Texans hope someone else will interview Josh McCown


The Texans interviewed long-time NFL quarterback Josh McCown for the head-coaching job a year ago, despite the fact that McCown has no experience coaching college or pro football, in any capacity. They’ve interviewed him again this year, despite the fact that (checks notes) McCown still has no experience coaching college or pro football, in any capacity.

There’s building chatter in league circles that the Texans really want to hire McCown. Some in the media possibly have been enlisted to spin the notion that it’s not as crazy as it sounds. (It is.)

The Texans apparently know they need more than a supportive tweet from one of G.M. Nick Caserio’s reporter-friends. They believe they need, as we hear it, another team to interview McCown in order to legitimate and normalize the notion of McCown going straight to the job of head coach, despite having no experience coaching college or pro football, in any capacity.

Will someone do it? Maybe. Many favors are traded in the NFL, for many different reasons. What if, for example, the Jaguars decide to do a solid for McCown’s agent, Mike McCartney, who also represents Michigan pass rusher Aidan Hutchinson? How long does it take? Two hours? The time spent could help set the right tone for the inevitable Hutchinson contract talks.

The point for now is that the Texans are seriously considering hiring McCown, despite no coaching experience at the college or pro level, in any capacity. And maybe they will.

If it works, great. If it doesn’t, they can always fire him after a year, citing “philosophical differences.”

63 responses to “Texans hope someone else will interview Josh McCown

  1. Just what the doctor ordered – a down-trodden franchise hiring a head coach with no coaching experience, not even at the high school or middle school level. Should be quite the staff he’ll be able to put together – I’m sure lots of assistants will love to move to Houston … for a year.

  2. Could be a great hire- there is no one who doesn’t love this guy’s approach to the game. But yeah, it’s a tall order to hire a guy with no experience.

  3. The reason the Texans want to hire him is because he’s an evangelical Christian, not because of his coaching chops. Easterby was a chaplain with no front office experience who was given his job by the man who inherited his father’s team and wealth and whose main focus is the church, not the Texans.

    So you have a devout christian hiring a chaplain who may hire an evangelist. What any of this has to do with football is beyond me.

  4. If the Texans believe he is so good, then why not consider him for a role on the team instead of getting in way over his head as a head coach? Hire him as a QB coach and allow him to learn the ropes.

  5. This is pure insanity. Are the Texans actually just a Madden Franchise Mode being run by a 12 year old? If they want to hire McCown (will he get the whole entire year like what’s-his-face did?) they should hire him and accept that they have only themselves to blame. Pretending that some other team is interested is just a bizarre play-acting exercise.

    Sometimes it’s hard to pick which franchise is the most dysfunctional. And when they fire McCown next year they’ll blame HIM, rather than being honest with themselves that they, the decision makers, are the problem. Find a stray kitten in Houston and hire it as head coach. It has as much business in that position as anyone with zero coaching experience.

    Nothing but respect for McCown – this really has nothing to do with him. NFL HC is not a “pick up and play” or “learn as you go” job. Bad teams give their revolving-door head coaches 1-2 years, at most, to turn their bad team around. As if those expectations are ever reasonable.

  6. If this is true, any team in the Texans division should gladly oblige and have Josh in for a cup of coffee. Why not encourage them to make this questionable hire?

  7. As soon as Doug Peterson gets another chance at a head coach, he will hire him. He is high on him for some reason!

  8. Cal McNair has to be a weak person to basically let a glorified team chaplain to take over his organization. I’m sure that this will work well.

  9. It’s not a big deal. Whoever Caserio hires will be little more than his puppet. Caserio is the one pulling the strings. I don’t see why anyone would agree to take a job in that organization with Caserio in charge. Anyone he hires will get all the blame then get fired. It’s a great way to ruin a career though.

  10. Jaguars should interview McCown not as a favor to the Texans but as a favor to themselves. Why wouldn’t you want a team in your division hiring someone with no experience?

  11. Since no one noticed when the Texans hired & fired David Culley, Nick Caserio should hire Cade McNown instead of Josh McCown and see if anyone notices.

  12. So you have a devout christian hiring a chaplain who may hire an evangelist. What any of this has to do with football is beyond me.
    If you haven’t noticed, Jesus is very involved in football matters. Apparently he helps guys throw and catch touchdowns all the time, given how much I see them thank him. Not much of a leap to think the most devout team will win next year, so who needs experience when you’ve got the magic carpenter on your side?

  13. All the Patriots disciples have all the coaching experience in the world. Actually, the best. How’s that worked out? As a giants fan, I can tell you….not good.

  14. This makes zero sense and is destined for abject failure. Experience matters in football, and in life. Almost all the coaches who eventually became great or even very good were mentored for years under other greats as either assistant coaches and/or players. Think about it:

    Lombardi- Giants in the 1950s
    Landry- Giants in the 1950s
    Shula-Paul Brown
    Walsh-Paul Brown
    Noll-Shula’s DC and played for Paul Brown
    Gibbs-Don Coryell
    Belichick-Parcells and Ted Marchibroda
    Reid-Holmgren and the Walsh/49er tree

    Sure, there are occasional exceptions, but the percentages are pretty low. This is an elite, elite job. How stupid can the Texans be?

  15. Hire him as QB Coach and let him work his way up. Hire Leslie Frazier as the HC. He has HC experience with a good year taking a 3-win team to 10 wins. Got fired after a bad year and went back to being a DC, most recently with the Bills. This past year leading the Bills to be the # 1 Defense. Frazier is a guy who has earned his chance. McCown should do the same.

  16. Deshaun Watson has done some stupid things in recent years, but vowing to never again play for the Texans makes him an instant genius!

