Michael Irvin: Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, CeeDee Lamb didn’t show up for Cowboys

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Hall of Fame Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin was not impressed with what he saw from the Cowboys’ best players in Sunday’s postseason loss to the 49ers.

Irvin said on the Stacking the Box podcast that whether it was his teams in the 1990s or the teams in the NFL this year, star players need to step up in the biggest games. And Irvin called out the Cowboys’ star players for not stepping up.

“Every team you look at, the stars of the team showed up and played,” Irvin said. “You can’t win in this game if your stars don’t show up and play. It’s Dak Prescott, 69 passer rating. Ezekiel Elliott, 31 rushing yards. CeeDee Lamb, 21 yards on one reception.”

Irvin said those players need to look at themselves for why the Cowboys’ season is over.

“They had the star players playing like role players,” Irvin said. “That’s why they’ve got their butts sitting at home.”

47 responses to “Michael Irvin: Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, CeeDee Lamb didn’t show up for Cowboys

  1. Now Michael,let’s not hurt the feelings of our new generation of players playing in the NFL. They have feeling you know.

  2. Taking after the owner, president and GM, those three and many others are happy just being part of the Dallas Cowboys brand. Things will change when Jerry demands something in return — which we all know means never.

  3. Can’t dispute facts. Unless it’s a crappy team Prescott looks confused on the field. Elliot just plain doesn’t care and Lamb just seems starstruck.

  4. Within the animal kingdom are a number of species known to eat their own. Most of the time it’s an uncomfortable thing to watch.
    However, when it happens within the Dallas Cowboys family, well that’s just entertaining stuff.
    For what it’s worth, while I don’t often have much use for Michael Irvin, the man is not wrong in this case.

  5. Those three were so bad it was laughable. And Randy Gregory was staring at the ball as he was called offsides on the very first play from scrimmage. I actually feel sorry for any coach that has to deal with the arrogance, the sense of entitlement and the denial that permeates the Cowboys’ organization. And it starts at the top. So I wasn’t surprised that none of them took responsibility for their lack of concentration and their mistakes.

  6. Irvin is the biggest Cowboys cheerleader and he made excuses for them all year on talk shows. He preached how they would win it all numerous times. At least he is facing reality and calling out the ‘star players’ instead of trying to put blame on the officials. The penalties in that game played a much bigger role than the 14 second blunder at the end. And when your ‘elite players’ (Jerry Jones claim) play like average players in the playoffs, you are not likely to win.

  7. Losing has become acceptable in Dallas under 27 years of Jerry’s reign. It was never acceptable under Jimmy. Players are content with just wearing the star on their head and getting treated like gods in the Metroplex. You can’t win unless you hate losing more than winning.

  8. Talking heads went on and on about this Boys offense being the best ever… Couldn’t hold a candle to those 90’s teams.

  9. These conversations blame too much blame on the players. Players execute the plays called. Coaches make adjustments to counter what’s happening. I didn’t see any adjustments in that game. In Jerry’s structure the coordinator reports to him and the head coach is the figure head. Bottom line, coaches have to take some of it as well. Players are getting bashed and the OC is interview for HC jobs.

  10. Michael Irvin was in the right place at the right time. They would have won all their super bowls without him. It’s a QB league, and it was then, too. Lots of guys had lots of stats, but when all the chips were on the table, it was Troy Aikman coming through time and time again. I enjoy Irvin once in a while, but this guy acts like he wrote the book on football. Dak Prescott is a stud. He’s not Troy Aikman, but he’s a top 6 or 7 NFL QB right now. Elliott is done. He’s not helping the Cowboys, and Cee Dee Lamb looked like he was sick or something. Definitely wasn’t himself. But leave Dak alone.

  11. Boy wonder Kellen Moore is nothing special. He over thinks. Defenders are playing ten yards off of Lamb and he rarely throw to him? At least go down trying to win with your best players.

  12. Mostly on Dak. He threw late without anticipation and could not hit his hot read to avoid the blitz. Had he passed better CeeDee’s numbers would be up. Zeke’s problem was his O-line was getting manhandled…

  13. There is a reason Dak wasn’t drafted until the 4th round and Jerry was so hesitant to pay him $40M a year, he’s just not very good and he certainly doesn’t show up in big games. Elliott is toast and Cee Dee can’t throw himself the ball.

  14. As a 49ers fan, I actually had zero fear of Zeke coming into this game. He’s an after thought now as a back.

  15. Cee Dee is ok but Jerry always picks the shiny hood ornament over BPA. Zeke is already washed up and he was picked over Ramsay who’s still the best cover corner in the NFL. Parsons had to be a McClay pick while Jerry was in the bathroom.

