Mike McCarthy: Cowboys made the right call at end of game, just needed to execute better

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy is not second guessing Dak Prescott‘s run up the middle at the end of Sunday’s loss to the 49ers, although he is acknowledging that the play could have been executed better.

McCarthy said Prescott running up the middle, sliding, then getting up for a spike was a good call.

So, it’s the right call,” McCarthy said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “The situation is right off the call sheet. So, that part’s right. The part we got to talk about as a staff and had a chance to visit with Dak about it and speaking with officiating last night, is the mechanics, our mechanics matching their mechanics. I’m not going to get into their mechanics. But as far as the draw play, the execution, the only thing Dak and I talked about was put a yard limit on it.”

McCarthy said the only thing he wishes Prescott had done differently was slide after a shorter gain. Prescott gained 17 yards on his run, but McCarthy said sliding a little sooner would have given the Cowboys the extra second they needed to get set, spike the ball and still have time for one more play.

“Cut it to 10 yards,” McCarthy said. “That’s probably going to be the change, the adjustment we make.”

But calling a quarterback run up the middle with no timeouts left, no matter how much yardage the quarterback gains, is a risky proposition. Something can always go wrong with the clock running, and all it takes is one of the 11 offensive players on the field not getting lined up properly for the offensive team not to be able to stop the clock and run another play.

That’s why a passing play, either into the end zone or to the sideline, would have made more sense. If the Cowboys had passed to the end zone or the sideline, they almost certainly would have had time for one more play after that. McCarthy is standing by the call, but that doesn’t mean it was the right call.

128 responses to “Mike McCarthy: Cowboys made the right call at end of game, just needed to execute better

  1. Who is he trying to kid? That call is the kind of play you might expect to see in a youth football game. This guy is a joke. He can never admit when he’s wrong even when it’s obvious to the rest of the world.

  2. Keep doubling down on the mistake. It’s the right call if you want to lose and stay home. So McCarthy is correct. Never mind that the rule that other wiser coaches use is that if you have less than 16 seconds left and no time outs you don’t call a draw play, no matter how many yards it might gain.

  3. “That’s why a passing play, either into the end zone or to the sideline, would have made more sense.”

    That’s what 11 men on defense were thinking. Sometimes you have to do what is unexpected. Execution was the problem.

  4. That was one of the dumbest play calls I have seen. You can try to blame it on the refs all you want, but stupid is as stupid does.

  5. He said this in GB a lot. It always seems to come down to failure to execute this geniuses plans. If only all his players could know what he wanted somehow. Whenever a coach starts preaching execution, fundamentals, and mental mistakes that coach has run out of useful ideas.

  6. Doubling down on stupidity doesn’t make it any better. It was one of the dumbest play calls I have ever seen.

  7. They didn’t lose the game because of that play call. They lost the game because they came out in the first half flat, uninspired, non competitive, undiscipline. And they got down by 17 points. Too much to overcome. As far as that play call. 14 seconds left, no timeouts, ball on the 40 yard line and you need a touchdown. There is no good play call. All you have is bad options because you put yourself in the bad position.

  8. Love how he’s still low key blaming the refs. He’s a joke.
    “our mechanics matching their mechanics. I’m not going to get into their mechanics”

  9. They are going to keep calling that play even if continues to not work.

    It’s a bold move Cotton, let’s see how it works out for them.

  10. LMAO like hes really saying well it also depended on the officials, but hey it was the right call… I mean the NFL is in a full blown officiating crisis, there are outrageous blown calls every game, but lets put our faith in them..

  11. That is it…right call..nothing at all wrong…and do hand the ball to the center…Gotcha!!! The reason the boys are where they are…sitting at home.

  12. I don’t mind the play call, because of the element of surprise. No way are you picking up 10 yards on the sideline there.

    BUT, i doubt they practice the play with someone designated as the ref to hand the ball to. They need to do that.

    Also, has McCarthy been asked about the 31 seconds of clock that ran off following the successful punt? That decision (trying to lure the 49ers into a timeout?) wasted 31 seconds st a time when they were down two scores.

  13. 14 seconds left and no time outs needing a TD with that far to go every call is risky, man.

  14. Its not on the players, they executed what was oracticed just fine. The issue is they practiced it using an incorrect process (did not factor the refs into it), that caused them to not account for the actions the refs need to take so the players even became a hinderance slowing it down further. That is a pure coaching error and whoever was in charge of those drills in practice should be answering questions.

