Charles Omenihu on difference from Texans to 49ers: “It’s not a circus show here”


The San Francisco 49ers acquired defensive end Charles Omenihu in a trade with the Houston Texans in November.

Two months later, the Texans season is over and the 49ers are set to face the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round of the NFC playoffs this weekend.

That’s reason enough for Omenihu to feel happy for his new circumstances with the 49ers. However, there are a few more things that go into Omenihu’s happiness in the Bay Area.

Via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area, Omenihu praised his new surroundings after a few rough years for the Texans franchise.

It’s not a circus show here,” Omenihu said. “You guys definitely have things down pat and you know what you want of the players and the coaches know the expectations. It’s very thought out and said. It’s been nothing but good.”

The Texans have had one issue after another in recent years. They’re on their third general manager since Rick Smith stepped away from the job for personal reasons. They will have a third coach in as many seasons after dumping David Culley after just one year. Jack Easterby has usurped a massive influence under chairman Cal McNair.

With the 49ers, the dynamic is much more coherent.

“A lot more structure,” Omenihu said. “The leadership between the coach and the GM, it doesn’t seem like it’s a power struggle. It’s very like they are on the same page. They have an understanding what they want. They make it very clear what they want from GM to head coach and head coach to the position coaches.”

Omenihu played his most snaps since joining the 49ers in the team’s win over the Dallas Cowboys last week. He recorded 1.5 sacks and had tackles with three quarterback hits and a forced fumble in helping the 49ers advance to face the Packers. Joining the 49ers has provided some needed rejuvenation.

“Definitely a breath of fresh air for sure,” Omenihu said of the 49ers. “This year has been a long year for me personally. My third year didn’t go, as far as early on, how I thought it would be, coming off my second year. A combination of what I was going through over there.

“So coming here was definitely a breath of fresh air. I love it, the organization has a lot of structure and it is not an ego driven, it’s not a power struggle either. It’s definitely good to experience that.”

11 responses to “Charles Omenihu on difference from Texans to 49ers: “It’s not a circus show here”

  1. You should have seen the state of the 49ers franchise circa 2014. Could have put a tent around Levi Stadium cause all you could find were a bunch of clowns.

    Stability of the franchise… Often taken for granted but when you don’t have it, it seems impossible to find.

  2. “the organization has a lot of structure and it is not an ego driven, it’s not a power struggle either. It’s definitely good to experience that.”

    The Niners have certainly come a long way since the Baalke and Harbaugh days.

  3. Ouch, sometimes the truth hurts even more when plainly said by someone with experience in the matter.

  4. The entire Texans origination needs a complete reset as if they’re a brand new expansion team. New owner, GM, coaches, players and name them the Oilers like they should have been. Just start over, this one has been a failure.

  5. …”Luv you blue” seems like a blur in the rear view mirror…see what happens when the owner is incompetent …the city of Houston deserves better from ownership…

  6. This is exactly why the Texans hired Caserio who has only been on the job for 1 year!

    Zack Cunningham is gone because he thought he was good enough and consistently showed up late. Many others are gone because they also thought they only had to show up on game day.

    The culture is changing in the Texans organization and things will improve.

  7. Getting traded from Houston to any place other than the Jets must seem like heaven in comparison.

  8. Omenihu has zero credibility. Houston is certainly a “circus show”, but Omenihu was an unprofessional, underachieving clown who fit right in the circus. Also pretty stupid to burn bridges on the way out the door. Grow up, Bozo.

  9. Chuck O’ was a 2nd and 3rd stringer for the Texans and now he’s a 2nd stringer with the 49ers. Dude got beaten out for his position in practice! He’s over here acting like he’s LT now.

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