Who will play quarterback for the Steelers in 2022?

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The Steelers went 20 years between franchise quarterbacks, after the retirement of Terry Bradshaw. With Ben Roethlisberger ending his 18-year run in Pittsburgh, where will they go from here?

Some believe Mason Rudolph will be the starter. I don’t believe those who believe this have paid sufficient attention to Rudolph’s past performances.

The Steelers can do better. They must do better. As the now-annual quarterback carousel prepares to spin, the Steelers will have options. They will be a preferred destination for multiple quarterbacks seeking a path to the postseason and, eventually, the Super Bowl.

So who will it be? Aaron Rodgers makes sense, but it doesn’t really make sense from him to leave the NFC North, where he can continue to dominate, indefinitely. Russell Wilson will once again look around. Why would he not be interested in joining forces with Mike Tomlin?

Other possibilities include Deshaun Watson (the Steelers weathered the Big Ben off-field situation in 2009-10), Jimmy Garoppolo (he’s still better than Rudolph), maybe Kirk Cousins. And if the bar is “better than Mason Rudolph,” the following quarterbacks could be added to the mix: Teddy Bridgewater, Drew Lock, Tyrod Taylor, Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Derek Carr (if the Raiders move on), and even Carson Wentz (if the Colts move on). Hell, Nick Foles would be a better option than Rudolph at this point.

It’s too early to piece together a plan. First, the coaching carousel has to resolve itself. Once that happens, the Steelers can start seriously considering their options.

Given the strengths of the organization and the quality of the head coach, the best play may be to sit back and wait for the best options to clamor for the chance to don black and gold.

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  1. Steelers drafted Terry Bradshow and had success.
    Steelers drafted Big Ben and had success.
    Phrases like “proud franchise” and “winning culture” and “Rooney family” did not mean squat when their QB was not named Terry or Ben.
    They may have to endure another Bubby Brister era of mediocrity until they find their next Terry or Ben. It may be a while. Just like every other ordinary NFL team.

  2. How about Mariota?

    Tomlin recently mentioned his interest in finding a mobile quarterback. He was a hot name last offseason in trade chatter, and Carr has since solidified himself as having a death grip on being the Raiders’ quarterback.

  3. It doesn’t matter. Tomlin inherited a team built by Bill Cowher. He did lead them to the Super Bowl twice in his first four years (1W, 1L) but in the last ten years he has won only three playoff games and missed out on the playoffs four times. That was with a Hall of Fame QB. Tomlin could have the best team in the league and he’d still struggle to meet the playoffs. I think Tomlin’s streak of non-losing seasons comes to an end.

    Cowher had two ten-loss seasons with the Steelers but that was without a QB. I’d be surprised if Tomlin can avoid having a ten-loss season until the Steelers finally realize their mistake and get rid of him. He wasted a lot of years with Ben….years in which other coaches would have probably won the Super Bowl while the best Tomlin could do is make the playoffs now and then.

  4. From that list, Jimmy G seems like the most practical business move. He is not the most talented from the list, but this move is the most doable. And, go OL is the 1st round.

  5. Watson is the only young guy that makes sense with elite talent. Texans going to continue to pay his salary? I doubt it, so they may deal realistically.

  6. Mason Rudolph should get the start. He has sat behind Big Ben long enough to learn the position.

  7. Whoever it is will fail because of that high school offense they’ve installed. Big Ben could play a couple more years on a team with good coaching.

  8. If Mac Jones is now the guy in NE, what about Jarrett Stidham, who used to get rave reviews from TB6?

  9. They are a couple years from needing a new QB, best not to give up too much in draft or cap capital to get one. When the Steelers got Ben theh had an elite ddfence, a hall of fame running game and a a Russ Grimm coached Supreme offensive kind including Faneca.

    I think the running game might be there but the inside line backer and Tuitt situations left a league worst (nearly) run defence. The offensive line needs a better center. And I think a Grimm/Munchak quality coach for a year or two.

    Then a QB star will take them to the house. Look. If they can draft Joe Burrow, a talent so good he can succeed without all the other stuff, then gogogo. But the reality is the Steelers will need to commit their draft and cap capital into the meat and potatoes positions or the QB will be a waste of time.

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