Cardinals dysfunction prompts conflicting reports regarding aftermath of playoff loss

Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions
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For nine straight seasons as a head coach at Texas Tech and then Arizona, a good-to-great start for coach Kliff Kingsbury became a bad finish.

This year, 10-2 became 1-5 and a one-game exit from the postseason. Three days later, conflicting reports have emerged regarding whether owner Michael Bidwill has met with Kingsbury regarding the disastrous end to a promising season.

Kyle Odegard, who previously worked for the team’s official website, reported on Thursday afternoon that a “tense meeting” occurred on Wednesday between Bidwill, Kingsbury, and G.M. Steve Keim. Odegard added that “shit hit the fan” during the meeting.

Ian Rapoport quickly contradicted that report, claiming that “there has been no meeting.”

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic adds that, while an unnamed source “didn’t hear of this meeting,” Bidwill is “very, very upset” with the manner in which the regular season ended and with the team’s one-game flameout in the postseason.

After an 8-0 start, the Cardinals lost a close Thursday night game against the Packers. Two weeks later, the Cardinals were blown out by the mediocre Panthers. The Cardinals also were outclassed by the lowly Lions, and they lost a Week 18 game against the Seahawks. For Arizona, the division title was on the line. For the Seahawks, nothing was on the line.

The Cardinals lost five straight home games to end the season, and they were outclassed on Monday night against the Rams.

Frankly, the fact that a meeting hasn’t already happened (if Rapoport’s report is accurate) seems very odd. Why wouldn’t a meeting have already occurred, given the manner in which the season ended?

It’s not crazy to wonder whether Bidwill is evaluating and thinking and strategizing before he meets with Kingsbury. When that meeting happens, it’s entirely possible that the poop will hit the propeller.

And that the Cardinals will be looking for a new coach.

45 responses to “Cardinals dysfunction prompts conflicting reports regarding aftermath of playoff loss

  1. Run around QB like Kyler Murray wear down as the season wears on especially when you’re small. Lamar Jackson has never played well late in the season. Murray was scared to get hit in the playoff game.

  2. I wonder why the Cardinals haven’t won a championship since 1947? This Bidwell family seems to have a real handle on how to build a winning culture. If I understand the process correctly: 1). Miss playoffs for 5 years, 2) make playoffs, 3) consider firing coach. Seems like a real winning strategy.

  3. hard to figure out why no one took them seriously this year. sacrcasm.

    kingsbury treated the playoff game like a bowl game. gimmicks don’t work in the nfl, coach.

  4. They made the playoffs without Hopkins, while Chandler Jones on defense faded. Give the coach another year …

  5. QBs running a lot does not work out well. RG 3, Lamar Jackson, Daniel Jones are examples. Drop back QBs do best with the exception of an occasional scramble by Rodgers, Mahomes or Allen.

  6. Mike Bidwell can blame me. Actually really blame his father and his grandmother for moving the team around are the reason for not establishing a tradition. I actually went to several Chicago Cardinals’ games as a kid. My grandfather had season tickets since ‘48, so when they moved I put a curse on them. My grandfather approved. And when I moved to AZ I used to work across the street from the training facility and threw goat’s blood on their fence so it continues. At State Farm Stadium, I even asked your dad before a game to apologize to me, but he walked on. Mike Bidwell you saw me on I-10 one day. And I gave you the finger, do you remember my license plate? Ha Ha! May the curse live on!

  7. Not a Cardinals fan, but look at all these comments hating on Murray and the team. Nobody was saying these things half way through the season.

  8. Keim is a disaster. Cards are one of the oldest teams and Keim loves to hand out fat contracts in free agency to old players. KK is what he was in college: a loser. Kyler has his moments but he’s just too small to play the game. Fire Keim, promote Adrian Wilson to GM before another team hires him and find a coach that can maybe fix KM and get rid of the bad contracts.

  9. Kingsbury is living up to his career long trend of good/great starts and terrible finishes. If he doesn’t get fired, he’ll be coaching without the promise of an extension. He’ll have to figure out how to get his team to finish strong for once or pack it up and head back to college.

  10. Except for the game against the Cowboys, the Cardinals looked disinterested for the last third of the season.

  11. It’s as much on the bum Keim than Kinsbury. Overpaid numerous players while botching the #1 overall pick.

  12. Yesterday, it came out that the Raiders players were glad the Gruden was gone because he was too hard on players in practice late in the season when their bodies were beat up needing rest and recuperation. That’s why the Raiders has late season collapses during his reign. I wonder if the same is happening with Kingsbury.

  13. My uninformed guess would be that he’s an easy coach to get booked up on and opponents nail his philosophies down and he doesn’t adapt. So ya, not a good coach.

  14. ’10-2 became 1-5′ – who didn’t see that happening!

    college coach, undersized QB, their history!

