no great young QBs in the draft we could package those three first rounders for.

  19. LOL, yes Eagles please keep Jalen! Lock in that 7th spot every year then get trashed.
    all Dallas Cowboys fans

  20. I’m a Washington fan and despite not having a whole lot of respect for Hurts coming out of Alabama/Oklahoma, thinking he was more Tebow than anything, I’ve done a 180 on him. He has intangibles, particularly leadership and perseverance, that sets him apart. But he needs a ton of work as a passer. I’m not sure if he’ll ever be a true “franchise” quality QB because of that, but he’s a legit NFL QB. Kudos to him and the Eagles for being smart enough to draft him way earlier than most pundits projected.

  21. Makes a ton of sense…for everyone calling for the Eagles to use some of their first round picks to get Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers, you’re crackers! the Eagles are way more than a QB away from being a good team. Use the picks for some TALENT!

  22. No one in this year’s draft is better than Hurts, and I don’t see Wilson, Rodgers or Watson wanting to come to Philly. Get a good #2 receiver, bulk up defense and I see an 11 win team

  23. Anyone that thinks that Jalen Hurts is going to a Superbowl anytime clearly knows nothing about football! If your GM is making those statements it’s obvious he doesn’t either! Good grief!

  24. “I think for us, we’ve got to do whatever we can to continue to help him develop,” Roseman said. “And how do we do that? By surrounding him with really good players, players who continue to grow. … That’s on us to continue to build this team.”

    The only way to achieve this is to get a new GM in there.

  25. Unless you want a QB who can actually check down to a second receiver.

    The rest of the NFC is in favor of this because the Eagles will never be a serious contender with a QB who focuses on one WR and if that guy isn’t open, just starts running.

  26. But yet he still has Reagor starting only because he drafted him in the 1st rd and doesn’t want to look bad. He should be fired.

  27. You always hear how demanding the Philly fanbase is, but it seems like everyone is more than satisfied with a below average QB. This is so strange.

  28. Jalen Hurts is a really good young quarterback . If the Eagles are smart they’ll use all 3 of their first round draft picks to rebuild the defense and then use free agency to get one or two really good wide receivers and build the team around Jalen Hurts.

  29. He has to say that. What’s he going to do, throw him under the bus 5 days after the season ended? If a better opportunity comes around, Roseman will take it. It’s totally possible Hurts is the QB next year, but I would guess that’s plan B right now.

  30. Hurts may look great on the practice field, but on game day and under pressure his decision making and performance are subpar. Minshew, on the other hand, is a gamer.

  31. Hurts is a placeholder at the QB position for a year or so while the Eagles rebuild the rest of the roster. After that, I would expect the team to be more aggressive looking for an upgrade at the QB position.

  32. He’ll bounce back! We may very well see Hurts vs Tua in the next super bowl.


    I believe they call it the Grey Cup in Canada.

  33. What a great kid! If Dwayne Haskins had a fraction of Hurts’ work ethic, the Steelers would have the heir to Big Ben.

  34. There are two solutions to the Eagles QB problem – either they make a trade for Watson or Wilson, or they trade two firsts for picks next year and make a move for Stroud or Young. Either way, Hurts will be gone by next year.

  35. Really? At least Carson Wentz started his career strongly. Anyone who watched the Playoff game against the Bucs would realize that Hurts is not good enough to start in the NFL.

  36. chastain00 says:
    January 19, 2022 at 11:52 am

    Last place schedule and being in a soft division kinda skews those numbers , what did he do in the playoff game ? Nothing much !


    Don’t forget the Eagles not having to set foot on a plane the last 9 weeks of the season! Every game from week 9 on was essentially a HOME GAME.

  37. Josh Allen had worse 1st year numbers & look at Kyler’s numbers This man has earned his right to be a starter

  38. This guy must get credit for fleecing the Colts. Nothing says short term success like three 1st round draft pics.

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