Julio Jones: We’re gonna go out there and put on a show

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Titans are expected to activate their most important offensive weapon off of injured reserve on Friday in running back Derrick Henry. And if he’s at the top of his game, Henry can run Tennessee to the Super Bowl.

But the club also has another player with extensive postseason experience. And if his production increases, Tennessee’s offense will be even harder to stop.

Receiver Julio Jones played only 10 games in 2021, recording just 31 catches for 434 yards with one touchdown. While he missed much of the year with various injuries, he did play in the Week 18 win over Houston that clinched the Titans’ No. 1 seed. He had five receptions for 58 yards with a touchdown in that contest.

So with Tennessee playing Cincinnati on Saturday, Jones’ emergence in the postseason could be a significant boost. Jones said this week he’s ready for it.

“I’m in a great place right now,” Jones said, via John Glennon of SI.com. “We gonna go out there and put on a show for [Titans fans]. That’s what a week of preparation [will do] — coming out here, working each and every day, and not taking it for granted, and understanding what we have in front of us.”

Jones hasn’t played in a postseason game since the 2017 season. But he’s averaged 107.4 yards per game in eight contests.

“I’m never a stat guy, don’t really pay attention to it,” Jones said. “But my team needs me, so … I’m here for it. We’re just going to take what the defense gives us and go crazy.”

The Titans’ trade for Jones didn’t quite work out for regular-season production. But there’s still a chance Jones, Henry, and receiver A.J. Brown can be the right combination of top offensive weapons to lead Tennessee to a championship.

16 responses to “Julio Jones: We’re gonna go out there and put on a show

  1. Julio didn’t do squat all season. Always liked Julio and appreciated his talent, but honestly, he did nothing this season when he was actually on the field. #BESTISBEHINDU

  2. Wow, the fans have been waiting all year for you to do something. You might want to look at your stats before you mouth writes a check you cannot cash.

  3. Talk is cheap Julio, and actions speak louder than words so good luck trying to outscore Cincinnati

  4. Why is it that guys who contribute the least are often the ones that talk the most?
    Julio Jones was once a truly great player, but not any longer. You’d think he’d want to keep his head down, his mouth shut, and do whatever he can in the playoffs to help a team that got where it is without much help from him.
    Jones didn’t miss many games his last couple of seasons Atlanta, but soft tissue injuries prevented him from practicing much. He was often listed as questionable right until game day, then despite the ocassional big play would limp around the field a shadow of his former self. Toward the end, even when he played well he was a virtual stranger to the end zone.
    Atlanta was smart to move on. Tennessee to date hasn’t gotten much production, let alone it’s money’s worth out of him. Maybe Jones, who missed seven games, will break out in the playoffs and offer a boost to the Titans. But unless or until he does, it might be best for him to zip it and just play.

  5. Buyers regret… a 2nd round pick and 23 Million? It’s one of the dumbest trades since Jamal Adams for 2 firsts.

  6. $16M per TD this season. But either way, the Bills or Chefs will come to Titan Town for the AFCCG.

  7. Jones may make more of an impact blocking everything in front of him because Henry will be coming full speed.

  8. Julio was incredible for several years with the Falcons. He now looks ordinary at best, at least to me.

  9. “Why is it that guys who contribute the least are often the ones that talk the most?”

    I wonder if it’s them trying to psyche themselves up because they KNOW they haven’t been producing like they’d like to. Maybe self-motivation? I alyways hear how much bulliten-board material motivates players, maybe this is kind of the same thing… for themselves? Also, I might be reading to much into it…

  10. Lets see: Henry broke his foot? uh….do you really believe this guy will even be close to 80% for this gm? Tannehill better be ready to match passing TDs w/ Burrow, or this gm will be over in a hurry, in Cincy’s favor.

  11. If Henry suits up, this game is going to be another blow out game similar to last weekend’s wild card games…Titans by 10+.

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