NFL fines Dak Prescott $25,000 for comments about officials

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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Apology not accepted.

The NFL has fined Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott $25,000 for the comments he made after Sunday’s playoff loss to the 49ers, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Prescott apologized for the remarks on Tuesday, after the NBA Referees Association issued a statement criticizing him for condoning the throwing of objects at game officials.

Initially, Prescott expressed disapproval at the throwing of objects by fans, when he was under the impression that the fans were throwing objects at Cowboys players. Once Prescott was told that the objects were meant for game officials, Prescott changed his tune.

“Credit to them then. Yeah, credit to them. Credit. Credit to them,” Prescott said.

Asked if he was serious, Prescott made it clear he was not joking.

“Yeah, I mean, yeah, if they weren’t at us, and if the fans felt the same way as us, and that’s what they were doing it for, yeah,” Prescott said. “I’m guessing that’s why the refs took off and got out of there so fast. Yeah, I think everybody is upset with the way that this thing played out. As I said, I’m sure a fan would feel the same way that we do.”

Ultimately, the Cowboys should be upset only with themselves. For calling a quarterback draw with 17 seconds left and no timeouts. For running 17 yards, instead of 10 or 12. For not clearing a path for the umpire, who busted his ass to spot the ball quickly. For not getting the ball to the umpire, not the center.

It was a failure of coaching and execution by the Cowboys. The officials did nothing wrong.

Even if they had, there’s no place for throwing objects from the stands, for any reason.

49 responses to “NFL fines Dak Prescott $25,000 for comments about officials

  1. I hate it when I have to completely side with the league on something. It just feels gross.

  2. 25k for promoting violence. Arians gets 50k for a dumb love tap on a helmet. Seems about right NFL

  3. He should of got fined more then that for terrible play!!!! Hey just tell him some teams get away with it and some don’t

  4. Against the relative scale of everyone else’s comparable finable infractions this should have been between $50 and $75k AFTER appeal.

  5. Dak needs to apologize for getting wayyyy overpaid. He took advantage of a short sighted, senile old billionaire and played like a backup once the check cleared.

  6. Granted it was after the fact hence the lightness of the fine. Don’t worry the Dallas fans in their exuberance will be throwing prognostications the rest of the year 2022 on how the Clownboys will win the Super Bowl LVII in 2023 .

  7. This is so 2022. A great victory by the 49ers is overshadowed by fans throwing things at referees and Dak supporting the behavior. We should be talking 49ers and Packers this week. Instead we have to discuss and read about poor sportsmanship. Only in America.

  8. That fine is nothing, considering what he makes in a year. I have a feeling that stewing for the next 7 months over the way his team finished their season will be a better punishment. They were outcoached and outplayed. The officials had zero to do with it.

  9. I’ve mentioned this before. Still amazes me the Cowboys behaving as though they lost the game because of this (non?) play
    they were beaten. Fair and square.

  10. That is 0.0625% of his salary. Put it in perspective. If someone were making $50k a year it would amount to $31.25.

    The problem for Dak isn’t the fine. It’s the hit his public image took after those comments. Just like Allen Iverson will forever be known for “Practice”, Dak will be known for condoning throwing stuff at officials. Just about everyone (except McCarthy) found his comments to be outrageous.

  11. $25000 is a PR fine by the NFL. It means nothing to Prescot as it is .00065% of his salary. NFL, because of the union, cannot make meaningful fines for these multi million dollar players. The fine should have been, if it was aloud, $500000 to one million.

  12. Inciting violence against officials is only a $25K fine? What does that say about how the NFL feels about its officials? Dak’s little apology was meaningless. He didn’t do it on camera in front of the press. He just sent a tweet – and odds are he didn’t write the tweet. Also, notice that the Cowboys aren’t taking any actions against him. Raise your hand if that shocks you.

  13. Not speaking on Dak or the Cowboys. but I’ve never understood why officials can’t be criticized. It would be like no being able to grade your boss. You’re an adult, you made a decision, deal with peoples options and criticisms, it’s okay.

  14. So let me get this straight: The league suspended Brady for four games after a comically flawed investigation into ball deflation (a minor rule violation even if it happened), in which they never even proved the balls were actually deflated or that Brady did anything wrong.

