Jerry Jones expresses frustration with Amari Cooper

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Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper signed a five-year, $100 contract before the 2020 season. It made him the league’s highest-paid receiver in 2021 with a $20 million base salary and a $22 million cap number.

Yet, Cooper tied for 39th in receptions (68), 34th in receiving yards (865) and tied for 37th in points among non-kickers (eight touchdowns). He wasn’t even the leading receiver on the team with CeeDee Lamb catching 79 passes for 1,102 yards.

Cooper also didn’t enamor himself to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones by deciding not to get vaccinated. Cooper was one of only two unvaccinated players on the active roster.

In November, Cooper tested positive for COVID-19 and missed two games. The Cowboys lost both.

On Friday, Jones didn’t hold back, expressing frustration with Cooper.

“How he fits in and he should take half the field with him when he goes and runs the field,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via Mark Lane of WFAA. “Not half, that’s an exaggeration, of course, but a whole bunch of that defense should have to honor Cooper. He ought to be able to catch it when they’re going in the middle with him. Others do. You throw to people that are covered all the time in the NFL.”

That doesn’t seem to bode well for Cooper’s future in Dallas, barring a pay cut.

As a practical matter, Cooper signed a two-year, $40 million deal. It allows the Cowboys to walk away with no guaranteed money and only $6 million in dead money for 2022.

“The reason those contracts are being discussed is because they have two sides to them; one’s got it coming and the other’s got to pay it,” Jones said. ”And the one that’s got it coming is going to go out and perform usually to the level of the contract. That’s usually the way I think about those contracts.”

The Cowboys have until March 20 to decide what to do with Cooper. That’s when his $20 million salary for 2022 becomes fully guaranteed.

Cooper admitted after the loss to the 49ers last week that he doesn’t know what his future holds but said he “hopefully” remains with the Cowboys.

59 responses to “Jerry Jones expresses frustration with Amari Cooper

  1. Cooper was never THAT good to begin with.

    As a Raider’s fan, I think the majority don’t miss him one bit.

    Maybe Jerry speaking about him lights a fire and he plays better in the future, I doubt it.

  2. Cooper is not the problem. The WRs were open. Dak is the problem, Jerry. Coopers contract is a problem that you, Jerry, gave.. you have once again have crippled a good team

  3. I think McCarthy is covering for Dak. He ran too many yards on that dumb qb draw. Dak thought he could run for a TD. When he saw he couldn’t, THEN he slid. Dak & Moore’s mistake. Tho, McCarthy shouldn’t have approved the play. The miners by going for fg allowed the cowboys to even be close.

  4. I hear ya Jerry. It’s disappointing. Cooper should be dominating. He could be taking over games in crunch time. The switch isn’t always on high. He can still be a good player, but there’s a salary cap, and you have to make your money count. Some owners are content with losing. Jerry Jones isn’t one of them.

  5. Cooper is a very talented receiver who is a paycheck player… was never worth the investment the Cowboys made in him.

  6. Three playoff wins in the last 25 years — somebody needs to be looking hard at Jerruh’s contract.

  7. Coop, Dak, & Zeke have all way under performed their contracts. Coop is the only one that’s going to be cut though…..

  8. Jerry seems to think paying a player to the most money for that position will somehow make them the best….but in 33 years it has never done so.

    Maybe next year, huh

  9. Cooper underperformed relative to his contract and Jones is rightfully putting him on blast, as he should…Cooper had no right to complain about a lack of targets after missing 2 games and most of a third after testing positive for Covid

  10. Fleeced by raiders.
    And then horrible yet typical overpay by Jones.
    Amari was a bust with raiders and with Boys.
    Difference is he fleeced Jerry.

  11. Amari is just not a team player. For 20 million every person posting here would take the vaccine.

  12. I’d like to say trading a first round pick for this guy and painting yourself into a corner to have to give him a huge deal is like the GM version of their last playcall in the Niners game, but we all know the way they handled Prescott was even worse.

