Malik McDowell “doesn’t remember anything” of altercation, mentor says

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Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Malik McDowell was arrested earlier this week after being naked in public outside of a preschool in Florida and then attacking police officers that attempted to intervene.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, McDowell’s mentor and high school football coach, Reggie Wynns, says McDowell told him he remembers nothing of the incident that led him to end up back in jail.

“He said he doesn’t remember anything,” Wynns said. “He doesn’t remember nothing. He was so emotional. It had me in tears, because he was trying, trying, trying so hard.”

TMZ Sports obtained video of McDowell working out a gym close to where they incident took place. It shows him acting normally and engaging with others in the gym throughout. He returned to his hotel near the gym to shower and then left again, this time without clothes with some erratic behavior reported to have followed.

McDowell walked down the street naked, laid down in the road, resisted arrest and assaulted an officer before being taken into custody.

Via Local 10 news, in a preliminary court a lawyer representing McDowell said that “somebody may have slipped him something or given him something that he wasn’t aware of, which explains some of this bizarre behavior.”

Wynns agreed with that possibility.

“I don’t know if someone laced him or what,” Wynns said. “I don’t know. That’s not him at all. All I’m hoping is that when they test him, they figure out that he had been drugged.

“You don’t do a great job for 17 games starting for the Cleveland Browns and then go to a training facility, and then you’re walking down the street [naked] and doing what he did. That doesn’t make sense to me.”

McDowell had just completed his first season of play in the NFL four years after he was initially drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2017. An ATV accident ahead of training camp left him with serious head and facial injuries that led to him never being cleared by doctors to play in two years in Seattle.

McDowell has had several run-ins with law enforcement as well, including a September 2017 DUI and a December 2017 allegation of disorderly conduct. In February 2019, he was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, resisting arrest, and assault.

McDowell started 14 of 15 games played for the Browns this season with 33 tackles, 3.0 sacks, a pass defended and a fumble recovery.

16 responses to “Malik McDowell “doesn’t remember anything” of altercation, mentor says

  1. Sounds like a re-enactment of Alonzo Spellman of the Bears in March of 1998 walking down a major state route in a hospital gown, arse to the breeze, and no shoes, etc. The hits to the head are tough to survive

  2. He has had this same bad behavior his whole adult life. Lets not make excuses for him anymore.

  3. Great. Now we’re all gonna have to start wearing clothes in public just cuz this nutcase can’t handle his nudity.

  4. Something isn’t quite right here. Doing everything to continue receiving trauma to the head. You would think he has surpassed his lifetime limit already.

  5. After seeing how his coach tried to place blame on someone else it’s no wonder McDowell is the way he is. He’s been enabled his entire life.

    He went back to his hotel room. He could have slipped himself something…that seems more plausible than their feeble attempt at clearing him.

  6. That ATV accident traumatically damaged his brain. I question the medical doctors that even cleared him to play football in the first place. His career should end in the NFL and focus on getting the proper medical attention to attempt to get himself healthy the right way.

  7. Just seems wrong this guy is even playing football. People with traumatic brain injuries get changed forever, and he’s piling on top of that with football. Seems like this will end badly.

  8. let’s wait for lab tests before we pass judgement here folks…..if he tool something the blame is on Malik….more concerning would be a clean test and wondering if this is football/trauma related….I’m more inclined to wait out the NFL’s investigation of this incident before I can comment…

  9. McDowell was trouble BEFORE the ATV accident. People are too quick to make excuses for this guy.

  10. Troubled is correct. He has a lot of issues legally before the ATV incident. With that said, Walking butt naked in broad day light with no recollection of anything is a serious brain issue. There are people who have died from alcohol poisoning and drug overdoes that have never took off all their clothes and ran around in broad daylight. You have to be missing some serious screws in your head to do that.

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