Jerry Jones “won’t get into any conversations” he’s had about Mike McCarthy

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after last Sunday’s loss to the 49ers that he was “not going to discuss coaching” and he’s still not in the mood to broach that topic.

Jones was on 105.3 The Fan on Friday and was willing to say that he’s “very, very frustrated and upset” about the way the season came to an end. He wasn’t willing to delve into what those feelings mean for the future of head coach Mike McCarthy.

“I won’t get in to any conversations that I’ve had with anybody relative to anything to do with staff,” Jones said, via Jori Epstein of USA Today. “I’ve got a lot to think about regarding these coaches.”

Jones did say that he has “everyone under contract that I want to have under contract” and that he would make changes at any level of the organization if he thought that change would help the team win more games. The fact that he hasn’t made a move with McCarthy at this point suggests Jones either doesn’t think the coach is the problem or that he doesn’t think there’s someone available who makes the team likelier to get the Super Bowl that’s eluded them for the last 25 years.

21 responses to “Jerry Jones “won’t get into any conversations” he’s had about Mike McCarthy

  1. This is a ridiculous conversation to have! Just like the last coach, Jason Garratt, McCarthy and every head coach there has no actual authority! Jerry hires their assistants and makes the draft decisions along with his son and the head coach’s job is to run the circus!

    I’m no fan of McCarthy, but why hire a guy to be a stooge and then blame him for not being more?!

  2. President Jerry has decided that GM Jerry will not be firing Coach Jerry and OC Jerry did a good job.

  3. Jerry is going to ask the competition committee if they can play the NFC East 12 times a year.

  4. He must be nervous then! In all seriousness Jerry has exactly the kind of coach he wants, a yes man!

  5. The only constant since 1996 has been Jerry. Jerry is the problem. Jerry is the owner. Like Raiders fans, we’re just going to have to wait until Jerry dies and hope his son is going to be different. Somehow, I’m pessimistic about Stephen but we’re going to find out, eventually.

  6. McCarthy has the most solid job in the league, outside of Belichick. Jerry kept The Clapper for what seemed like 15 seasons. No way this guy goes anywhere.

  7. The Cowboys thought they were better than they were due to playing in the NFC East and being the most hyped team. They were outplayed by a wildcard team, then blamed the refs for their poor decisions. They felt entitled to win and when it didn’t happen they needed to find a scapegoat.

  8. Cowboys’ playoff record since their last super bowl win (1995) is 4-11. Each of their 4 wins has come in the wild card round. 27 years with an average of 1 playoff win every 6.75 years. Jerry has been the GM the entire time. He has almost 75% of their salary cap in like 6 players and he has everyone he wants under contract? How the heck is this guy in the HOF?

  9. The Dallas Cowboys have not advanced beyond the divisional round since the 1995 season. Their 11 consecutive postseason berths without reaching the conference title game is the longest such string since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. Not just the coaches Uncle Jerry

  10. Jerry could still can MM. Flip a coin on whether or not he does. I believe McCarthy’s fate rests on whether or not Jerry has his eye on somebody, or not.

    Either way, if Mike is here for the 22 season, his seat will be extra hot. Miss the playoffs, or “one & done” it again, he’ll be arranging his own travel home.

  11. It seems that Jerry has a lot to think about every single offseason, but the results are always the same – watching the playoffs from the couch.

  12. Jimmy Johnson sits on his boat on the FL keys and laughs again this year.

    When Jimmy was inducted to the HOF, Jerry did what Jerry does and did his best to make it about himself, and spoke of putting Jimmy (belatedly) in the Ring of Honor.

    Yet here we are, and Jimmy is still not in the Ring of Honor. That’s utterly indefensible.

    It is the “How Bout them Cowboys” curse. Until Jimmy gets the credit he is richly due, Jerry will toil away in mediocrity.

  13. Jones said he would “make changes at any level of the organization if he thought that change would help the team win more games.” I can’t believe that he really means ANY level as the one constant of the Cowboys history of failure since 1995 resides at the GM level…

  14. As has been pointed out for years, as long as Jerrud is the owner it makes no difference who the “in name only” coach is… Jerrud makes all the decisions anyway, and as long as that’s the case his overpriced, sorry Cowgirls are never going to get past the first round of the playoffs. So long live Jerrud… watching them flame out every year is the one constant we can look forward to season after season. It’s what they do… fail! Hilarious and love it. So does Stephen Smith! hahahahaha

  15. Jerry Jones “not going to discuss coaching” , give him a week and he will
    be talking about the Cowboys being in the Super Bowl next year. What’s he
    need a HC coach for when anyone can win a Super Bowl with him as GM. lol…

  16. Mike McCarthy is 18-15 (.545) with the Cowboys which ii a higher win percentage than Jerrah’s record since assuming GM responsibilities. Let that sink in a minute..

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