Report: Jim Caldwell declined interview requests with Vikings, Raiders

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Former Lions and Colts coach Jim Caldwell has had two interviews during the current cycle. He could have had at least two more.

Via Dan Graziano of, Caldwell has declined opportunities to interview for current vacancies in Minnesota and Las Vegas.

This could mean that Caldwell believes he’ll be getting the job in Chicago or Jacksonville. It also could mean that he isn’t interested in coaching the Vikings or the Raiders, or that maybe he didn’t regard it as a real interview but an opportunity to pick his brain, as some interviews can be.

Graziano adds that Caldwell is already reaching out to candidates for his coaching staff. This doesn’t mean he’s definitely getting a job; smart and prepared coaches line up the members of their staff in advance of accepting the job.

If Caldwell, 66, will indeed be accepting a job in the current cycle, it will be with the Bears or Jaguars. Both teams could do (and have done) worse. He took the Colts to the Super Bowl in his first season as head coach, and he led the Lions to three winning seasons in four years.

43 responses to “Report: Jim Caldwell declined interview requests with Vikings, Raiders

  1. He led the Lions to 3 winning seasons in 4 years….and then got fired because inept ownership just had to have Matt Patricia…and some people still think Matthew Stafford was the problem, smh

  2. Good decision. Work with too many dysfunctional franchises and it’s impossible to get that stink off you.

  3. Raiders has someone gunning for them and has no issues going after the coach as a means and the Vikings have always been a dumpster fire.

    Makes sense to pass on those teams.

  4. After watching Caldwell operate in Detroit all those years…..Vikings fans are quite ok with his decision.

  5. Caldwell seems exactly like the kind of coach Khan would hire next after Urban. Squeaky clean, won’t find him in any bars, has experience coaching QBs like Peyton and Stafford (good selling point to fan base regardless of how useless he may have been actually guiding their careers), and he will probably win them enough games to compete for 2nd in the division for the next 4 years before they lose Lawrence to FA and move into the next guy.

  6. this dude is too old for any team in its right mind to consider him. then there’s chicago and jacksonville…

  7. I like Jim Caldwell and I think he’s a fine coach, but I don’t see him as a great hire as a head coach any longer

  8. I doubt he would decline the Raiders job IF offered. If he was offered I’m thankful he declined!

  9. “In retrospect, his work with the Lions was Lombardi-esque.”

    You’re not wrong. No other Lions coach has even close to his record.
    The scuttlebutt in Chicago says he’s coming here.

  10. The Vikings fired Jim Caldwell’s best friend Leslie Frazier so I’m guessing that has something to do with declining their request.

  11. Good news for the Vikings. Yes, Caldwell put together some good records in Detroit but he seemed clueless with game management, especially when it came to challenges. He’s also 66, I’d rather get someone younger.

  12. The HC is certainly a necessary piece for a winning franchise. It pales in comparison to getting a QB who can elevate the team. Developing Lawrence and Fields is job 1 in either Chicago or Jacksonville.

  13. Perfect hire for Jacksonville, IMO. Two year contract to settle things down and get Lawrence going in the right direction while training his successor to take over in 2024.

    Not flashy but a good fit, better than these young guys like Leftwich, Moore, Eberflus, etc. who will need OJT.

  14. He would be such a typical Bears hire and after they got burned with the “bright young mind” in Nagy I can see them going that direction as a total opposite. Unfortunately, he’s not the guy the Bears and especially Justin Fields needs. He and Leslie Frazier are about the only guys on their list of dozens that as a Bears fan would completely underwhelm me.

  15. Any human that led the Lions to winning seasons in 3 out of 4 years should be enshrined in the hall of fame. This dude is a very good coach.

  16. minime says:
    January 21, 2022 at 9:55 am

    Smart decisions.
    Doesn’t want any part of these perennial mediocre teams.

    Right, because he wants to go to a perennially awful team like Chicago or Jacksonville.

  17. Jacksonville should scoop him up. After the Urban debacle, they really need a decent, mature adult leading as HC as much, if not more, as they need a guy who knows football.

