Green Bay weather will feature below-zero wind chills for 49ers-Packers on Saturday night

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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Bitter cold weather is expected in Green Bay for Saturday night’s 49ers-Packers game.

Snow will fall on Lambeau Field tonight and tomorrow morning, but that will be cleared before the game. However, Tasos Kallas, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Green Bay, told the Green Bay Press-Gazette that the temperature will get down to about 5 degrees and the wind-chill factor will be about 10 below zero.

“The snow will be long gone,” Kallas said. “The issue is going to be the temperatures, which everyone knows about. Packers fans are hearty. They know how to dress.”

The Packers are more accustomed to the cold than the 49ers and may be at something of an advantage, although with the ground clear and the wind not too severe, the weather probably won’t have a huge impact. Other than to make those at the stadium uncomfortable, and those watching at home feel glad that they’re enjoying the game from the comfort of home.

39 responses to “Green Bay weather will feature below-zero wind chills for 49ers-Packers on Saturday night

  1. This is the same setup as the 2011/2012 playoff game where the Giants came to Lambeau and outplayed Aaron and the packers. The Packers certainly didn’t handle the cold better that day.

  2. In terms of the Giants game the O-coordinators son went missing and then was found drowned in the Fox River in Oshkosh the week leading up to the game. That situation affected everyone in the organization leading up to the Giants game and should not be used a general litmus test for how Aaron or the rest of the team will handle the weather. Life long GB resident and this AM it is -22 with wind chill. Nothing is normal when operating in this type of weather and that goes for both sidelines. I appreciate the perspective of the Packers feeling it is an advantage and that may be as they have been practicing outside all week but weather will play a factor for both sides this Saturday. I will be cold watching it in the stands wearing gear that would allow me to climb a 7000 m peak so for those playing the game it will be an impact.

  3. Playoff games at Lambo in the sub zero temps are really fun. Tickets are usually cheaper too. People put them online for a discount when they don’t want to sit in the cold. The crowd that does show up gets absolutely hammered lol

  4. It’s cold for both teams right?? Without rain, snow, or wind the cold is just an annoyance

    Packers and their fans who think the cold will give them an edge should be worrying more about Deebo, Kittle, Mitchell, Bosa, and Warner

    Especially Deebo and Mitchell.

  5. after the packers lose tomorrow night, aaron will be on a beach in mexico by sunday morning with shailene by his side.

  6. There is no Packer on the roster that believes the cold will give them an edge. They know all about Deebo and Mitchell and will be ready.

  7. The cold and the “Green Bay Advantage” is overrated, especially in the playoffs. It’s more so about the team that is playing their best ball at that time. Several teams have went into Green Bay in the playoffs and won over the last couple of decades.

    2020 – Tampa Bay
    2013 – San Francisco
    2011 – New York Giants
    2007 – New York Giants
    2004 – Minnesota
    2002 – Atlanta

  8. Dillon is going to make the Niners defenders and fans cry.

    Packers 31, Niners 21 (with a late TD to make it that close)

  9. The advantage is with the Packers. Handling a rock hard football with frosty fingers is a tricky thing. Packers practice all week in it. It’s been very cold all week here. What did SF practice in ? 50 degrees ?
    The players handling the ball like QB’s, Running Backs and Receivers will have issues. Catching punts is another tricky event. Keeping your hands somewhat warm is important. You need some feeling in the fingers.
    Kickers will have issues and sore feet the next day. Have you ever purposely kicked a rock ??

  10. Packers players live and practice in this environment. Their equipment guys are masters of keep their guys warm. The pure shock of the cold is going to throw the 49’ers way off. Packers win big.

  11. That’s actually about the “warmest” day and night in a week on either side, so the Niners caught a bit of a break – although I doubt they’ll be feeling that way.

  12. Teams with good O- and D-lines, running games and defenses do best in cold weather. By any objective standard, the 49ers are much better in that regard than the Packers. So, look for the 49ers to take the game, and handily.

  13. Big deal. Here in Wisconsin, this is right about the time we stop wearing shorts and throw on a light sweatshirt.

  14. I XX skied a long time. We got used to standing in the parking lot in one piece suits for an hour after leaving the trails. My point is the Pack should have a program dressing these guys warm, and gradually reducing their layers to get them tough against the cold. Anyone know what I am talking about or agree.

  15. -15 past 2 nights in MPLS w a breeze, work nites so will Kittle and the 9ers no big deal …

  16. I can not understand why they play these games late at night,,its colder then in the day,game lets out and its dark so ya got people drivin at night that were just hammerin a few at the game,,No more night games please

  17. Green Bay fans should not be afraid of the weather, but their porous defense and inability to tackle SF runners.

  18. The last time Packers fans bundled up to watch an ice cold playoff game at Lambeau against the 49ers, they watched Colin Kaepernick run amok, while Aaron Rodgers threw for all of 177 yards.

  19. Mentally, the weather is not a factor. They’re all professionals and they all prepare for it. Physically, the Packers and their wives and families and friends all live in this stuff. They’re in it everyday. It becomes part of their genetic constitution, even in a few months. They’re not cold at the end of the game. The other guys are. Guess why.

  20. It is going to be so much fun checking PFT late Saturday night/Sunday morning and reading all the excuses from the Packers/Rodgers haters.

  21. My son just texted me that his school (West De Pere) announced the 49ers are going to be practicing there today. Have not been able to get more details from him as he is in class but if legit sounds like they will get one day in the cold leading into tomorrow. The cold will still impact both teams and it will come down to who can manage the impact best which exposure / previous time in it helps. Example: I am infinitely better setting my tip-ups in Feb than I am in late Dec in the same weather so you do get somewhat conditioned but never completely oblivious to it. The other factor will be if a either team falls behind early the cold gets much colder for that sideline. All things considered the 49ers are a really good team and I expect a battle tomorrow.

  22. amaf22 says:
    January 21, 2022 at 10:18 am
    after the packers lose tomorrow night, aaron will be on a beach in mexico by sunday morning with shailene by his side.
    I think you mean Kevin by his side.

  23. jwadz626 says:
    January 21, 2022 at 9:58 am
    In terms of the Giants game the O-coordinators son went missing and then was found drowned in the Fox River in Oshkosh the week leading up to the game
    Maybe you shouldn’t get drunk and high then jump into a river. Then again no one he accused sconnies of being smart, sober, or coordinated.

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