Antonio Brown: “There’s nothing wrong with my mental health”

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In the aftermath of Antonio Brown‘s in-game exit from the Buccaneers, the organization (including quarterback Tom Brady, repeatedly) suggested that Brown was experiencing a mental-health challenge. Appearing on the new episode of the I Am Athlete podcast, which debuts Monday, Brown insists that he has no such issues.

“Why every time something happens bad, or how someone reacts, ‘Aw, he’s crazy, there’s something wrong with his mental health,'” Brown says in the episode, via “There’s nothing wrong with my mental health. Someone told me to get the f–k out of here. I’m not passive-aggressive.”

Brown emphasizes during the interview his contention that coach Bruce Arians tried to get Brown to play when he didn’t believe he physically could, and that Arians then kicked Brown off the team on the spot.

“An NFL Super Bowl team coach told a guy on the team who’s playing hurt ‘get the f–k out of here,'” Brown said.

Brown’s claims take on a different vibe in the aftermath of Sunday’s interaction between coach Bruce Arians and safety Andrew Adams, which resulted in a $50,000 fine. Still, Brown’s decision to keep talking about the end of his time in Tampa won’t make it any easier for him to get another NFL job.

Yes, talent always finds a way. That said, no coach will want to be the next one to be the target of Brown’s complaint once it inevitably ends.

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  1. Most people would still rather see passive-aggressive than aggressive-aggressive.

  2. AB, it wasnt just that moment that made things happen the way they did. Its the long LOOONNG track record that you have that got you in this situation. Finally a coach just had enough.

    Just retire. Get well.

  3. Don’t ever send the guy a text message or email, or eventually you’ll see it on the front page of the newspaper

  4. Taking off a jersey in the middle of the game, in which you are supposedly injured isn’t a great look. Coach is wrong or not, there are ways to handle things, and there are ways not to handle things. AB is constantly finding the wrong side of the ledger for some reason. TB saying what he did was trying to save AB (again)

  5. I’m not a psychiatrist, but it seems to me that when a person’s coping methods for dealing with life’s issues include throwing furniture off of a high-rise balcony and taking off their clothes on the sideline of an NFL game, they might have some mental health concerns.

  6. Why does anyone even listen to this clown anymore? Definitely the Steelers, Raiders, Patriots and Buccaneers’ fault he can’t keep a job with his all-world talent and 10¢ head.

  7. So if it’s not a mental health issue, then AB, you are just the most narcissistic jerk around. All the horrible things that you have done are therefore intentional and meant to hurt those that care about you. If your behavior is a conscious choice then you haven’t deserved any of the additional chances you have received and you certainly don’t deserve any more.

  8. This is sad to watch. i used to love this guy when he was in Pittsburg and he seemed to be a good person. After he got paid he turned into a total diva, starting with the facebook live thing. SAd he does need help.

  9. Ok so he’s just a terrible person who cant stop getting in his own way and make a fool of himself.

  10. “There’s nothing wrong with my mental health. Someone told me to get the f–k out of here. I’m not passive-aggressive.”


    But he thought taking off his clothes on the field and leaving in a clownish and childish fashion was the most mentally sound thing a mature sane person in that same situation would have done.

  11. Is it just me or did AB’s ankle look perfectly fine in doing jumping jacks while leaving the field?!?

  12. He’s actually been surprisingly quiet these past few weeks. I was expecting him to go completely off the rails like he did after he got kicked off the Raiders and Patriots

  13. There isn’t anything wrong with his “mental health”. Just run a background check on him since high school and go through college. He is just a bad human. Not all people are good people. Fact

  14. Thanks for clearing that up, AB. NoW the next time you toss furniture off your balcony, assault your movers and/of refuse to pay someone for services rendered, you’ll be treated like the average American and not have the charges magically disappear. You’ll end up rotting behind bars like you should have been years ago.

  15. When I read this all I can hear is Mike Muir singing “I’m not crazy, You’re the one who’s crazy”

  16. AB hasn’t been the same ever since Burfict knocked him out .

    Shazier’s hit on Gio Bernard was as bad, if not worse.

    Don’t see him acting like a fool.

  17. For every taker there are seven suckers, who will take the bait and sign this crazy guy to finish the season ???

  18. He is too old now for this stuff. No one will pay him enough to make him happy and his talent is good enough to risk it anymore. Career is over.