  15. He goes to sleep at night whispering to himself that it was the right call. Nope. Two hail mary’s was the right call.

  16. McCarthy is just trying to keep Kellen Moore from getting hired elsewhere.

  17. So first it was the refs fault but now the coach believes it was Dak’s fault for not flawlessly performing his expertly called play….

  18. McCarthy should just own that it was his call, and it did not work out. This is his albatross.

    (1) That was a risk/reward type of call and the risk bit him.

    (2) True, it was not executed to perfection, but…

    (a) The coach is responsible for teaching the players how to execute something they’ve practiced all week.

    (b) He chose the play (or signed off on it) with time left that allowed for no margin of error.

  19. Why is this man still coaching in the NFL? Even better question: Why is this man still coaching for Jerry Jones?

  20. I wouldn’t have called it. But I don’t think it was the worst call ever. Had Dak gone down 5 yards earlier and the players not tried to spot the ball themselves it would have worked.. they werent throwing it to the sideline because the miners had it covered. I probably would of went with a short pass myself and had a more experienced runner get down and hand the ball to the ref.

    That wasn’t the play that ended up killing them. Imo that weird thing they did after the fake punt that took like 30 seconds off the clock was biggest blunder. That to me was the fireable offense. What was that? That served zero purpose.

  21. Maybe McCarthy is just saying that because if the same situation occurs again, he wants the opposing team defensive coordinator to be expecting that play so he can catch them off guard. Naaaaah, who am I kidding, McCarthy is not that smart.

  22. I have yet to see any coach or GM agree with you. When you screw up and noone has your back on the play call, maybe it’s you.

  23. No. What he needed to talk to Dak about was the “mechanics” of NOT handing the ball to his center and assuming he can snap it before the ref places it. THAT was the failure.

  24. Maybe it was the right call if your players knew the rules.

    Who thinks it’s ok for the center to spot the ball ?

  25. It would be the right call in theory (if executed properly) if having one throw to the end zone from the 25 was more likely to convert than two throws from the 40, but I don’t believe that to be the case. Easy to analyze though and support your argument with actual evidence.

  26. Farve and Rogers would make me look great as well if I was a coach. This guy is clueless and nothing but a yes man, exactly what Jerry was looking for. Wake up Jerry, until you hire a real GM and stay out of the coaches way. You are not going to get another Super Bowl win.

  27. When you play the “what if” game, Russell Wilson’s pass in the Super Bowl versus New England was the right call too.

  28. The play would have worked if Dak slid after 10 yards instead of 17. He would have run about a second less off the clock, and the ref would have had less distance to run to spot the ball. Das should have been better coached about what to do after getting up – handing the ball to the ref, giving the ref room to spot the ball, and so on, but it could easily have worked. And the coach should have let the refs know what was coming.

    A quick out to the sidelines would not have worked, as the defense had the sidelines covered. A hail mary from that distance had, in my opinion, less chance of succeeding than the qb draw.

  29. Wow, as a Cowboys fan, this may be the only thing I’ve ever agreed with McCarthy on.

    If the play was executed better, it was a great play call. Dak has to slide, pop up, and get the ball to the official immediately. He slid with 7 seconds left. If he gets the ball to the ref immediately, there should have been more than enough time to spike the ball.

    Never should’ve come down to that. Cut the 14 penalties in half and perhaps we were going for a tying field goal.

  30. If many things go exactly right that call might make sense. If one little thing goes wrong, Dax is slow to get down, 49er defender is slow to get off an offensive player, offensive player is slow to get set, Dax snaps the ball before someone is set, the official is slow to spot the ball, etc., then it’s game over. The risk is not worth the reward.

  31. Watch the 49ers beat Green Bay, and then the Cowboys’ loss doesn’t look as bad. S. F. Has a legit team, and Shanahan is as good as any coach out there.

  32. Jerry needs to let McCarthy go. His complete lack of accountability as a coach is laughable, and I believe the ridiculous amount of penalties the Cowboys accrued is a direct result of this. Furthermore, I can’t think of one attribute McCarthy brings to the table that actually improves this team. He can’t handle clock management, he can’t handle discipline, he clearly can’t get this team motivated, and his personal hires of coaches have been a disaster, (Mike Nolan I’m looking at you). If the Cowboys lose Quinn and roll out McCarthy again, I’d be afraid of the disaster that next year could be. He’s proven himself to be a detriment to this team’s success and I hope the Jones family and Will McClay do the right thing and let McCarthy go. Anything else would be prolonging the absolute disappointment that this team has been for over two decades now.

