Report: Jaguars had a “conversation” this week with Josh McCown

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The Texans want another team to interview former NFL quarterback Josh McCown for a head-coaching vacancy, to legitimize Houston’s plan to hire him. Will the Texans settle for a “conversation”?

Aaron Wilson reported on Friday morning that the Jaguars had a “conversation” this week with McCown. Michael Silver thereafter reported that the “conversation” was not an interview. Wilson then conceded that McCown simply had a “talk” with G.M. Trent Baalke and not a formal interview.

As we reported earlier in the day, the Texans had hoped to finagle a Jaguars “interview” for McCown. By creating the impression that other teams are considering McCown, it doesn’t seem quite as nutty for the Texans to hire him.

So will the Texans proceed, even if McCown can’t get an actual “interview” with any of the other teams that are looking for head coaches?

As some have pointed out, why do the Texans even care? Will anyone believe it’s less unconventional to actually hire McCown if someone else actually interviews him? The fact that the Texans realize that McCown’s candidacy needs to be boosted by another interview shows they know just how crazy it would be to hire him.

And now we wait to see whether they will.

33 responses to “Report: Jaguars had a “conversation” this week with Josh McCown

  1. Well if he took a phone call from G.M. Trent Baalke then that tells me don’t mess with him. What has that GM got right since he has been there.

  2. This whole premise that the Texans want a competitor to interview their desired candidate is bonkers.

    If you believe in the guy so much, wouldn’t you be scared others might see what you see and also want to hire him?

    To need public support for your hiring decisions shows crazy levels of insecurity and lack of conviction.

  3. There’s no better indication of a team’s dysfunction than their concern over how they are being perceived. Like a preteen… Sheesh. Sorry, Texan fans. Seems like you don’t yet have better days ahead…

  4. jpaq68 says:
    January 21, 2022 at 12:28 pm
    “Yes, Josh – this is the lot where you will be parking the cars”


    Awesome!!! LOLOLOL!!!

  5. Do the Texans really think the equally dysfunctional Jags “talking” to McCown legitimizes him?!?

  6. Everything I’ve ever read about McCown suggests he’d be a superb choice for a QBs coach. I’m a bit surprised someone hasn’t already tried to hire him for that role. Colts, Eagles & Jags seem like some of the more obvious fits.

  7. Ringling Bros wants to hire Josh and if Barnum & Bailey seem interested it must mean it is a good hire.

  8. Titan and Colt front offices to meet up in Mobile to high five. No competition for the division for the foreseeable future.

  9. Let’s play matchmaker. Free consultation for NFL teams.

    Jaguars – Brian Daboll winning formula from Alabama and New England turn T Law into Josh Allen.
    Raiders- Jim Harbaugh – all he does is win, once a Raider always a Raider.
    Bears – Ryan Day – make sure you maximize Justin Fields talent and Ryan Day has been in NFL locker rooms. He can succeed.
    Texans – DeMeco Ryan’s One the greatest football minds in the game
    Dolphins – Mike McDaniel, he’s Joe Gibbs 2.0
    Vikings – I have no idea
    Broncos- Bryan Leftwich he can install that Earnhardt Perkins system that he learned from Tom Brady and sign Jimmy G who can run that system to perfection.

    Thank me later

  10. We elect politicians with zero political experience, and we see how well that always works out. So I’m sure Josh will absolutely nail coaching as a first-timer.

  11. Reminds me of the teenage girl in Poltergeist that arrives to see demons from hell blowing up their house.

    “What’s happening!!!!!”

  12. I support this. They keep saying he has no experience but it should be noted he has no experience on an official capacity, that doesn’t mean he has no experience as there are plenty of coaches who have vouched that they’ve used him as a “player coach” on there teams, Texans aren’t even the first team to make this statement as Hugh Jackson made it when he was a back up in Cleveland (promptly resulting in him being released by that teams front office so he doesn’t ruin the tanking project).

    Throw Tyrod Taylor in there as well as QB’s who have gotten credit for coaching on teams they’ve played for and we see what’s happened with Byron Leftwich. All these guys in my opinion would do better than any college coach based on recent history.

  13. The Texans are a trainwreck… The NFL should force the McNair family to sell the team. The current owners are running the once-proud Texan into the ground. The current GM is way over his head and a poor decision-maker, he knew all along that McCown was going to be the next HC of the Texans that’s why he fired their current HC. McCown will fail because he has never even been a coordinator.

  14. I’ve never heard of an NFL team needing another team to validate their choice of a head coach. The Texans are truly blazing a new trail in disfunction.

  15. Yeah…I also texted Josh…no reply though.

    To be fair I was asking how does an average QB all of a sudden is head coach material!

    This is so absurd and pathetic that you can’t make crap like this up.

    Oh well…comic relief I guess.

  16. The Ravens hired ST coach John Harbaugh before any other NFL team interviewed him.
    If you find your guy, you’ve found your guy.
    Hire him.

  17. The Ravens hired ST coach John Harbaugh before any other NFL team interviewed him.
    If you find your guy, you’ve found your guy.
    Hire him.
    True, although the comparison isn’t great. At the time Harbaugh was a very well respected COACH and I also think Belichick strongly endorsed him.

  18. Oh boy hiring McCown would REALLY piss off the “why doesn’t Eric Bieniemy have a head coaching job by now” crowd. Haha.

  19. The right answer at Head Coach for the Jags is staring them in the face: Doug Pederson. A former NFL QB who knows how to coach up young QBs and won a ring in the last 5 years. Philly was a losing organization when they hired him and he coached them up, including that coaching clinic he put on with Nick Foles during the SB run. If Khan hires the wrong coach, it could delay or even ruin Lawrence’s development, so he shouldn’t overthink it.

  20. Why care what anybody thinks, you hired Bill O’Brien, anyone will be an upgrade. A dog with a note in his mouth might do better

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