  17. If McCown is interested in being a head coach, why doesn’t he go out and get some experience at a lower level? Sure, it’s great to be born on third base, but how are you going to get home if you don’t even know how to play the game?

  18. CheeseBurger is right. Interview him, legitimize him by seemingly express interest in him, get him hired by the Texans and that’s one less team you have to compete with for the playoffs.

  19. It was ridiculous last year and equally ridiculous this year that the Texans would pursue this. It is also strange to me that McCown would want to even interview for this knowing the scrutiny he would have to withstand from all sides. As soon as something went wrong (and it would) the negative attention would be all encompassing. On the other side, McCown knows a ton about football and has been in countless QB rooms with a plethora of coaches and coaching styles. How about he trying coaching on another level as an assistant and build a resume, like Jim Harbaugh did?

  20. cheeseburger says:
    January 21, 2022 at 10:47 am
    Since no one noticed when the Texans hired & fired David Culley, Nick Caserio should hire Cade McNown instead of Josh McCown and see if anyone notices.
    Funniest post I’ve seen all day! 😀

  21. “Could be a great hire- there is no one who doesn’t love this guy’s approach to the game. ”

    But does “approach to the game” mean the same thing as “really wants to be a coach”? He could be on somebody’s staff right now getting experience to where he’d be a legitimate candidate for coordinator and/or head coaching jobs. If that’s his ultimate goal why isn’t he doing that? Coaching is hard work and requires dedication and passion. It’s a red flag when a guy can’t be bothered to put in the time grooming himself for a top job but just wants to move straight into the corner office.

  22. Hire McCown as a lower level coach.

    They need to hire an interim coach, willing to occupy the position as McCown establishes credibility in the coaching ranks. The coach needs to be someone willing to take the job and then vacate after a year or two.

    Oh wait! They had that guy.

  23. This was always going to be the hire. They spent the last year fighting PR problems, which Watson getting in trouble conveniently helped smooth over with their fans (the Instagram girl lawyer has no idea who the McNairs are, yeah right). They wanted to hire him a year ago. McCown is deeply religious and is in with Easterby. It’s a shame because I do think he’s a sharp guy who might make a good HC if he followed the right route to the top, but this will not end well. Players will never respect him, and that’s 90% of the job in the NFL.

  24. I won my fantasy league last year. Did Josh McCown win his fantasy league? Just saying that I might have a better record of success as an NFL coach than McCown.

  25. The notion that an organization wants another organization to interview a potential hire in order to make their hiring decision look better to the public is completely absurd.

  26. Honestly HS coaches are the only ones who would consider working for the Texans. So this makes complete sense.

  27. What a dumb move.

    It’s like corporations taking a great design engineer and deciding to make him/her a manager. While it does sometimes work, it usually doesn’t. Engineers and managers are two completely different skillsets.

    The same goes for quarterback and coach. QBs need to learn the offence and how to read defenses. Head coaches, at least the good ones, are motivators. THey know how to read people…..what to say, and even more importantly, when to say it. John Madden was one of the best at that.

  28. The Jaguars hope some one will interview Meyers so their hire doesn’t look so bad last year.

  29. The Titans are a shoe in for the next ten years in a division with Houston, Jacksonville and Indy. Talk about non-threatening competition.

  30. Than again, Sean McVay had never been a head coach at any level when he was hired as HC by the Rams at age 30.

    Sure, he was an OC for the couple prior years, but the smoldering ruins of the annual coaching hire/fire cycle shows us what a hill of beans that often adds up to.

    Not saying McCown would be a good choice or the Texans have any idea what they’re doing, but just look at the slow-motion car wreck of this week’s statements from Mike McCarthy to remind us how experience isn’t everything.

  31. While stuff like this happens in baseball (See: Aaron Boone), as a rookie manager, he had 162 games to figure things out that first season. In the NFL, it’s 17 games, just about all win-or-die to some owners (and some fans). Of course, it’s Houston, so…

  32. I get it “welldunn”! Urban Meyer only has two more wins as an NFL head coach than I do. #VeryClose

  33. I don’t know if he has the right skill set for a head coach,
    But he would be a major upgrade as governor or president.

  34. chillyball says:
    January 21, 2022 at 11:20 am
    they also interviewed Erik Kramer, Brooks Bollinger, and Tavaris Jackson.
    The Tavaris Jackson interview must have been interesting. Johnny Unitas must have been unavailable.

  35. Caserio and Easterby wanted to do this last year but they didn’t want to throw him into the fire in what would be a lost season. So Culley was hired as a fall guy, and they hoped that the Watson mess would resolve itself so the next year they could proceed with McCown.

  36. I hope they do and he turns out to be a brilliant head coach just to prove maybe sometimes all of the talking heads do not know what the people who get paid to do this actually know. I agree it seems crazy but who knows. All of the arm chair GM’s out here just know so much.

  37. I have no doubt that McCown could become a great coach someday, but hiring someone to be an NFL head coach with no college or pro coaching experience is ludicrous.

  38. I love how everyone one who has never been a coach knows so much about it that they know why he can’t be one right now. Talking about nonsensical… People are so full of themselves.

  39. Eagleswin nailed it. This is because of Rasputin wanting to hire another of “God’s men” that he can control due to his chaplaincy. All comes back to him. If the Texans get rid of Easterby all this stupidity goes away.

  40. For the fans sake, in the long term, they should hire him so they can fire Caserio sooner.

  41. I honestly believe McCown will be a good coach. He’s got the smarts and skills to work with players. He’s always been like a coach everywhere he’s been. That said, he needs to pay his dues. I would have no problem hiring him as a QB coach. If he excels there eventually a promotion to OC. However, straight from player to HC probably won’t be good for him or the team that hires him.

  42. The Great Tom Brady isn’t qualified to go from player straight to the head coaching job, let alone this stiff

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