  13. I don’t understand…well, I do understand… why Jerrah keeps saying stuff about his receivers. It’s Dak not getting them the ball because he refuses to throw downfield unless his receiver is WIDE open. But he can’t say anything about Dumpoff Dak cuz he knows he’s stuck with him for a few more years.

  14. “When the Raiders pick our pick, we’ll be watching Amari Cooper highlight tapes,”

    Haha another great Dallas trade

  15. It is not an exaggeration to say he is the most overpaid player in the NFL by a large margin based on production. Zeke is as well but he at least can pick up a blitz. Cooper is the poster boy for Just Another Guy. Yet he makes $20,000,000 a year. I bet he does hope he “hopefully remains with the Cowboy…”

  16. He’s a very good receiver. 7 seasons and 5 of them have resulted in 1,000 plus yards receiving. What’s the difference between him and say Davante Adams who has 8 seasons and only 3 1,000 plus yards receiving (and has Aaron Rodgers passing to him)? Everyone seems to love Adams, but Cooper? But even with the consistency, he seems to disappear for periods practically every game. Since the 2015 draft only Tyreek Hill, Cooper Kupp and Stephon Diggs would put up better total numbers. Stay healthy and keep on the straight and narrow.

  17. Jerry does take well to slackers and always is looking at the cost to value ratio. What Cooper can do to salvage the relationship is anybody’s guess.

  18. Everyone knew we they re-signed him it was an overpay, the last 2 years have just enforced it. If they’re smart they’d cut both him and Zeke and take the extra space to help rebuild their O-line and missing parts of their defense.

  19. Raiders fans are not surprised one bit(although Coop definitely looked better playing for Dallas).

  20. Hey Jerry, I’ll let you in on a little secret, he’s not worth 20/year, especially after you overpaid Dak

  21. Amari Cooper is a above average WR but this was a bad contract and makes him untradable. Dallas should eat some deadcap money and cut their loses now. He just isn’t a $20 million per yr WR. Hes more like a $ 10 million per yr WR. The Cowboys have Lamb, Gallup, Wilson and Shultz at TE without Coop. That’s still a group of effective weapons

  22. Cooper is overrated because he always seem to be hurt . He got his fat contract and promptly became average.

  23. Cowboys fans are getting increasingly more frustrated with Jerry Jones not bringing them a Super Bowl the man with the final say on all matters Cowboys including drafting,trades,free agents,salaries even the temperature inside his playground call Jerry World he has been an utter failure since Jimmy Johnson was coach back before his hair turned silver.does Jerrah really believe the players only play as good as their contract,the more money they make the better they play? amazing.

  24. It could be a combination of both that he is not that much of a threat or Dak Prescott won’t take the chance throwing it to him when he is covered. Teams don’t see him as too big of a threat and really he hasn’t been at all.

  25. Hey Jerry why don’t you address Cee Dee Lambs performance? Overrated receiver and a wasted draft pick.

  26. News Flash for Jerrah….if they don’t throw Cooper the ball, he can’t catch it. Do us a favor Jerry, give the team to your son and stop torturing us longtime fans!

  27. Amari Cooper is a name and a brand….mainly so because there’s a star on his helmet. He’s not a great receiver. And he’s getting paid like a great receiver. Cut him and move on.

    Amari needs to understand that the NFL stands for “Not For Long” if you don’t put in the work and effort year after year.

  28. When I think of the Top wideouts in the league, Cooper never comes to mind. First tier guys…no way and you can debate if he is second tier. Highest paid but on the eye test, he is definitely not the best on his team and maybe not second best. Jerry over paid to get with the draft picks, then over paid extended him. Time for the Cowboys to cut bait.

  29. Cooper is hard to figure out. At times he looks like a top WR in the league, but then he virtually disappears for multiple games at a time. He’s always been like that.