  16. The blame should not be on Dak, or Elliott, or Lamb, or the coaches. They are all to blame.

    But people are not giving the Niners any credit. THe Niners defense was smothering. It’s the main reason why the Dallas O-Line jumped off sides so much. It’s the reason why Elliott and Pollard couldn’t run.

  17. For all the people bashing Irvin, who was a tougher and more clutch WR in big games? Who took more big hits over the middle to catch all those Bang 8s from Troy? Michael Irvin destroyed his body for the Cowboys. Jerry Rice played 15 years cause he caught sideline passes.

  18. I’m not gonna put much blame on Lamb. I don’t think it’s his fault Dak didn’t throw to him. He was open a lot. I watched every Cowboys game this year and in my opinion, Dak was impressive in two of them, against Tampa in game one and against the Chargers. That’s it. His big games came against bad teams. He obviously isn’t willing to take chances to make big plays until crunch time when his risk-aversion performance has them behind the 8-ball.

  19. They need to retool their offense line. I’m not sure how with Cooper, Dak and Zeke taking up 75 million of the salary cap.

  20. 2nd string quarterbacks and washed up running backs arent “stars” Micheal. They are a product of the Dallas hype machine of which youre part.

    Jurys still out on CD Lamb.

  21. I guess the Cowboys were all alone on the field?
    Like it or not, Cowboys fans; the 49ers came in and outplayed you.
    That’s why you lost. Plain and simple

  22. Dak just us not very good and waaaay overpaid. Lamb has limited routes he can run successfully and Elliot is just awful. All he worries about is buying new nose rings. Get rid of them all!

  23. Dak is Tony Romo 2.0. Not a winner. Zeke is about used up, I’m afraid. Cee Dee is a good player, but had a bad day.

  24. The problem for the cowboys starts and ends with Jones. He hired McCarthy, who isn’t very good, and then forced boy wonder on him. Most HC assemble their own staff.
    Then, apparently, there is a discipline and accountability issue since many players are close to the owner and can bypass the head coach.

    Then Jones overpays both Elliott and Prescott. Paying that much for a RB!! Insane. Just look at niners and all their RB combined are not being paid that much.

    Then he goes ahead and pays Cooper $20M to underwhelm and drafts Lamb. Meanwhile the OL is overmatched.
    For all the big time stars…I don’t see that much talent as they make it out to be.

    Cooper and Elliott are hardly stars anymore. Dak is just good against ok teams but folds against great opponents. Demarcus Lawrence has not been a 10 sack guy for many years now. Parsons is good but is that national media and fans in love too much with Diggs. Yes, he makes splash plays. But he also gets burned more than any corner in the league (1016 yards!!). I watched Aiyuk burn him twice. One time for big yardage and the second time Jimmy G overthrew him.

    Good luck cowboys fans. You won’t be better next year with cap problems.

  25. tgsot says:
    January 20, 2022 at 4:23 pm
    Dak and Zeke got paid already. They only show up when they feel like it.

    It isn’t always about showing up when you want, some people are just flat out overpaid, Romo was, Cousins is, and it appears we can add Preskott to this as well. Contracts of elite Rbs eat up cap, and they often get injured cuz of the work load they demanded, after signing of that contract.

  26. People talk about this game like the outcome was shocking. But I don’t feel like it was an upset at all. Niners are a good team as long as Garropolo doesn’t screw it up.

  27. Elliott has been a ‘me first’ player ever since he arrived in Dallas, always more interested in showing off and looking cool than in putting the team first.

    This is Jerrah’s biggest failure in all of his time pretending to be a General Manager. He can pick players who are extremely talented, but far too many of them have zero character or integrity.

    Cowboys will never win anything meaningful for as long as Jerrah insists on doing it his way.

  28. The Cowboys are not a good team although they did beat the Vikings with a backup QB. LOL. That tells you how pathetic the Vikings were this year.

  29. Ouch.

    When Michael Irvin talks about the Cowboys, everyone should listen. Also think that Jerry listens to whatever Michael says about the team and/or Michael has already discussed it wth Mr. Jones.

  30. Oh they showed up. Unfortunately so did the better team,the San Francisco forty niners!

  31. Irvin doesn’t remember Lamb had 2 thirty yard gains called back cause of holding. Dak should of been better but Zeke looks like a shell of himself. Maybe it was Zeke’s injury, time will only tell with him.

  32. “As a 49ers fan, I actually had zero fear of Zeke coming into this game. He’s an after thought now as a back.”

    Exactly how I felt. The injuries to him amd Pollard really hurt. Pollard with 6 carries? Dak was under pressure all day with no run game to lean on.

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