Matthew Stafford attributes record-low passing attempts to “flow of the game”

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams
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On Monday night against the Cardinals, quarterback Matthew Stafford had the highest single-game postseason passer rating in Rams history in the same game that he threw the fewest passes, with the exception of games he left due to injury.

Was that the plan?

“No, that was just flow of the game,” Stafford told reporters on Wednesday. “We want to be balanced, like we always are, but nobody’s ever talking about that number, to be honest with you. We’re just trying to go out there and feel the flow of the game. I think it’s credit to our guys up front. It’s good as they were moving those guys and creating rush lanes. Our guys did a great job running the football. And then our defense was doing such a good job of giving us a short field. There were so many times where we had the ball with great field position and those don’t sometimes equate to long drives. Less plays, less opportunities to throw the football. But I take it as a positive. I love throwing the ball, no doubt. But I love it when I hand it off and our guys are getting 10, 12 [yards] a pop too. So, at this point I’ll take them anyway we can get them.”

Stafford said it didn’t feel strange to be passing so infrequently, but he said “I could tell coming out of the game that I didn’t put it up in the air a bunch of times.”

Coach Sean McVay similarly attributed the low number of passes to the flow of the game “and how that dictates what’s the best way to be able to win it.”

This week, it could be dramatically different. If, for example, the Rams can’t run the ball against the Buccaneers defense, Stafford will have to throw it more. Maybe much more.

9 responses to “Matthew Stafford attributes record-low passing attempts to “flow of the game”

  1. Game plan. Can’t throw a bunch of pick sixes if the HC doesn’t let you throw the ball.

  2. In other words the Cardinals kept giving the Rams free points and Stafford didn’t have to throw the ball much.

  3. Bruising ground game, suffocating defense and field flipping special teams.

    Have all that going for you, don’t need to throw a lot.

  4. Saving the passing plays and aerial fireworks for this week. Didn’t need them last week.

  5. We’ll, Staff hung over 400 yards and 4 TDs on this squad earlier this year, so passing for more yards shouldn’t be an issue. Brady don’t play DB.

  6. It’s no coincidence that his lowest passing attempts resulted in his first postseason victory . Stafford has proven for over a decade that being the focal point of the offense looks good on the stat sheet but not in the victory column . It took awhile but McVay finally figured it out that having a balanced offense is best not Stafford throwing the ball 35 times a game .

  7. Otherwise known as a pitch count to avoid costly turnovers. Detroit fans warned Rams fans about his jekyll-Hyde play. Now they’re finding out what we were talking about

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