Troy Aikman: Cowboys should have thrown more often to CeeDee Lamb

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, who openly lamented not calling the 49ers-Cowboys playoff game, has some thoughts about the manner in which the Dallas offense operated in the loss to the 49ers.

Aikman, appearing Wednesday morning on 96.7 The Ticket in Dallas, said that the Cowboys should have gotten the ball more often to receiver CeeDee Lamb.

“San Francisco rushed four guys, for the most part, they blitzed occasionally, but they’re a four-man rush football team,” Aikman said, via Jon Machota of “But a lot of time when you say that, then you think they’re playing coverage, then you think they’re playing coverage. They mixed in some coverage, but there was a lot of single coverage on CeeDee Lamb. . . . I hate going back to [my playing days] because nobody cares, but what I see around the league, it’s not just Dallas, I’ve seen it with a lot of teams, a lot of these offenses want to scheme things. The coordinators, it’s all about scheme, rather than, ‘This corner is playing soft. He’s scared to death. Just run the route tree. . . .’ You’re going to complete the pass whenever you want. [Michael Irvin] would’ve had 10 catches at halftime if they played us the way they played CeeDee Lamb in that game. . . . The game is not that difficult. If I’ve got a great player at wide receiver and a corner is playing him single coverage, throw him the ball. He’s going to win most of the time.”

That’s an important point as it relates to the construction and execution of the Dallas offense. Ultimately, it comes down to matchups and potential mismatches. The 49ers have a suspect secondary. Lamb surely was open a lot more often than he got the ball.

It’s something to keep in mind, with the 49ers facing the Packers this weekend. If Aaron Rodgers sees Davante Adams (or another talented receiver) getting single coverage, that player will be getting the ball. Frequently.

If the Cowboys had done it more often with Lamb, they’d quite possibly be heading back to Tampa this weekend, frankly.

28 responses to “Troy Aikman: Cowboys should have thrown more often to CeeDee Lamb

  1. Between this and the last-play chaos, I’m out on Kellen Moore as a head coach this year.

  2. I’m a Cowboys fan and expected the 49ers to win. That stadium is jinxed, they’ve never played well there. And Dak, the billion dollar running back and the rest of the team lost me two seasons ago when the Eagles were trying to hand them the division on a silver platter and they refused to take it. They have no heart.

  3. Aikman is right here twofold. I absolutely cannot stand it when he talks about his playing days however he is spot on with this take.

  4. He’s right, and it’s just one more to add to the mountain of things mediocre about Dallas these days. They’re never going to win it all with Prescott, especially with the bill about to come due for his bloated pay, and whatever talent they do have seems mired in the fog of schemes.

  5. The Cowboys may just have missed their SB window with this loss. Very disappointing.

  6. Because I didnt like the Cowboys in my teens, I didnt like Aikman. He seems like he is a pretty smart dude. When he said ” I hate going back to [my playing days] because nobody cares.” I think he is wrong, I like the insight of someone who did it for a long time pretty well.

  7. I liked Aikman as a player but the problem with most of the stars who become commentators is they seem to think they become otherworldly when holding a mic. Easy for any of us to say after a game if they’d only used a checkdown more, or pressured the laft tackle more, or ran more sweeps, blah blah blah. If they’d only give a quick quip on what they saw instead of what they think the games would be easier to listen to. We never have a minute’s silence without Aikman, Romo, insert name here going off on their take. Best NFL game ever was the one with no commentary….sorry Troy…

  8. Cee Dee Lamb didn’t look like his usual self. I don’t know if he was sick, or what. So I can understand not getting him the ball. I would say the Cowboys should have handed off to Elliott less often. He’s clearly only a shell of what he was a few years ago. He’s gone downhill every year he’s been in the league. They’re still using him as if he were an elite RB. Those days appear to be long gone. At this point, Pollard is a much better player.

  9. If Aaron Rodgers sees Davante Adams (or another talented receiver) getting single coverage, that player will be getting the ball. Frequently.
    Absolutely! Rodgers will destroy the Niners if they frequently leave Adams single covered, even if their DL puts pressure on Rodgers all game. I’m hoping that the Niners front 4 will shut down Green Bay’s running game and give the Niner’s defense more freedom in pass coverage.

  10. Troy is right but its not about true football anymore, its about point spreads and “television entertainment”.
    Coaches and referees could be influenced but nobody cares except for the owners who laugh all the way to the bank. Not only could Lamb have been targeted more but Pollard should have gotten more carries as well with Elliot not having a burst due to a knee sprain and as usual, Cooper disappears from big games …

  11. He’s not wrong about the offenses today. All teams are doing too many throws to the sideline behind the line of scrimmage where the guy gets blasted by defender right away.

  12. Packers fans have just been nodding with knowing and grim acknowledgment of MM’s coaching prowess since watching the Cowboys game Sunday.

  13. Come on. If it was that simple, it would have happened. The dude had one catch all game. You’re telling me, in a playoff game, a WR could have gone for 10 catches and a hundred yards if all he did was run 9 different patterns. Everyone knew the 49ers secondary was vulnerable for the last 3 months, and 1 catch???

    What’s with all the love for the Cowboys? Every year we hear the same thing. Every year. And every year they flop. They wouldn’t even make the playoffs if they played in a different division. They went 6-5 outside of the NFC East.

  14. dmca12 says:
    January 19, 2022 at 12:31 pm
    So Dak, McCarthy and Kellen did not pick up on this? Also, Pollard should have been used more.

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    Pollard had a foot injury that’s he’s been dealing with for the past month

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