With six sacks in last five games, Von Miller excited for his next challenge in Tom Brady

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When Von Miller arrived on the Rams in a mid-season trade with the Broncos, it took him a little time to find his fit in the defense. But Miller now has six sacks in the Rams’ last five games, and he says everything is coming together.

“We’re just jelling at the right time. We’ve been doing the same thing since I’ve got here, and it’s working,” Miller said.

Miller expects the Rams to have their toughest challenge yet on Sunday against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

“It’s tough. We’re going to need all 11 guys,” Miller said. “Tom sees the whole field. We all know about Tom in the playoffs. He’s incredible. We’ve got to play our best ball to have a chance, but if we can play our best ball I like our opportunity.”

Miller has faced Brady in the playoffs twice before, with Miller’s Broncos getting blown out by Brady’s Patriots in the 2012 divisional round, and Miller getting 2.5 sacks on Brady as the Broncos beat the Patriots in the 2016 AFC Championship Game. Miller is excited for their rubber match on Sunday.

37 responses to “With six sacks in last five games, Von Miller excited for his next challenge in Tom Brady

  1. Tom gonna Tom. It’s a given. Tom vs Jimmy in the NFC Championship, a Belichick dream come true.

  2. Bronco fans told us he was cooked. Bronco fans were wrong.

    Just had to recover from his ankle injury and now playing on a defense where he isn’t the marked man. 15 tackles for a loss in nine games with the Rams. He’s back to being a force off the edge.

  3. If not for a missed extra point…….who knows if you would have gotten your ring……..we shall see on Sunday…….Go Bucs!

  4. I do not expect Tom Brady to finish this game, & it could get ugly if you know what I’m sayin….. the two best Bucs lineman hurt limping into this game oh baby God be wiff you Mr. Brady

  5. Von Miller seemed like he was heading towards the end of his career, but I think his involvement with the Rams has certainly saved it. You can tell he’s back.

  6. The final injury report for the Bucs offensive line will have a huge bearing on the outcome of this game.

  7. Godzilla says:
    January 19, 2022 at 5:17 am
    Just don’t be so focused on Brady that the rest of Tampa Bay beats you.


    The rest of Tampa is on IR…

  8. broncos fans and the rest of the nfl thought brady was too old…. all i can say is thanks tom brady for the 20 year dynasty …. dont cry because its over….smile because it happened

  9. If Tom stays off his back, Bucs win.

    If Tom can’t stay upright, Rams win.

    The successes and failures of each team will be dependent on this.

  10. Brady is either gonna be on his back or they will commit pass catching guys to blocking him.

    Gonna be fun. I am gonna bet the times he doesn’t get doubled tom is gonna feel it

  11. Twice in the game against the Cardinals he made a tackle and immediately hopped up and danced over top of the player he just tackled. Which I’d be fine with if other players hadn’t been flagged for taunting during the season for sneezing in the wrong direction.

  12. The Bucs are going to have their hands full this weekend. The Rams are ready to play some good ole smashmouth football in Tampa. This will be a great game to watch regardless of the winner.

  13. To have success against Tom Brady, you must be able to get pressure with your front four. The Giants in both Super Bowl wins, showed us that…and he still was a tough out. If the Rams can do that, they will have a chance. This is why he was traded for, the playoffs.

  14. The Rams and everyone else understands, especially last years Packers, if you cannot get to Brady and put pressure on him he will pick you apart. That is the key, penetrate the O line you win.
    Tampa’s D isnt any better then most of the rest of the league, its the O line giving Tom time to hit open receivers. He stunk in the games teams got to him.

  15. It’s going to be an interesting matchup and likely completely different from their first meeting. I expect a lot of what happened in the Eagles games for the Bucs – a lot of short, quick passes, screens, dumpoffs to the RB’s. They’ll probably be as good as they can be up the middle, but Wirfs or Wells will be banged up a bit, so they’ll need to protect Tom in that fashion.

    I think the health of Fournette will end up being the key. Having Fournette allows them to disguise things a lot better, because of Fournette’s ability to catch passes. Otherwise, teams aren’t scared of Vaughn/Bernard running.

    The other key will be Bucs DL. This Rams team is better than when they last played, with OBJ and Von, but at the end of the day, they don’t have a run game that really worries anyone, so it’ll be a question of if the Bucs DL can get pressure, as we’ve seen Stafford have some ugly games when pressured. With JPP/Barrett getting healthier, I think the Bucs chances of winning really will reside on that defense slowing down the Rams offense enough.

    Should be a heck of a game. I actually think all four matchups this weekend should be fun and exciting. The only game I don’t really have a feel for is that Titans/Bengals game. The other three games I think will all be close, and I could see it all going either way. I think I’ll take the Bucs at home here, with a healthier DL and Fournette, plus home field, being enough, but I could see a Rams win easily.

  16. In the first game the Bucs had two of their three starting cornerbacks out, and Stafford had a field day. Those guys are all back now

  17. As a Rams fan, I’d really appreciate it if someone would post “Bucs will destroy Rams – BOOK IT” or something to that affect. It’s really worked well for us so far. Thanks in advance.

  18. Von Miller’s performance this season didn’t justify his $20M salary – and it still doesn’t. The Rams’ season ends this weekend.

  19. Miller has to keep producing all the way to a championship. If he does, a lock for the HOF … Can he still do it ?

  20. Hey, fun fact for everyone. The Rams are only paying $722K of Von Miller’s 20m+ contract. The Broncos are on the hook for the rest.

  21. Good d-line players get to NFL quarterbacks the same way and in the same time regardless of who they are up against. Brady is the least mobile QB in the NFL. The key to Brady’s ongoing HOF success rate against those two earlier factors are how fast he reads the secondary and how fast he gets rid of the ball (with his + level accuracy). The key to Von Miller’s game impact this weekend is, then, more about the LA secondary and how well they scheme and take away Brady’s 1-2-3 targets.

  22. Pretty much all been said already. Get pressure up the middle to Brady Immediately and your odds of beating him are hugely increased.

    But, if Brady has time in the pocket, then good luck to ya.

  23. I think the Rams will be able to get to Brady and put him on his back. Uur secondary is seriously beat up, but Antonio Brown’s absence will be felt. Brady will have a good game, but so will Matt Stafford.

    We will win if the Rams can run the ball. The last time we played the Bucs, we didn’t have OBJ or Cam Akers. If you double Cooper Kupp and leave OBJ single covered, you’ll get toasted. Also, Van Jefferson is no slouch. The defense can’t ignore him.

  24. Rams front in formidable , but Brady & Leftwich form a unique tandem that will give them a huge advantage. The dynamic duo of Tom Byron will put together a plan that will penetrate that defense, gashing them for huge runs , and spray the ball over the place.

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