Skip Holtz, Kirby Wilson will coach USFL teams

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 19 Louisiana Tech at Southern Miss
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The USFL announced two more head coaches for the season that it plans to launch this spring.

Skip Holtz will coach the Birmingham Stallions and Kirby Wilson will coach the Pittsburgh Maulers. Bart Andrus (Philadelphia Stars), Todd Haley (Tampa Bay Bandits), Mike Riley (New Jersey Generals), and Kevin Sumlin (Houston Gamblers) were previously announced as head coaches and there are two more announcements to come for the New Orleans Breakers and Michigan Panthers.

Holtz spent the last nine seasons at Louisiana Tech, but was fired at the end of the 2021 season after going 3-9. Holtz has also been a head coach at South Florida, East Carolina, and Connecticut during a college coaching career that also featured time on his father Lou’s staffs at Notre Dame and South Carolina.

Wilson spent most of the last 25 years as an assistant in the NFL. He was most recently the running backs coach for the Raiders in 2019 and 2020 and previously served in the same role for seven other teams.

7 responses to “Skip Holtz, Kirby Wilson will coach USFL teams

  1. I always wonder when veteran coaches come out of the woodworks to take these jobs in leagues gong nowhere if it’s really to get out of the house and a few dollars in their pockets to have fun on the town while saying they’re “working”!

  2. For the folks who sweat they won’t watch….after only 4 Sundays without football they’ll flip on the tv to watch the USFL ,till the weather gets warm.

  3. This League will fail. I do hope that it wouldn’t especially for the secondary team markets like Birmingham, they deserve a hometown team and would support it better than the big markets, but it is inevitable. Midwest towns, San Antonio, etc. The better model and lower cost to run is what Professional Lacrosse is doing. Have all the games played in one city each week and keep it moving. It would have a better chance of selling out. My guess is this is all about TV contract for which it will do OK for a few weeks and then fizzle out. My 2 cents.

  4. I for one hope they bring back real football not this pass happy league stuff the NFL puts out. I miss the old football games.

  5. jac1216 says:
    January 20, 2022 at 6:27 pm
    I for one hope they bring back real football not this pass happy league stuff the NFL puts out. I miss the old football games.


    Exactly. NFL keeps changing their rules to make it seem like offenses are getting better when they really aren’t. Real football: run and pound, stout defenses, and under 20 points a game is way more entertaining than games where you can’t make a stop.

    USFL can survive, XFL modeled it in 2020 until Covid came and forced them to stop. I’m waiting for XFL 2023 but hoping both can survive and maybe merge. There’s a market for it.

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