When Deebo Samuel speaks, Kyle Shanahan listens

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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Plenty of running backs, receivers, and tight ends want the ball, and they’re not bashful about saying so. Coaches learn to tune them out and focus on the task at hand.

Some players carry more weight. For 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, receiver Deebo Samuel is one of those players.

Shanahan was asked on Thursday about an NFL Films clip of Samuel asking for the ball, getting it, and scoring a touchdown. Did Samuel’s words have an impact?

“It did there,” Shanahan said. “Someone telling me to get them the ball doesn’t at all mean that I’m going to get them the ball. Sometimes it’s just interesting to hear him, but when he says, ‘Get me the ball,’ you guys watch how he runs, and you know how much he means it. Deebo is as real of a guy as I’ve been around and he has a passion for this game that is making him one of the best players in this league. And the passion he has when he says that, those words carry a little differently to me than other people’s. And I want him to get him the ball on almost every play. I wasn’t quite thinking about it there. We had a quick turnaround, got a turnover and I was sitting there thinking about what direction to go and and I probably would’ve ended up going that direction. But when Deebo looks at you and says that, it wasn’t hard to think about it. It was just find a run to Deebo.”

Samuel and tight end George Kittle have become the two most important pieces of the offense, both good enough to overcome the obvious limitations of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

That’s really the question for Saturday night. Can phenomenal play from Samuel and Kittle overcome a quarterback with a propensity to make a big mistake at the worst time? The answer to that may very well determine the outcome of the game.

22 responses to “When Deebo Samuel speaks, Kyle Shanahan listens

  1. Deebo is different. All players are fast, agile, powerful etc. Deebo has the “it” with the ball in his hands that most players do not. I can’t be described, it can only be witnessed.

  2. Sure would be nice if Jimmy G started getting some real credit for what he’s done for the niners. All quarterbacks have their ups and downs. I’m not sure about the rest of u folks but I’ve seen Jimmy throw some nice balls to Kittle and Deebo. Why don’t wear hear much about that ??

  3. In four postseason games, the only one in which Jim G. didn’t throw an interception (or two) is NFC Champship Jan. 2020, in which Jim made a whopping 8 pass attempts. He might have to throw a few more times on Sat., but let’s try keep it below 16 attempts, and he’s only allowed 3 beyond 10 yards. Go team.

  4. Shanahan is the best coach in the NFL. Lord have mercy if he ever gets his hands on an elite QB.

  5. A shame they didn’t draft Mac Jones. He had nothing on offense in New England. His accuracy is superior to Jimmy G.

  6. Poop Hits The Propellar says:
    January 20, 2022 at 9:14 pm
    They are going down this Saturday… you heard it first

    If by “they” you mean Packers, I agree.

  7. tokyosandblaster says:
    January 20, 2022 at 10:00 pm
    So who’s the coach?


    Packers by two scores.


    Right, because good coaches are dictators who don’t listen to their players. Great players ask for the ball. Good coaches listen and find ways to get it to them.

  8. Still waiting for compensation with Jimmy Haslam letting one of best coaches in NFL leave cleveland….oh wait…

  9. Here is my prediction Jimmy starts and gets hurt then Trey comes in saves the game and the rest is history. Don’t forget where this young man played college football and he has fresh legs.

  10. Totally Lance has huge 49er future but jimmy g Q is on a roll, this is A great 49er machine ..

  11. If you give them a nickname then all the blockers can hold for dear life and not get called so he can run wild

  12. I still can’t believe Belichick took N’Keal Harry over Deebo Samuel in that draft. Belichick may be the GOAT GM but that was a major whiff. Deebo was dominating in the SEC, the best conference. He was going to work in the NFL.

  13. Rodgers hasn’t beaten the 49ers in the playoffs in 3 tries. This should be a good game. Lets hope the refs don’t mess it all up!

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