  33. The worst part is that up until that play that last drive was perfectly executed and had the team in position for a couple of shots at the end zone.

  34. Not a cowboys fan, but for a coach to throw his players under the bus is qrong, it starts and stop with you coach..he should be fired..

  35. I love how he insists on talking about being better in a moment like that…instead say, avoiding a moment like that altogether. He should be saying “we are never gonna let ourselves be in that position in the most important game if the year ever again!” But that is why I love this guy and hope he stays in the NFC east for a long time! No one is taking about how the cowboys “prolific” offense was pretty stifled the entire game.

  36. MM’s response tells Cowboys fans all they need to know. Another disappointment awaits us next year….

  37. I’m surprised the cowboys think this cost them the game. At best it allowed them to have a final low percentage shot at throwing into the end zone.
    They were also outplayed all game long by the 49ers.
    Sore losers

  38. I LOVED that call!!! Hope they use it again in similar situations. It insured the “Keystone Cops” (look them up) Cowboys would lose the game, so it was a GREAT call as far as I’m concerned. WONDERFUL call! hahahahahahaha…..

  39. Not a Cowboys fan. But I think that back judge not being aware of the situation cost that team at least 5 seconds. Dallas was set and had the ball on the ground before the ref even sprinted through the screen.

  40. I guess coach “Big Mac” thinks the more he says it publically, the more Jerrah will believe it.

  41. The should have been taking shots into the end zone, not running up the middle. If coach doesn’t know that, he shouldn’t be a coach.

  42. Stop talking Mike. Jason Garrett’s available. Maybe Jerrah has a trip down memory lane and decides to get the gang back together.

  43. Not a Cowboys fan, but if Dax had stopped after 10 yards, got the spike and on the next play thrown a TD you’d all be calling them geniuses. That play was a small part of their problem. The real issue is all season they took way too many penalties and there seemed to be no accountability from the coaching staff. Like if you defensive hold on a run play, maybe you should be benched.

  44. Wow, now the coach is pushing blame on the players. We thought that Washington had problems, seems like Dallas is ground zero for disfunction.

  45. If the ref wouldnt have picked the ball up and set it in the same spot they would have had enough time. Refs blew this one. Again.

    And im no cowboy fan.

  46. That play didn’t have a chance,you don’t run the ball with 14 seconds left in the game

  47. People can blame the coach all they want but the fact is, Dak simply didn’t execute the play properly. First of all, it’s Dak’s own weaknesses as a passer that caused the Cowboys to develop this running play at the end of a game. Run to the 30, take a knee, hand the ball to Ref. It shouldn’t be that complicated.

  48. Apple don’t fall far from the tree. Wanna know why Dak feels comfortable skirting accountability? Look no further than his historically excuse making finger pointing head coach.

  49. I would prefer McCarthy to still believe that’s the right call. After all, the Clownboys willl be Clownboys. Like the beer commercial: Stay irrelevant(for another 25 years), my friends.

  50. Mike ..the game is over days ago and know one cares about that particular play. The cowboys blew it .maybe you can coach them up better so they are leading at the end of the game?

  51. And Dak said that he spiked the ball in time. Never mind what the replay showed. So, so deluded.

  52. Will someone please buy Mike the Belichick handbook?!

    Say nothing. When questioned further, say even less.

    This guys loses more credibility every time he opens his mouth.

  53. well…at least he didn’t say the fans had a right to throw glass & other sharp objects at the refs, right??

  54. 50Stars says:
    January 20, 2022 at 8:47 am
    If the ref wouldnt have picked the ball up and set it in the same spot they would have had enough time. Refs blew this one. Again.

    And im no cowboy fan.
    What? Watch the play again. Dak started his slide at the 26. If the ref spotted the ball correctly, the entire OL would have had to move back at least a yard and they wouldn’t have even had a chance to get a play off.

  55. Most coaches try to be a little more subtle when they throw their players under the bus.

  56. About the same call as Seattle at the end of the Super Bowl. We’ll remember them both. McCarthy=Carroll

  57. A leader takes responsibility for their team’s failures. He is content to put 100 percent of the blame on Dak Prescott. This team needs a new head coach that will instill discipline and character. Amazing that even with Aaron Rodgers he won a super bowl.

