Steelers DC Keith Butler could retire

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Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin told reporters on Tuesday that he wasn’t happy with the team’s offensive production in 2021, but that he’s optimistic about what the future holds for offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

There could be a change with the coach in charge of things on the other side of the ball, however. Tomlin said that defensive coordinator Keith Butler “has had conversations about this potentially being his last year,” but that no final determination about his status has been made because the coaches have been doing exit interviews with players.

Whether Butler or someone else is running the defense, Tomlin said things have to be better in 2022.

“Defensively, we didn’t play as well as we’d like,” Tomlin said, via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “We have to get better in that area. You can talk about player availability or lack thereof. You can seek comfort. I don’t. We don’t. All we have is what’s on tape and our record. We need to be better. I’m not comfortable with what we did against the run. I don’t think any of us are. That needs to improve. It will improve. We’ll plot a course to do so.”

Butler joined the Steelers as linebackers coach in 2003 and moved to his current role in 2015. Secondary coach Teryl Austin is seen as the top in-house candidate to replace him.

9 responses to “Steelers DC Keith Butler could retire

  1. I’m a Steeler fan, but this is vintage Tomlin — every down year he sacrifices a few assistant coaches. Hard to criticize him too much, as this is how corporate America operates as well. Pittsburgh always ran a bend-don’t break defense that gave up a lot of yardage, and now he’s surprised? And to be fair to Butler, the DL had significant injuries this year as well.

  2. Same old same old. Get rid of one incompetent assistant and bring another one in. Tomlin does this on purpose so he can blame his failures on his assistants. It’s the only reason he’s kept his job as long as he has. Now that he no longer has Ben to win in spite of all Tomlin’s nonsense he’s in trouble. He’s been mailing it in for years.

    Hopefully Tomlin will retire soon–either voluntarily or otherwise.

  3. Tomlin said that defensive coordinator Keith Butler “has had conversations about this potentially being his last year,”

    Although Butler wasn’t the one to bring up the topic.

  4. He’s 65 years old, and as far as his retirement from the Steelers should be concerned, he was retired all this last season by the way the defense played.

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