  19. “That said, no coach will want to be the next one to be the target of Brown’s complaint once it inevitably end.”

    Except for coaches who are willing to overlook it in hopes of getting a great receiver. Like Arians, until recently.

  20. He may decide to start a career in the brand new FTL – furniture throwing league. He could be their Babe Ruth.

  21. Extremely talented player, perhaps the best wide receiver in the league while at Pittsburgh. Sad to see how his career has spiraled downward. I am curious to see what his post NFL life will be.

  22. Wasn’t he jumping a couple feet high and waving his arms around shirtless in the end zone on the way out of the game? I’m no doctor, but ankle looked pretty solid to me.

  23. I doubt he ever plays another down in the NFL. And if in fact he does,…. that GM needs his head examined along with Brown’s.

  24. whether its a mental health issue or just him being a jerk, its a very sad situation. It all needs to just fade away into the sunset. Just hoping it does not end up in a tragedy.

  25. I really appreciate that he doesn’t hide behind the ‘mental health’ excuse and takes responsibility for his actions. People can dislike him, his decisions, or disagree with him but that doesn’t make him mentally ill. Spend a little time with someone who truly suffers from symptoms of schizophrenia or another major mental illness. Here is a man with FU money due to his athletic ability and hard work who makes decisions many people in America cannot because they would be fired or scrutinized and they cannot have that.

  26. I’d like to think he just says that in hopes of getting another chance with a different team. The thought of actually getting in with another team, is crazy, but at least it would mean that he’s aware that he has a problem. I also wonder how many guys that had or have CTE are aware that something is/was wrong.
    Regardless of whether he knows or not, this falls on him for choosing not to see the many, many, many signs around him that make it clear he has a problem.

  27. Glad to see AB cleared that all up for the rest of us…. He just basically called himself a self proclaimed narcissist….a truly self serving despicable individual that believes he’s better than everyone, has no conscience, remorse for his harmful behavior (both public & private)…someone who sincerely believes the rules don’t apply to him nor ever will no matter the results or consequences of his actions….
    So he’s just a jerk…GOT IT!!!

  28. Just go away AB…….please just go away because ever time you talk the mental breakdown looks bigger and bigger.

  29. There’s a lot more to this story than we’re hearing. Brown was an important piece of Tampa’s Super Bowl run. The timing, firing him just before they clinch the division title and enter the playoffs, makes me believe the two of them had exchanged words earlier that week.

  30. Someone should have started a GoFundMe for 50,000 so Bruce Arians could have the fine money to smack some sense into him.

  31. Tristan Wirfs, Ryan Jensen, Josh Wells, lavonte David, Shaq Barrett, Jason Pierre-Paul, all played hurt Sunday. None of them complained. There are the type of injuries that hurt, and there are the type that get worse if you play with them

  32. Mentelly ill or self-consumed jerk? Doesn’t matter, football-wise. He will never even get a call-back when trying to hook up with another team.

  33. Probably should have just said he needs help for his mental illness. People would give him a chance then. But if this is how you behave when you are not mentally ill, no one is going to want to mess with that.

  34. If he was so injured and that was his issue… it sure didn’t look like he was injured as he hopped and skipped and undressed and ran around… he obviously has issues!!! I hope no one gives him another chance… enough already!!! He will be a bad Apple where ever he is…

  35. Antonio is correct. A diagnosis of mental illness requires the presence of a brain. And Antonio’s brain, long ago, got lonesome and left him.

  36. No one wants to actually understand Antonio Brown it’s just more fun to take everything at face value and laugh and make fun of him. Supposedly you have a coach who wants Brown to play injured and Brown is not into it which causes conflict and the end result is Brown saying FU and tossing off his jersey. This is only a big deal in the same world where Randy Moss fake mooning someone is a big deal And yes Brady wasn’t much of a friend by taking the coaches side over his supposed friend. Brown also had problems in Pittsburgh but hey so did Le’Veon Bell and I found the James Conner situation interesting also. Brown will always be picked on because of his personality but no one wants to understand him because he is the town idiot.

  37. I also want to point out how non confrontational the world is. Bruce Arians and Antonio Brown needed to sit down and talk things out but that never happens in the real world. Ever since Marty Schottenheimer cut Jeff George years ago for being difficult it created a trend where Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, etc were just cut for ridiculous reasons/not being the perfect citizen. Just my opinion

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