Randy Gregory having knee surgery Friday

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory‘s offseason plans will include recovering from knee surgery.

The team announced that Gregory will be having surgery on Friday. The knee issue was bothering Gregory for much of the season, but it did not cause him to miss any time. He did miss time due to a calf injury and COVID-19.

Gregory had 19 tackles, six sacks, an interception, three forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery in his 12 appearances this season.

After the surgery, the next big thing on tap for Gregory this offseason may be free agency. He played out the final year of his contract and will hit the open market in March if he does not re-sign with the Cowboys before the start of the next league year.

8 responses to “Randy Gregory having knee surgery Friday

  1. All those times Randy Gregory jumped offsides and then had to line up and do it all over again following the penalty has taken a toll on the poor man’s knees.

  2. I think his off season plans need to include how to not take stupid penalties that contribute to the one and done playoff cycle.

  3. Randolph! Considering the medical issues you have overcome and your outstanding on field performance many of us in the Cowboy Nation are hoping the surgery is a success and that you will stay a Cowboy!

  4. Gregory is not the problem. I wish him well on his recovery. Dak however, needs to put down the bottle and spend more time digesting different zone defenses. He suck after theDenver game. It’s a copy cat league.

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