    Yet Prescott verbally supported fans who attempted to physically hurt game officials because he didn’t like a (correct) call they made and all he gets is a pocket change level fine? Wow.

    I’d love to hear what the officials think of this…

  15. He was one likeable guy on that team. Could root for him. Spoke well and intelligent.
    I get that he was upset but he had a chance to take it back and then it took him 48 hours to issue a canned apology.

    I guess I lost respect for him. All good things go down the drain with one bad one. Now people wonder which one is the real guy. The immature guy with a carefully crafted good guy image or a good guy with just one meltdown.

    Given that he’s a cowboys player and the fact that it took him two days to “apologize”, I’d be hard pressed not to believe the former.

  16. There’s about 20-25 teams that wish they had a QB as bad as Prescott. And you really think that one comment makes him a bad person, not taking into account all of the good things and charitable work he does throughout the entire year? His comment wasn’t about just one call in the game. It was a summarization of many calls. There’s nothing here anyone can dispute without looking like a complete fool and a hater. If he was playing for your team, you would like and embrace him very much.

  17. Wow, sure he’s taking it serious now, being as he makes an average of $40mil a year. Perspective – same guy makes $40k a year, he’s fined 25 whole dollars. Pretty sure Dak is going to have to switch to mac and cheese and ramen now…..

  18. Oh come on that was a perfectly respectable fine. His attorney wrote a nice apology for him, so it must have been sincere.

  19. And now we know what Dak’s apology was all about. He saved about $25K or more. More, in that he would have gotten what Coach Arians got if not retracting his words. More importantly, he hasn’t lost all his sponsorship gigs.

  20. $25,000 is chump change for someone who makes so much money. It was a very serious offense and should have carried a serious penalty. I would be all for a minor fine in combination with a 3 game suspension. Suspensions are the only thing that will get these guys attention. Fines such as this are nothing to them. If anyone believes his apology was genuine then they are fools. It was written by a public relations guy and he was told to read it. Suspensions are the only real penalties that will deter such behavior.

  21. Lol, how many are just as upset about the fine amount as Dak, except it was because they thought it should be more?

  22. Where does that money go? When any player is fined by the NFL where does that money go, is there a charity the NFL gives it to, does it go towards the lame draft night production what happens with all the fine $$$$, just asking.

  23. That called for at least a 500k fine to send a message. Way to make the idiots in the stadium think they are justified for throwing things at anyone (much less officials) and apologizing several days later when you were clearly told to.

  24. They should consider them selves lucky they even had a remote shot at the end.

    They were thoroughly outplayed for over 3 quarters.

  25. For me: Honey, losing almost half of my annual salary.
    For Dak: Honey, don’t buy candy bars for the kids Tuesday.

  26. epray66 says:
    January 20, 2022 at 7:35 pm
    Granted it was after the fact hence the lightness of the fine.

    It was after THAT fact true, but its now a predecessor to future facts. A star player sending ANY message that ANY such behavior is in ANY way acceptable under ANY circumstances is going to increase the odds of future endangerment. IMHO the league should have come down much harder on it than they did.

  27. So he was fined for criticizing the refs, not for advocating violence against NFL officials? That warranted a suspension. He got off easy. Uncle Jerry likely intervened.

  28. Okay. I’m not even a Cowboys fan, but why was that ref like 30+ yards back from a critical play?

  29. Maybe if Prescott didn’t run with 14 seconds left the Cowboys wouldn’t have to rely on the ability of the refs to keep up with pro athletes. Sucks when the league actually gets it right.

  30. I’m looking forward to next season when the officials become momentarily blind every time prescott has the ball. He’s going to get driven into the turf, and rightly so, and opposing teams already know they know a relatively free shot at him. Dallas shouldn’t have got away with blaming the refs or the comments/disrepect shown by their qb. They know the rules, they lost fair and square and how come no Dallas players called out McCarthy on camera? It was his call….Goodell has lost control of the league, prescott should have been made to sit a few games. Shame shame………..

  31. kemp13 says:
    January 21, 2022 at 9:28 am
    So he was fined for criticizing the refs, not for advocating violence against NFL officials? That warranted a suspension. He got off easy. Uncle Jerry likely intervened.

    Between this and the season ending letdown from his billion dollar team, Uncle Jerry must be a lot of fun to talk to right now.

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