Vikings complete interview with Jonathan Gannon

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Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon is in demand this week. He conducted a virtual interview with the Vikings on Thursday, the team announced.

Gannon, 39, also had initial interviews with the Broncos and Texans scheduled for this week.

He is the fourth candidate to interview for the head coaching job to replace Mike Zimmer.

Gannon worked as the Vikings’ assistant defensive backs coach from 2014-17. He left to become the Colts’ defensive backs coach in 2018, and he joined the Eagles as defensive coordinator a year ago.

The Vikings also are seeking a replacement for Rick Spielman, who was fired as General Manager. They have interviewed eight candidates for that job, with Patriots senior consultant Eliot Wolf and Browns vice president of player personnel Glenn Cook the latest to talk to the Vikings.

11 responses to “Vikings complete interview with Jonathan Gannon

  1. You’re trying to hire someone to replace Zimmer that isn’t as successful as Zimmer?

  2. As an Eagles fan, he’s fine. The defensive roster was pretty bare, and they were at least middling after a real bad start. Gannon (and Sirianni, too) seemed to really tailor what they wanted to do to the roster. I dunno that I’d make him a head coach over his performance, but maybe after having Zimmer who wouldn’t let the offense run through the QB even if every RB on the roster suddenly had all their legs fall off mid game, that they want someone who’s willing to be flexible to get the maximum out of what the guys on the roster can do.

  3. As an eagles fan, this is the thing I hate about eagles fans… Complete hot take overreactions that are all or nothing… Show me a coordinator in the NFL who had instantaneous success without a hiccup along the way… It’s not there… The measure of success should be preseason expectation versus outcome… The fact that they made a postseason bid was a massive success… Jonathan Gannon’s adjustments, in a very short period of time, were a very large reason why… He should be on a lot of short lists and I, for one, hope he stays one more season in Philadelphia before he a team gives him a head coaching shot

  4. There’s got to be more to Gannon than is available to the public. I’m an Eagles fan and he seems like a good guy and a good coach. But nothing to show he deserves three head coach interviews. Obviously in NFL circles he’s more highly esteemed than he is among fans. And to be fair, that’s more important.

  5. The problem with Gannon is he coaches timidly. He never takes chances and he never dictates to the O. He sits in Cover 2 and lets teams pick them apart underneath. No imagination at all.

  6. Jonathan Gannon is getting WAY too much credit for the Eagles defensive improvements. The defense didn’t improve. The level of competition they faced got much worse! His defense allowed “quality” quarterbacks to complete passes at a historical rate! They’re the first team in NFL history to allow 4 different quarterbacks to complete over 80% of their passes…and they did that by week 9!

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