Joe Schoen: We’ll cast a wide net to find the right head coach

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The Giants have hired Joe Schoen as their new General Manager and he won’t be easing into the job.

Schoen’s hiring is the first of two major moves the Giants had to make to kick off their offseason. The other one is to find a head coach who can work with Schoen to build a team that ends a streak of five straight losing seasons and wins a playoff game for the first time in more than a decade.

“Now, the work begins,” Schoen said in a statement. “My immediate focus is to hire a head coach, with who I will work in lockstep with to create a collaborative environment for our football operations. We will cast a wide net, it can be former head coaches, first-time head coaches but, more importantly, it has to be a person who possesses the ability to lead an organization and the ability to motivate and develop players. On the personnel side, we will begin to evaluate our roster and prepare for the draft and free agency. Our goal is to build a roster that will be competitive, have depth, and most importantly, win football games.”

While Schoen is looking to cast a wide net, he won’t have to dig too deep for two candidates. Schoen comes to the Giants from the Bills and their offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier are on the interview lists for other teams looking for a coach right now. The Giants haven’t put in a request to speak to either, but it would come as no surprise if that’s part of the search process.

16 responses to “Joe Schoen: We’ll cast a wide net to find the right head coach

  1. Good luck with that mess. I love these teams that are constantly trying to find the next young hotshot, trendy GM that simply has no experience, while trying to talk the talk to fool everyone.

    That team is years and years away and no one knows who this guy is other than a recycled name as a jr GM that hasn’t proven anything.

  2. I’ve never understood these doing simultaneous interviews for GM and coach. Then your going to force an arranged marriage between the two. Not a good recipe for success. Or do it all over a second time.( Waste of peoples time ). Decide who the top dog is, hire them, then move to the other position, with the other guy as part of the process.

  3. One thing for sure the new GM has his work cut out for him and most likely he cannot do any worse than the last guy. People don’t realize it but the last GM Gettlemen destroyed two teams the Panthers and then the Giants. It will take years for both teams to over come that.

  4. raventhom says:
    January 21, 2022 at 12:28 pm
    Brian Flores, Come on down!


    That would be funny. Go from one failed former Belichick disciple to another failed former Belichick disciple.

    I don’t understand the hype plus who is going to work under him? He either fired or had quit just about everyone who worked with him in FLA. In 3 years he had 4 OC, 2 DC, 4 OLine coaches. He stopped talking to his last coaching staff around Thanksgiving last year according to reports.

    I’m sure people are just lining up to work with a coach who goes through assistants like toilet paper, doesn’t make the playoffs, and treats staff like crap.

    But other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln.

  5. Best of luck to Joe Schoen in turning around the franchise I love. I always find it amusing when the “experts” leave comments regarding how successful a new GM or coach will be. No one has any idea. Will GM Schoen have success, I sure hope so. These last few seasons have been tough.

  6. Lots of luck to him with that QB of theirs. Remember when people were puzzled by that draft pick? They had a right to be… he’s awful….

  7. There’s no way the new GM/HC roll w Daniel Jones. They have two picks. They can take a QB w one. Pickett makes a lot of sense.

  8. Evaluation of the roster. It stinks. Gettleman left you needing everything. The end.

  9. I think Flores is the best available coach. No reason he should have lost his job in Miami.

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