  58. I love how Mike didn’t give a yards limit to Dak BEFORE the play. What an emphasis on detail. Wow, just wow… I’m stunned this dude is an NFL head coach. “Ehhh what’s up, Dak? Why don’t you go run that draw we been practicing”… should have been “Dak, and co. We’re going to run a draw here, Daks sliding down at the 35 and going to hand the ball to the official once he’s down, make sure you’re all set… oh hey officials, we’re going to run a draw here, be ready to spot the ball for us please and ty”!

  59. Whats most amusing;

    31 teams have tape on this. And since he won’t muzzle his yap, they KNOW they’ll run it again.

    So Mike, what happens when your opponent spys a LB, and holds Dak to a minimal yard gain?

  60. The fact that he has had a few days to think on it, and imagine other ways it could have played out, and he still concludes it was the correct call says a lot.

  61. About the same call as Seattle at the end of the Super Bowl. We’ll remember them both. McCarthy=Carroll

    Fitting I suppose, since a McCarthy meltdown got Seattle to that Super Bowl in the first place.

    But dialing up a pass to your ace special teams #5 WR with a Title on the line is a special kind of insanity.

  62. Amazing that even with Aaron Rodgers he won a super bowl.

    Tried his best to give it away.

    21-3 lead just before the half. Steelers got the ball back with 2:00 with a chance to win.

  63. What about the previous 76 plays where Dallas looked like they were installing a base offense during OTA’s? Getting the ball into Lamb’s hands? Pollard? Noooo but this is was the right call. Think about that for the next 9 months.

  64. When he was in Green Bay, I swear, every single press conference, he talked about “cleaning up footwork and pad level” for at least five minutes.

  65. “Needs better execution”? Why am I reminded of John McKay’s old line, when asked about his team’s execution, he replied, “It’s a good idea.”

  66. Honestly they were lucky the defender got up off of him so quickly after he slid into him. A defender takes a second or two longer to get up and there’s no reason for the ref to even bother setting the ball and there’s no way 1 second or 2 leads to any delay of game penalties for the 9ers. It’s a bad call, so many things could go wrong. No way they ever do that again at the end of a game.

  67. So one desperation pass into the end zone from ten yards closer is better than two desperation passes from where they were before the run?


  68. That was a fireable offense any other team in the NFL he’s gone on Monday. Jerry doesn’t want to admit he made a big mistake. McCarthy is a terrible coach. He had Rodgers all those years and only 1 Super Bowl, that’s all on the coach folks.

  69. Leaders take responsibility for their actions. Neither the HC NOR Dak do. Dak is not the answer at QB and McCarthy is not the answer for the Cowboys.

  70. when you have 2 chances to score, why would you run a play that will at best give you one chance to score and quite likely give you 0 chances to score. I suppose the idea is to have one barely reasonable chance instead of two hailmary plays, but so many things can go wrong that it just makes no sense. Just take your two shots.

    The real problem is they saved their best play calls for that drive when they should have been running them on the previous drive when they actually had time.

  71. The play Dak ran was the best shot they were going to get at throwing into the end zone as the Niners had several DBs just a couple yards inbounds guarding against out patterns which left some room deep in the middle of the field. Even if Dak had gotten it spiked in time for the final play the end zone would have been DBs shoulder-to-shoulder making a TD pass much less likely.

  72. As a Saints fan, watched Brees successfully execute short passes in the middle of the field to get closer to a field goal a few times – other teams too – with similar amount of time left. Getting closer to try for a TD, I think makes sense. I didn’t think the call was horrible, but I was thinking at the time Dak should’ve dropped after 10 or so yards. McCarthy is right — it was an execution problem. The problem with that is that both he and Moore should’ve been in Dak’s ear until the mic cut off to go down early enough to spike the ball. Cowboys won’t win anything with McCarthy as head coach, he just makes too many mistakes in games.

    With the way PI is called, I would’ve just heaved it into the end zone twice — good chance of ending up with a bonus 3rd play that way.

  73. My take? It may have been the right play, but both the preparation and the execution were bad.

    Faulty prep: (1) Not telling Dak to hand it to the officials right avay; (2) not telling the other players to be sure to get out of the officials’ way to let them spot the ball; (3) not telling the officials before the play started that it was going to be a draw play and the ball needed to be spotted quickly.

    Bad execution: We all saw and have been second-guessing that. No need to add anything here.