  15. This shouldn’t be shocking to anyone. This is the same team that waffled on resigning Kurt Warner after he led that team to within 2 minutes of a superbowl win.

  16. I’m surprised there has been no news yet. It’s been 5 days since the game was played. The owner must be thinking how to fire this guy and pick someone up quickly before all the other teams start picking there staff.

  17. You can’t tell the story of the collapse of the Cardinals without mentioning DeAndre Hopkins, one of the too WRs in the league if not the best. Before he got hurt, they were rocking. After he got hurt, they were a shadow of their former selves.

  18. I wouldn’t say it’s dysfunction, but rather Bidwill is letting Kingsbury & Keim know that this better not happen again next season or else they’re gone. How will Kliff & Keim respond to Michael’s intensity?

  19. Has anyone come up with an explanation or theory of how the end-of-season collapses are tied to something that Kingsbury does or fails to do? Why would a team play well at the start of the season and then simply collapse? This is not a rhetorical question.

    At least this year, there were reasons other than some intangible flaw in Kingsbury’s coaching — DeAndre Hopkins got injured; Murray & others got COVID and were out for a while; and in the playoff game, the Rams defense stepped up.

  20. The Cardinals need a closer. Kingsbury can start the season, coach the first ten games, get the team off to a flying start, then step aside for the closer to wrap things up.

    These days, the NFL season is a marathon, not a sprint.

  21. Funny how the nosedive coincided with DeAndre Hopkins going on IR for the season. Maybe the problem is just the team has no depth at a lot of positions and when injuries occur as they will during the season the results will be disappointing at the end of the year.

  22. Cardinals acting like their one of the premier franchises in the NFL. Caught magic in a bottle with Kurt Warner for one season. 577-777-41 as a franchise since 1920. You dudes better hang on to the guy that took you from 3 wins back to the playoffs in three years.

  23. Keep beating that fire the coach drum. By end of day it will be “why haven’t the Cards fired Coach Kingsbury yet?”

  24. The blame should be placed on Steve Keim. Besides Murray there are no other good players on offense if DHop is out. And Kyler is a top 10 QB but not a top 5 QB so he needs a bit of help. The defense is just ok as well – Baker and Jones are good but that’s it.

  25. Why does Kingsbury get all the heat and not the GM that hired him after hiring Wilkes and firing him a year later?

  26. It seems the poop hit the propeller when Hopkins went down, murry have two very good receivers and one would always be open for him to fling the foot a ball too. Plus Murry hurt his ankle so it was nothing more then a team in sync hitting a big snag. They’ll be back

  27. People forget that just before he was hired by the Cardinals, he had been fired by Texas Tech for – what? – losing the final five games in his last season. His career head coaching record is 59-64, and at Texas Tech he was 35-40. CLEARLY not the resume for a successful NFL head coach. They can blame Kingsbury all they want, but this one is on Bidwell. What a boneheaded hire. The franchise itself deserves much of the blame. Bruce Arians “retired” rather than spend another year there, sat out a season, and went to the Bucs.

  28. Let’s not forget that AZ drafted QBs in the first round two years in a row. That’s just a waste of resources. And yes, after the fact we can see that Rosen hasn’t worked out anywhere, but then why was he drafted in the first round?

    There were times this season that AZ looked legit, but that losing streak at the end of the season was just weak. All they had to do was beat Carolina and Detroit. To me that’s primarily a coaching failure when a team loses to the teams they should beat.

  29. tigershark0052 says:
    January 20, 2022 at 9:23 pm
    Not a Cardinals fan, but look at all these comments hating on Murray and the team. Nobody was saying these things half way through the season.

    Right. Then they collapsed. That’a sort of the whole point of the article

  30. Cardinals didn’t even look like a playoff team. The defence looked overmatched, and the offense looked lost. I don’t think anyone will be surprised if they move on from Kingsbury.

  31. anyone whose watched Kyler Murrey in the last 2 yrs and you quickly fell out of love. you thought he was an incredible Special league best player LAST yr 1st half of the season to more than a yr later he’s absolutely scared being out there. he didn’t want to run this yr, never seemed to attempt runs where he might deke out opponents to gain more yards etc.. all runs were escape to safety and by this season’s end zero runs and just chuck it away before the D gets to him. by season’s end he was playing just when like second baseman Chuck Knoblach couldn’t throw to 1st on easy grounders cause he would double clutch AFRAID to throw ANOTHER error. it’s mental Kyler is too scared .. awful to watch

  32. Kyler had better dust off his bat, and get some training in. If Kingsbury is gone, then so is he.

  33. The reality is Kyler is overrated. I like the kid, he’s one of my favorite QBs to watch, but at the end of the day he’s just another Doug Flutie.

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