Rich Bisaccia meeting with Mark Davis today

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Las Vegas Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals
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Raiders owner Mark Davis has not made clear what his plans are for interim head coach Rich Bisaccia, but things may become clearer today.

Bisaccia will meet with Davis today and have a chance to make the case that he deserves to be hired for the full-time head coaching job, according to multiple reports.

Realistically, the case was made by the 13 games Bisaccia coached. There’s not much that Bisaccia can say in a meeting that would outweigh what Davis observed by Bisaccia coaching the Raiders to a 7-5 record in the regular season, as well as an 0-1 record in the playoffs, after Jon Gruden was fired five games into the regular season.

With Mike Mayock, who was fired as Raiders General Manager this week, word leaked that the Raiders had started looking for his successor before Mayock’s firing had been announced. At the very least, if Bisaccia is out of the running, Davis ought to let him know before pursuing anyone else.

12 responses to “Rich Bisaccia meeting with Mark Davis today

  1. He clearly earned the chance given the tough circumstances and the player support. But maybe not glitzy enough for Vegas…

  2. In an earlier version of the NFL, this hire could be pretty straightforward. He did a good job, turned around the Raiders’ habit of fading late in the season, and he has the support of his leading players.

    But now, the league seems all about flash and celebrity and shiny new things. It’s Vegas, it’s big, showy, blah blah. Why hire someone who has done good work that your players love when you can make your fellow billionaires jealous by hiring a Jim Harbaugh?

    If there ever really was a blue-collar aspect to this sport, if it wasn’t all just an illusion, it seems to be gone now.

  3. It would be a shock if they hired him. His only chance was Mayock, which is why Mayock was probably shown the door.

  4. Mark Davis is an idiot if he lets him leave without a job. There are too many coaching vacancies this year and the candidate pool is watered down. Your best bet is to give the guy a year to prove himself and if he doesn’t you have a better pool of coaches to look at next year.

  5. Davis is between a rock and a hard place….if you don’t offer him the HC job, what do do with him? Fire him for stepping up and doing a great job? Demote him back to special teams? He has to give him a 2 year deal to see what he can do. It’s the right thing to do.

  6. Rich did a good job and I was a supporter of him being extended until the Charger game. He was fine with the tie and wasn’t even really trying to win. Got to go.

  7. Rich did a nice job but that playoff loss was reminiscent of the mid season slump. I’m sure that’s not helping him right now.

  8. A coach without an off season is a knee jerk reaction.

    Mark has a bigger risk of screwing this up then making it better

  9. Cue Mr. Spacely (of Spacely Srockets) (Jetsons reference for the young’uns): “Yourrrre FIRED”!!

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