NFL fines Bruce Arians $50,000 for his interaction with Andrew Adams

NFL: JAN 09 Panthers at Buccaneers
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Football coaches have plenty of different ways to coach football players. Laying hands on football players should no longer be one of those ways, regardless of whether it was ever acceptable (and, for decades, it was).

That’s the message the NFL sent on Wednesday, loudly and clearly, by imposing punishment on Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians for slapping the helmet of defensive back Andrew Adams, and then following through with an elbow.

The league has announced, through its in-house media conglomerate, that Arians has been fined $50,000 for the incident. PFT previously has explained that, despite the absence of much discussion nationally or locally on the matter, the situation was “being handled” by the league.

Arians expressed defiance when asked about the situation on Monday, saying “I’ve seen enough dumb” and explaining that Adams was about to be penalized for pulling an Eagles player away from a pile resulting from a muffed punt.

As previously explained here and during our weekday real estate on Peacock, it was critical for the league to send an unmistakable message to coaches at every level of every sport. There is a boundary that cannot be crossed when it comes to interacting with players.

Plenty will disagree. If you do, you’re wrong. Too many yay-hoos and bullies who coach youth football used to think it was OK to verbally and/or physically abuse players. By fining Arians, the NFL has reminded all football coaches and those responsible for hiring and firing them that there is a bright line that cannot be crossed, even in the name of tough love or “hard coaching.”

43 responses to “NFL fines Bruce Arians $50,000 for his interaction with Andrew Adams

  1. “Plenty will disagree. If you do, you’re wrong.”

    I see. Is that what they taught you at WVU?

  2. I wonder if the fine would be as big if he didn’t double down on it in the press conference.

  3. Can’t believe he wasn’t fined more. Inexcusable and this is just a slap on the wrist.

  4. Bruce Arians is not a class act nor a class coach. The NFL is sending the right message to the Coach and if he does it again then he should be immediately fired. Period.

  5. Arians instead should have politely put him in a time out. We see how well that sort of “discipline” has been working out.

  6. I think Arians would do it again, and pay the fine again, if that’s what it took to win a playoff game. He’s paid enough money that $50k is a drop in the bucket.

  7. Hope anyone who’s cool with Arians hitting his players in a fit of anger gets socked in the face by his/her boss after screwing up.

  8. If you look at the incident closely, he’s just trying to get the attention of Adams, he’s not throwing a punch at him. It was rough and clumsy but it wasn’t malicious.

  9. At first I thought AB was wrong but after seeing him send Wirfs and Jenson back in after injuries he might be right.
    Who knows how he is pushing others to get on the field? He crossed the line and deserves a bigger punishment. 50K aint crap compared to what he is making.

  10. He shouldn’t have been allowed on the field to begin with. You’re supposed to coach your players on the sidelines. Jumping into the field just after a play to roughhouse one of your own players should be a penalty.

  11. If you watch the video, I thought he was just trying to get the guys attention. Was he angry when doing it? Sure, but the act itself wasn’t meant to hurt or harm anyone.

  12. Again — he’s a 70 year old man — my daughters have more power in a swing. Players slap helmets together harder when they celebrate a TD. There is so many more significant NFL issues to address than this one.

  13. He was getting his attention in the midst of commotion, because he was wrongfully pulling other team players off the pile!! players slap other players upside the helmet all the time. This is silly, move on…

  14. I see Bruce Arians took a page from Urban Meyer. One of these days coaches will learn not to put their hands on players. They are going to learn.

  15. I think this is something that should be handled between the team and the players union and the nfl should stay out of it.

  16. What was Dak Prescot’s fine for encouraging fans to throw things at the Refs who are not wearing helmets?

  17. Something was necessary but this amount seems like a little overkill. Watching the video, it was awkward but there was very little actual contact, and none at all with his elbow.

  18. Should have been 250,000 how would you like it if your boss came up and smacked you while in your little cubicle?

  19. did he prevent his player from getting a penalty? yes

    Did he keep things from getting worse? yes

    Is this a big deal? No

  20. SMH……that is chump change for him. Anyway when you start
    losing your composure on the field like that maybe it’s time
    to start thinking retirement.

  21. That $50,000.00 represents about one half of one percent of Arians annual salary($8,000,000.00). I’m sure the NFL taught him a lesson.

  22. Arians isn’t the offensive mastermind he thinks he is . Arians isn’t the genius that some in Tampa think he is . Once Tom leaves Tampa Arians will once again fall into mediocrity. He’s a loud mouth and a lousy human being . If they lose before making it back to the Superbowl Arians will blame everyone but himself.

  23. I’m at work… I’m going to go and start slapping my team when they are about to make a mistake. Thank you Coach for teaching a great new motivational technique!

  24. I’m guessing Arians is in pain hobbling around all day on his bad foot. Due to that and getting older, he doesn’t have as much patience as he once did.

    On another note, he might want to get rid of the player. Looked like he was still trying to get involved in the pile even after Arians yelled at him not to.

  25. Much ado about nothing.

    Yes…Arians should not have hit his player, but it’s not as if he punched the guy with the intent to injure. He hit the player on the helmet with his bare hand.

    This should have ended with the league telling Arians to cut it out.

  26. Arians never won anything before Brady got there. He’s not so smart. Look how he handles things with Antonio Brown. Looking forward to Rams ending his season this week

  27. Andrew Adams is now doubtful versus the Rams because 69-yo Arians put him in the concussion protocol.

  28. Hey would it not b funny if Brady through an interception and bad boy Bruce slapped him upside the head.¿¿

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