Brian Daboll finishes interview with Giants

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll became the first candidate to interview for the Giants’ head coaching position, the team announced. It came shortly after the Giants hired Joe Schoen from the Bills as their General Manager.

Daboll and Schoen worked together the past four seasons.

Daboll, 46, spoke Friday evening via videoconferencing with team president John Mara, chairman Steve Tisch and Schoen.

Daboll joined the Bills in 2018 after helping lead Alabama to its 17th national championship in 2017 as the Crimson Tide’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. He was named the NFL’s assistant coach of the year in 2020.

Daboll has 20 years of NFL coaching experience. He spent 11 seasons with the Patriots and served as the offensive coordinator for the Browns (2009-10), Dolphins (2011) and Chiefs (2012). He was the Jets’ quarterbacks coach in 2007-08.

16 responses to “Brian Daboll finishes interview with Giants

  1. Daboll would be a Home-Run hire. not sure about QB-DJones but with Daboll the Giants will improve to division contender in short time

  2. I think the NYG have made good choices here. Shoane WILL hire Dabol. (& good lord Matt Ruhle hired MacAdoo former NYG coach as OC. Looks like Ruhle gonna b on the hot seat.

  3. Daboll would be Da Man in NYC. QB whisperer for the next QB not named Daniel Jones. Hoping they sign him and move forward. Looking forward to some greatness in NYC.

  4. Boy, for as much as Schoen pitched a thorough and comprehensive HC search, he sure didn’t hide his intent to prioritize the one guy who was thought to be his preference…

  5. Daboll worked his magic with Josh Allen, unfortunately, for the Giants, he will need more than magic with their quarterback

  6. Bears going to miss out again as they continue to interview 50 HC candidates before hiring a GM.

  7. If he gets a HC gig anywhere, Daboll likely brings Trubisky with him from Buffalo. I’d love to see what Mitchell could do in an open competition and getting a fresh start somewhere.

  8. New York football Giants fans thought Ben McAdoo was rock bottom…then Joe Judge said “Hold my beer!” The pressure in on owner John Mara to hire a functionally competent head coach and GM.

  9. Daboll brings Trubisky & he finally proves he is a decent qb….that would be final nail in coffin as proof that Matt Nagy was a horrible coach & basically ruined him here in Chicago.

  10. Hope springs eternal. Give them a chance. But I’m way too old for five year plans!

  11. I’d be ok with this. Dorsey would step in as Bills OC just fine. Andy Dalton comes in as Allens backup.

  12. Daboll to Miami and he hires Fangio as his DC. He already has a good relationship with Tua, and he can bring Trubisky for competition.

  13. Aha! Great call rogcar2 on Trubisky.The Bills connection makes even more sense to me now.You ask a new coach what his plans are and Daboll and Schoen have seen and worked with Trubisky all year and have probably already discussed it.

  14. How does this clown rate being invited to interview for a HC position, let alone how has he risen back to offensive coordinator role after the disaster he oversaw in KC in 2012 in the same position?

    He’s groomed under some massive failures as head coaches. Sparano? Mangina (twice) and Crennel!

    Laughable that he’s even being considered for anything beyond waterboy.

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