  74. McCarthy is RIGHT, it was a good play call that needed to be executed better. The defense was guarding the sidelines and the middle was wide open, thus the play call. Either a few more seconds on the clock [20 sec] to call that play, or shorter yardage run as McCarthy said.

  75. If anyone needed proof that McCarthy is a terrible coach, this is it. McCarthy REFUSES to admit his mistakes.

    If the coach won’t admit mistakes, neither will the players. People learn from their mistakes. You can’t get better unless you admit those mistakes.

    The Cowboys will be the same next year…..playoff failures.

  76. All the wrong lessons being learned They lost because they came out flat and Dak played lousy for most of the game. That’s all on the coaching and Dak. But now all they’re focused on is which extremely low-percentage play they should have ran in the final seconds. Had they played for the first 3 quarters they wouldn’t have needed a miracle at the end.

  77. It wasnt a terrible call. If Dak slides earlier, or Dak hands the ball to the ref, or Dak runs a play instead of clocking the ball… then they had a decent chance at the endzone.

  78. 50Stars says:
    January 20, 2022 at 8:47 am
    If the ref wouldnt have picked the ball up and set it in the same spot they would have had enough time. Refs blew this one. Again.

    And im no cowboy fan.
    The rules require the refs spot the ball not the center so they were doing the right tjing picking it up and redoing it themselves. And also it was not in the same spot. The center had moved the ball up as he did his own spot. The ref had to move it back to the correct spot. And that was after the players had gotten in his way because they did not know he was trying to run up there. That goes back to the coaching staff that had been practicing the process incorrecyly all week. (Per Dak the way they did it omitting the refs was how they had practiced it) For the coaches to have been teaching the players an incorrect process is the root cause. But also, I don’t see how the players didn’t notice that was wrong because when in their professional careers have they ever seen a play where the ref doesn’t spot the ball. In any event, this is on the Dallas coaching staff with an assist from the players, and not at all on the refs who did their job properly.

  79. And this is one of the biggest reasons why Aaron Rodgers has only one SB ring….a stubborn and delusional McCarthy.

  80. The single biggest disservice the Packers did Rodgers was keeping that stooge around after that ’14 NFCCG choke job. He was done then. It was obvious to anyone with a brain.

  81. Even assuming it was the “right“ call, which it wasn’t, who is responsible for coaching the execution of it? You visited with him afterwards? Obviously should’ve been visiting with him a lot more prior to running the play. Maybe coach him to hand the ball directly to an official? Maybe give the officials a heads up about what you’re going to do like other teams have done? And after all this disaster, your quarterback has the guts to come out and say “credit to them” for fans throwing things at the refs…and talk about how mad the players are at the officials. You have to be kidding me.

  82. How refreshing would a statement like this be, in comparison?

    “I made the wrong call. You can see what we were trying to do, and it could have worked. But with so little time left, it was just putting too much on the guys and too many things could go wrong. I wanted to give us one great shot, closer to the end zone, but now I think two chances from further out would have been the better way to go. It’s a lousy way to end, but it shows me what we need to work on, and how I need to put the guys in a better place to succeed next time. And there will be a next time.”

  83. Seriously, Mike McCarthy is absolutely terrible when it comes to end-of-half and end-of-game management. Thats how we owned the Packers when Harbaugh was here. Harbaugh was stellar at managing the end-of-half and end-of-games and McCarthy was bad at it. Its not surprising that his clock management issues have followed him to Dallas.

  84. I wish they would have showed the look on Shanahan’s face when the Cowboys ran that play. He must have been incredulous, like everyone else who was watching the game.

  85. mancave2022 says:
    “Maybe coach him to hand the ball directly to an official? Maybe give the officials a heads up about what you’re going to do like other teams have done? ”

    Why does Dak need to be “Coached” to hand the ball to the Ref? He is a pro that has been doing this for years.

  86. Great call– if there was a minute left on the clock. But then the defense would have known you might do it and would be prepared. People miss this fact: The entire reason Dak made it that far was because the defense knew that would be a terrible call in that situation.

  87. As a Packers fan, all I’ll say is that I’m glad this fella isn’t our problem any longer.

  88. So the coach is blaming the players and the players are blaming the referees. The fact is, in the most critical moment of the season, you decided to called a play with the lowest percentage of success because if any one of 11 human players didn’t do precisely the right thing it was doomed to fail. For the second time in that crucial game, the Cowboys got too cute and outsmarted thmselves. Somebody accept responsibility.

