Mike McCarthy doesn’t see his future with the Cowboys as a question

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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The Cowboys were the only home team to lose in the wild-card round of the postseason. They were the only betting favorite to lose.

As much as they seem to want to blame officials for their loss to the 49ers, the Cowboys have only themselves to blame. With 14 penalties, a turnover, five sacks allowed, 3.7 yards per rush and some all-around lackluster play, the Cowboys were lucky it was even a game with 14 seconds remaining.

It does not, however, appear anyone will pay for the loss with his job.

Coach Mike McCarthy said he twice has met with owner Jerry Jones — once immediately after the game and again Monday — and does not see his future with the team as an issue.

“We had very positive conversations and, just, the focus is on the evaluation process,” McCarthy said, via Todd Archer of ESPN.

Jones said Sunday that a change of coaches was “not on the table,” and executive vice president Stephen Jones reiterated that on his radio show Monday.

The Cowboys are 18-15 in McCarthy’s two seasons, and, if he indeed returns, McCarthy will go into 2022 on the hottest of hot seats.

“I think for people in this profession, it’s accepted,” McCarthy said. “It’s part of the job. I get that. I understand why you’re asking the question. It’s part of the job. You have a job to do, and I have a job to do here today in answering your questions appropriately and respectfully. But, yeah, I don’t put a lot into it because I know personally what I put into this.

“I understand what goes on here every day. I know how to win. I know how to win in this league. I know how to win playoff games. I know how to win a championship. So I have great confidence in that. What we’ve built here in two seasons, I feel very good about, and I think with that you just stay true to that. The hard part is the personal. We all have kids, so that’s the part that I don’t like. I would hope people are respectful to that.”

The Packers won the Super Bowl in 2010 with McCarthy as their head coach. But in his 10 seasons since, he is 5-7 in the postseason and his teams missed the postseason three of his past four seasons.

McCarthy is 29-31-1 his past four seasons as a head coach, though Aaron Rodgers played only seven games in 2017 and Dak Prescott only five games in 2020. But 2010 was a long, long time ago, and McCarthy can’t get the Cowboys closer to the Promise Land in 2022, he isn’t likely to get a fourth season in Dallas.

36 responses to “Mike McCarthy doesn’t see his future with the Cowboys as a question

  1. So McCarthy is supposedly a bad coach while both his coordinators are interviewing for head coaching jobs?

  2. The Cowboys will “underperform” next year and Big Mike will be gone unless Jerry’s ego kicks in again. As we all know, Jerry has a lot of trouble admitting his mistakes.

  3. If McCarthy is not on the hot seat now, why would be next season?

    We’ve just seen about the biggest coaching disaster in NFL playoff history and no one in Dallas seems to think they did anything wrong.

  4. Mike needs to go if the Cowboys want any chance of going deep into the playoffs. How come any football fan see he’s not a good coach but Jerry doesn’t?

  5. Please keep him as HC along with Quinn and boy wonder – signed fans of rest of NFL.

    I really wonder why anyone believed that this team would go far. They are 6-0 in NFC E and 6-6 outside (i.e. .500 team).
    In NFC W they’d be just above Seattle (maybe).

  6. The Dallas cowboys will never, ever contend for a championship as long as Jerry Jones is involved with football decisions.

  7. Hey Jerry, if you fire him now there’ll still be time for Minnesota to sign him up as their new head coach / GM.

  8. I don’t know about that Mike 14 penalties in your playoff game doesn’t have a well coached team look.

  9. Since none of the other three teams I. The division has a quarterback I would think the Dallas job would enticing to head coach candidates. Maybe this is the time to go out and hire a good one.

  10. I despise Mike McCarthy but to be fair, they were underperforming for years before he got there. Aside from losing Dak last year, they’ve certainly been better with him as head coach. The only question is, can he do the same without his assistant coaches if they leave.

  11. The problem is with the owner! He doesn’t know how to run a team! Continued disfunction every year! Next year will be much of the same!

  12. Of course he doesn’t. McCarthy is a yes man, which is just the kind of coach Jerruh wants. As a result he gets a coach like McCarthy who will never win anything–just like Jason Garrett–but Jerruh will keep him around for ten years.

  13. Neither Jerrah or his son know anything about football except what they read or see in the news. The only time they’ve ever put any real thought into a coach was Jimmy Johnson. Everybody else they read about in some magazine. Jerrah picked McCarthy because of name recognition. Nobody else thought it was a good pick. Coulda got Dan Campbell. “Who’s that”, Jerrah asks?

  14. The coach has ultimate responsibility for the team, and the Cowboys were woefully unprepared for the 49ers, but I’m more concerned about a QB that looked like a potential MVP the first 7 games and then, after his calf injury, played like a backup who couldn’t hit open receivers, and an O-Line that’s been resting on its laurels too long. A lot of the problems with penalties comes from them getting beaten regularly. I’m concerned about supposedly good WRs who drop easy catches when the QB manages to find them. And I’m concerned about an OC who started out well and then couldn’t seem to adjust to the situation at hand. (I can’t believe Moore is being considered for HC positions.) And, yes, longterm issues with Jerry being “GM.” McCarthy may not be the greatest coach, but the Cowboys went 12-5, and I’m willing to give him another year. It should’ve been clear after the Cardinals game they weren’t going to do well in the playoffs, but it wasn’t a bad year. They just get over-hyped, and, sadly, seem to believe it at times.

  15. The Cowboys were the only home team to lose in the wild-card round of the postseason. They were the only betting
    favorite to lose. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  16. Isn’t it about time they fire the General Manager who hires the Coaches? Oh, that’s right. I forgot. The owner adores him.

  17. Mike: You need to keep Bekins Moving Van Lines Company on Speed Dial! A relocation may be imminent! Jerry has been known to chaange his mind.

  18. Did anyone who watched Hard Knocks with the Cowboys think McCarthy seemed impressive? Cuz I sure didn’t.

  19. Some people don’t hear the branch creak they just feel the crack and soon are laying on their backside unexpectedly.

  20. 49ers fan.

    The way the 49ers started the game, they would have had a good chance to beat any team.

    However, once they started imploding (particularly, Jimmy), I got a bit worried.

    I want to thank the Cowboys for doing their part to help us.

    Had there been another 10 seconds on the clock, we might have lost.

  21. Ole Jerry does not like to admit he mad a mistake. Look how long it took him to fire his last coach. You fans think it is bad now wait until both coordinators get hired by another team and then free agency hits the team. Not looking good.

  22. MM is a perfect fit for Dallas.in Green Bay he was a head coach playing checkers while his quarterback was playing chess during games and thus the unhappiness of his quarterback and big reason he ended up in Dallas( or anywhere).for him to call a qb draw with fourteen seconds left in the game instead of two sideline or endzone passes just shows he is still playing checkers while his old quarterback will still be playing chess against the 49ers Sat night while MM watches from his home being reminded just how an offense should be run.

  23. jojomogir says:
    January 19, 2022 at 11:51 pm
    Did anyone who watched Hard Knocks with the Cowboys think McCarthy seemed impressive? Cuz I sure didn’t.
    Bingo. What was the first thing Mike did this past July when camp opened? Forgot to tell anyone to put Dak on a pitch count. Result? Arm fatigue that shut him down for weeks.
    I mean, how hard can it be?

  24. I simply don’t understand this team and it’s fan base. The Cowboys have been one of the least successful teams in the league for over a quarter of a century. Only Detroit, Washington, Cleveland Arizona and Miami have had less success. Yet every year jerry jones says this is the one and the media follows breathlessly and the fans buy tickets and merch

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