Jay Gruden will have second interview for Panthers offensive coordinator

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Former Washington head coach Jay Gruden appears to be a leading candidate for the Panthers offensive coordinator position.

Gruden was identified as a candidate early in the search process and his initial interview with the team was reported earlier this week. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Gruden will have a second interview for the position on Thursday.

It will be an in-person interview with Panthers head coach Matt Rhule.

Gruden was the Bengals offensive coordinator before spending five-plus seasons as the head coach in Washington. He was Jacksonville’s offensive coordinator during the 2020 season as well.

Colts running backs coach Scottie Montgomery has also had two interviews with the Panthers.

13 responses to “Jay Gruden will have second interview for Panthers offensive coordinator

  1. Tepper should just fire Rhule and get it over with. I have to believe there’s enough left in the Gruden wormhole to damage yet another NFL franchise.

  2. I hope the Carolina Paper Tigers are prepared for an offense that is easily schemed by the defense. It becomes very predictable.

  3. mookie34 says:
    January 20, 2022 at 11:35 am
    This certainly paves the way for Jay to recommmend Jon once Rhule is fired next season.

    Jon Gruden’s career in the NFL is over bud. No one is going to hire him after those emails.

  4. Having watched every game when Gruden was HC, I’d say it appeared that he needed offensive players with very specific skillsets for his scheme to work, and he had zero flexibility to make changes and adapt to the strengths of the players he had. And he was certainly not a strong leader in the organization. Perhaps in a role as OC, his responsibilities are more limited, and he can succeed. He was ok in previous stops before Washington as OC, right?

  5. I guess they’re happy losing games then. Gruden isn’t a good coach at all.The only reason he’s in the NFL is the name.

  6. I’m sure what’ll fix the Panthers offensive problems is hiring one of the good old boys who just wants to clown around and have fun for 4 hours a day at “practice” and then go golfing for the rest of the day.

  7. He already did the Titanic helming of an offense in Jacksonville to get them the #1 pick. So he’s qualified for the job.

  8. If you hire Jay Gruden as your offensive coordinator, be prepared for your quarterback to live under the bus. Jay loves to blame the quarterback for everything.

  9. Washington fan here. Jay is a good offensive and evaluator mind. Bad head coach for a variety of reasons. I’d like him to find a stable staff. Carolina will likely be blown up next year if things go poorly.

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