  89. They were already in hail mary range and would have at least two shots. I only see this play called to get in better field goal range where you only get one kick.

  90. If the Cowboys had executed this play perfectly, how much time did they expect would be on the clock? 1 second? Seemd like almost no margin for error at all, and a ridiculous risk to take as evidenced by the outcome.

  91. “The situation is right off the call sheet. “ Now tell us about the fake punt formation two plays in a row. You caught them with the first, but when it’s first down, you’re not fooling anyone with the second formation. That’s why you had to run your offense in with not enough time in the play clock and take a delay of game penalty. In the year you were not coaching and locked yourself in a barn studying football analytics, did you find it was best to call a QB sneak with 14 seconds left and no time outs and then try for a rushed pass play, or was it better to take to shots at the end zone? Well, we found out.

  92. The Cowboys didn’t lose the game because of that last play. They lost the game because they played poorly the entire game.

    Even if that last play had worked, it is still likely that the Cowboys would have lost.

  93. It’s not the right call Mike. NO matter how many times you say it, it doesn’t look any better, period. I don’t know who you’re trying to convince here, you or the fans. You had 2 shots for the EZ right where you were… 2. With what you did it gave 0 shots at it. You CANNOT run up the middle of the field with no timeouts. Your failure to grasp clock management is mind blowing. You and Garrett both had that issue. And YES this is also on Dak. You wait 3 1/2 Quarters before you decide to play…. this is what happens. This game was poorly managed from start to finish. Poor play calling, poor play and if not for the D they would have gotten blown out.

  94. All the armchair coaches know what’s best after they know the outcome of the play. Sure, an incomplete pass gives you another go, but so does spiking. If they execute it properly, they get a 2nd play from much closer, higher chance of success. Risky you say? So is an onside kick to start the 2nd half in the Superbowl. It succeeded, so Payton was a genius. If it failed, he’s a fool. You’re all predictable.

  95. As an Eagles fan, I wish Jerry good health. I also am rooting for him to maintain McCarthy for years to come. That play call was atrocious but it was far from the only issue. The Boys were not prepared to play. Came out flat on both sides of the ball. No Pollard! That made zero sense. The head coach is responsible for that unless all he does is carry a clip board. Time management was an issue not just with the play call at the end which was that wrong call. Now the Boys face losing many players to FA. Good luck America’s team!

  96. Who designed this play where you A. Let the QB decide how far to run and B. Don’t hand the ball to an official after the slide??

  97. Look… I Coach youth Football and even I realize it was a MORONIC call for a multitude of reasons…

    1) With 14 Seconds left you had 2 pass plays in the bag… possibly 3 if you were able to get out of bounds. ( A QB draw was NEVER going to give you that option)

    2) With No Time outs left… even if you you ran 10 yards and GOT another play off, and had the final play called… you don’t have time to pre read the defense.

    You basically ran a play so that you could throw up a prayer…

    If that was your grand strategy…

    Why wouldn’t you try 2 prayers ??

    It was MORONIC…

    As a matter of fact… throwing the football instead of giving it to Marshawn Lynch was actually a BETTER play call than this one….it really was.

  98. Its an ok call, I see the reasoning and its not fair to rejudge it based on hindsight. Without the execution problems we might be singing a different song here. But the execution problems were because they had practiced doing it with the center spotting the ball rather than practicing the correct process by having someone play the part of the official. It can be argued that the players should have been able to know thats wrong, but really thats completely on the coaching staff if the players were being taught to do it incorrectly. So whether one wants to fault the call or how the players were not properly prepared that falls bavk on the coaching staff. Led by Mike there.

  99. The Cowboys were fortunate to even have the ball at all in that situation. If you look at the sequence right before they got the ball:
    1) That very long period when they were trying to figure out of SF’s ball carrier had made a first down which was called as no. Then magically, after a long time on the phone, guess what, we are going to “re spot” the ball. And surprise! Now the 49ers are an inch short!
    2) Then on fourth down, that false start against Trent Williams. Folks, watch it on replay. Absolutely bogus call!
    The Cowboys have no business at all complaining about anything here.

  100. I think most fans agree that it was an idiotic play call. If McCarthy insists it was the right call, then Cowboys fans need to be worried if they aren’t already. With Jerrah and Sons running the front office, McCarthy on the sidelines, and a bunch of ‘me first’ divas on the field, Cowboys fans can be sure success is nowhere in sight.

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