  18. unknownvikingfan says:
    January 21, 2022 at 10:35 am

    He coached the Lions, but passed on the Vikings . . . that says volumes!


    He probably doesn’t feel worthy enough to coach the Vikes.

  19. The Lions weren’t going anywhere with Caldwell. He definitely did a nice job making the playoffs twice but they almost never beat good teams and his first year was easily his best team. Jim Caldwell is not the answer for the Vikings and the Vikings are not the answer for a 66 year old Jim Caldwell. This is fine for both sides.

  20. I don’t understand why he decline job interviews with these two established organizations?

  21. He doesn’t feel Worthy LMAO! Who in their right mind would want to go coach in Minnesota? They haven’t even been close enough in their existence to even have a whiff of a Super Bowl trophy. It took Brett Favre of all people to get Minnesota as close as they’ll ever be to a Superbowl. If I wear a coach I’d choose Jacksonville over Minnesota without batting an eye. Minnesota has had some decent teams in the past nothing to be excited over for any real head coach to wanna coach Minnesota.

  22. This guy is a really underrated coach, and I’m shocked it’s taken this long for him to get another chance.

    In addition to guiding the Colts to a Super Bowl appearance and somehow winning in Detroit, he was a key cog for the Ravens’ Super Bowl win. The team fired its OC late in the year and installed him, and the offense proceeded to go bonkers through the postseason. I hope Joe Flacco sends him a Christmas card every year.

  23. alvinmack says:
    January 21, 2022 at 10:26 am
    Good news for the Vikings. Yes, Caldwell put together some good records in Detroit but he seemed clueless with game management, especially when it came to challenges. He’s also 66, I’d rather get someone younger.


    Younger doesn’t always mean better, what worked for the Rams and Packers make not work for another team. Its kind like those dumb Tik Toc videos people make. Someone makes then a thousand other make the same video hoping to have the success the original did. Its EnVogue to hire some one younger now because of the success McVey has had. HIRE THE PERSON THAT FITS THE GIG! I’d rather have a coach who listens and works with the players than one who is “my way or the highway” regardless of age.

  24. C is wrong. I would have happily had Caldwell take the Vikings job. He made the Lions look actually good for most of his time there.

  25. Wanting to coach the viking’s is like wanting to be the wizard on the island of misfit toys….good luck with the curse,….also, good luck with Kirk’s contract, that boat anchor will be dragging the vikings down for a couple years minimum because they’ll have to renegotiate and extend it, or cut half their roster next year. As a Packers fan living in MN I often say, I don’t hate the vikings or their fans, I feel sorry for them.

  26. That’s actually unfortunate as I think he would have been a great fit for Las Vegas and could have taken the Raiders over the hump.

  27. Seems like a really decent person and he is a good coach, hope the bears do not hire him, and Minnesota does not deserve him.

  28. I don’t have the usual animosity alot of Packer fans have for the Vikings, I like having a competitive division. I think the contract they gave Kirk Cousins is the reason they’re looking for a new coach and a new G.M. That contract is pretty much an albatross, and who knows how long the owner will be patient until they can move on from Cousins. It won’t do Caldwell any good to take the job knowing he’s stuck with Cousins, and then get fired a year or two later.
    The Raiders may not be in the same situation, but i’m sure he looked at that scenario and thought, they made the playoffs & are looking for a new coach. What would make me any safer?

  29. alt88 says:
    January 21, 2022 at 9:53 am

    Raiders has someone gunning for them and has no issues going after the coach as a means and the Vikings have always been a dumpster fire.

    Makes sense to pass on those teams.

    Raiders makes sense. It feels like they pissed somebody higher up off, Caldwell would know about it if they did. I dont see the Vikings as a dumpster fire though. It seems like a better gig than most others. You got the Bears, Jags and Texans. No thanks should be what Caldwell says to them.. Id think the Vikings and Raiders would be more appealing than those. I dont see whats so great about the Giants job either.

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