Vikings complete interview with Eliot Wolf

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
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The Vikings have finished their seventh interview for General Manager.

Minnesota announced on Thursday that the club completed an interview with Patriots scouting consultant Eliot Wolf for the vacancy.

Wolf has spent the last two seasons in his role with the Patriots. Before that, he was the Browns’ assistant General Manager for two years.

The son of former Packers G.M. Ron Wolf, Eliot came up in the Packers organization, starting there in 2004 as a pro personnel assistant. He worked his way up to director of football operations in 2016 and was a candidate to succeed Ted Thompson as the club’s G.M. But that job ultimately went to Brian Gutekunst.

Wolf has also interviewed with the Bears for their vacancy at General Manager.

The Vikings fired Rick Spielman on January 10.

14 responses to “Vikings complete interview with Eliot Wolf

  1. Anything we can get that has a connection to the Packer franchise is a plus here in Minnesota.

  2. No one here, myself included, can say with any degree of certainty that Eliot Wolf will be a great GM, a terrible GM, or anything in between. He’s never been one, therefore we have no starting point to make an honest assessment.
    Prior to this year the young Wolf had interviews with multiple teams and hasn’t yet been hired to lead one. That includes a place where he started with at least a small foot in the door.
    Is it merely because he’s young and teams think he has great potential but needs more seasoning? Quite possibly. It could also be because his last name affords him opportunities others with similar resumes wouldn’t get, but so far he hasn’t impressed enough for anyone to pull the trigger.
    Wolf is getting lots of attention this hiring cycle. If he gets a GM job we’ll know soon enough whether he’s up to the task. If he isn’t hired this time around it’s fair to wonder whether he interviews poorly, and is merely drawing based on his dad’s reputation.

  3. They aspire to become more like the Packers, and Wolf has that Packers pedigree the Vikings covet.

    Does Holmgren have any kids that can coach?

  4. Not sure he’s ready to be a GM yet, but who knows. Do not understand the obsession with former Packers executives and coaches in Vikings search for coach and GM.

  5. Eliot would be a good hire. Has the pedigree and worked for the Patriots which is good at noticing talent.

  6. Zygi is searching high and low for the sons, fathers, uncles, and cousins twice removed of anyone remotely connected to the legendary Green Bay Packers, in the vain hope that some magic will rub off in Minnesota.

  7. I could see Wolf being the GM, the Vikings trade Kirk, and Rodgers and Adams both playing in purple next year. JJ and Adams would be unstoppable.

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