Chris Ballard: Every year, you have to evaluate QB position in full

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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After the Colts experienced a disastrous end to their 2021 season, General Manager Chris Ballard did not commit to Carson Wentz continuing on as Indianapolis’ starting quarterback in 2022.

There’s still plenty for the Colts to sort out after losing their last two games and failing to make the postseason, especially considering the club’s 26-11 loss to Jacksonville in Week 18. But whoever is behind center for Indianapolis next year will go a long way to determining the team’s ultimate performance.

Appearing on the team-produced “Overtime” podcast, General Manager Chris Ballard didn’t offer many specifics on what Indianapolis might do at quarterback. But Ballard did make it seem like the position is still in flux.

“I don’t care who you have at the position at the time — I think every year, you’ve got to evaluate it in full, both free agents and the draft. I mean, it’s that important,” Ballard said. “And it’s one that we’ll exhaust each and every year and we do with our scouts and with our coaches.”

Ballard noted that head coach Frank Reich’s input is valuable in that process given that he played the position. But Reich had worked with Wentz before and that didn’t end up working out as well as Indianapolis could have hoped in 2021. Wentz finished the season with a 62 percent completion rate, throwing for 3,563 yards with 27 touchdowns, seven interceptions, and five lost fumbles.

Reich had only one year of coaching Andrew Luck before he surprisingly retired in August 2019. Since then, the team has used Jacoby Brissett, Philip Rivers, and Wentz as its starting QBs.

After the way 2021 ended, another new QB could be behind center for Reich and Ballard in 2022.

20 responses to “Chris Ballard: Every year, you have to evaluate QB position in full

  1. Apparently you have to because of poor decisions you all make. Some teams don’t have to worry – they made a good pick and then only have injury or retirement issues to deal with.

  2. Have to evaluate it every year? I’m not so sure KC, Buf, and Cin are evaluating their QB situations for the next few years. So I disagree Chris Ballard.

  3. Ruh Roh, that doesnt sound good. Didnt they have Rivers last year on his final legs. They didn’t evaluates then did they?

  4. They had their QB on the team & ready to start after Luck left. They should have ridden with Brissett instead of reaching for Rivers, who had never won a thing over his LONG career. That set the team back.

    Now what do they have?

  5. jacktatumroamingthemiddle says:
    January 20, 2022 at 12:21 pm
    Have to evaluate it every year? I’m not so sure KC, Buf, and Cin are evaluating their QB situations for the next few years. So I disagree Chris Ballard.


    I thought the same thing, but take it broadly: even though you’ve got a Mahomes under center, you want to look at the whole room, and think about who’s going to take snaps if a 300 lb DT sits on your starting QB’s ankle the wrong way and puts him out of commission for half a season, right? So…in that regard, yeah, every team, regardless of the caliber and youth of their starter, is always looking at every position, if not every player.

  6. Wentz is going to be traded to the Seahawks for Wilson and some high Colt draft picks and player like Nelson. Colts are desperate and so are the Seahawks.

  7. Well CLEARLY if Wentz is your QB you BETTER be evaluating your QB situation every year that turkey is there…. He’s either injured or if and when he’s fairly healthy he sucks….

  8. People are really trying to can Ballard? I mean the team is stacked it’s just hard to find a good QB when you’ve got a good team and can’t draft high. When your HC lobbies for Wentz and he’s the only guy outside Stafford that’s viable you only have so many options.

  9. I think Carson Wentz is a poor man’s Matt Stafford – will have really good games and will have some stinkers too. Inconsistent at best.

  10. Look on the bright side – there is a possibility he improves in 2022.

    Otherwise … the Colts lost a 1st round pick and still need a QB.
    Why overpay a so-so QB?
    I’d rather draft someone and take my chances.
    On the other hand .. would you rather go with Mitch Trubisky at 1.5MM or Wentz at 26MM in 2023?

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