  30. I’ve been frustrated also. I can’t express the number of plays that I saw Cooper open and he wasn’t even looked at. Frustrated that I don’t see the slants that Beasley used to run (and Cooper can) even attempted. Those plays were good for a completion much of the time and they aren’t even tried. I don’t get it. Frustrated that Zeke doesn’t do more and again, I don’t see them trying enough to even judge him on this fact. My take is if you are going to pay the big money, perhaps it would make sense to use the player in the offense. Just my two cents.

  31. Ya just gotta laugh at what a HORRIBLE GM Jones is and has been. He consistently overspends for players, who, once paid decide to just phone it in. Once they have their overpaid millions they play to not get hurt and could care less over anything but their paychecks. And still Jones continues to dole out millions more than players are worth. Worst GM in the history of the NFL…. Gotta love it! LOL.

  32. It’s not like Coop is dropping the ball, Dak doesn’t throw it up for him and the coaches don’t seem to call plays for him or Lamb. Just look at OBJ before and after his trade, coaches have to know how to use their players.

  33. dejadoh says:
    January 22, 2022 at 1:53 am
    He’s a very good receiver. 7 seasons and 5 of them have resulted in 1,000 plus yards receiving. What’s the difference between him and say Davante Adams who has 8 seasons and only 3 1,000 plus yards receiving (and has Aaron Rodgers passing to him)? Everyone seems to love Adams, but Cooper? But even with the consistency, he seems to disappear for periods practically every game. Since the 2015 draft only Tyreek Hill, Cooper Kupp and Stephon Diggs would put up better total numbers. Stay healthy and keep on the straight and narrow.
    You have to go back 10 games since Cooper had over 100 yards receiving. He had multiple TDs only once this season. You want to compare him to Adams, really? Cooper had 2-100 yard games this season. Adams has 8. One of which was a 200 yard game. You can go back to 2015 all you want. The fact is that the Cowboys $20 million receiver performed at a rate of one who should be paid less than half that amount. 1,000 yard seasons? Even Renfrownof the Raiders can snag 1,000 yards.

  34. before we discuss what he did, how many times was he targeted and how many balls were catch able

    also how many of his catches were big catches ie first downs or big gains at critical times

  35. Pretty difficult to make catches and gain yardage when youre running 15-20 yard routes but your 2nd string quarterback can only complete 5 yard checkdowns.

  36. Maybe instead of critisizing Coopers performance maybe Jerry should focus on the fool that gave him that ridiculous contract….

    oh wait a minute…lol

  37. No matter what Cooper does (even injury-free) in 2022, it isn’t going to be worth $22 million. His ceiling, at his age and attitude, is likely similar to this year with around 70 catches and 900 yards. Is that worth 22 mill? Nah.

  38. Cd lamb has been a bust, he was supposedly going to take pressure off copper. The guy can’t separate or catch on a consistent basis. Shultz the TE had a good year but was never in the game plan when game mattered. Wilson was better than lamb.Dak is accuracy is shaky at best. Elliott is broken down and definitely not the runner he was when he entered the league. Smith the left tackle is at the end of his career . Your coach is going to be replaced after next season .

  39. Coopers pretty good, not great. Hes one of those that plays hard when he wants to and just goes thru the motions when hes not feeling it, basically removing himself as a potential target. He not the only player in the league that does that. Jones just should have known what he was getting with Cooper.

  40. Um, the last time I checked, Cooper doesn’t throw the ball to himself. So how bout showing some frustration towards your OC for not coming up with a scheme to get the ball in the hands of your best players. OTHER TEAMS DO IT!!!

  41. Jerry is so angry that the terrible QB he is paying $40M a season won’t throw the ball to the $20M receiver. Jerry needs to direct his anger accordingly.

  42. One of Jones’ biggest features in his history as a GM is how many times he chose to pay a guy big, who then disappeared on the field. Those are the type guys he paid SO often. He’s a party-er and a salesman, not a football guy. So long as Jones’s primary culture remains “you’re a Dallas Cowboy now”, his players won’t win those games that only guts and grit can win. Instead, in those moments their guts will be telling them, “well if we lose, I’m still a Dallas Cowboy”, and that will be enough for them. Jones makes it so.

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