Titans activate Derrick Henry

NFL: OCT 31 Titans at Colts
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It’s official: Derrick Henry is back on the Titans’ active roster.

Henry, who had been on injured reserve since suffering a foot injury on October 31, was moved to the active roster this afternoon.

From all indications, Henry will be the Titans’ starting running back tomorrow against the Bengals. It’s probably unrealistic to think Henry will get the kind of workload he got before his injury — he was averaging 30 touches a game, by far the most in the NFL — but he’ll be there.

After earning the No. 1 seed despite an injury-plagued season, the Titans are healthier now than they were at any point during the regular season. The Bengals will be getting the Titans at 100 percent.

20 responses to “Titans activate Derrick Henry

  1. Doesn’t matter. Bengals will roll in this one, especially given the fact that the Titans are one of the weakest #1 seeds in playoff history.


  2. Titans are going to be smashing teeth in tomorrow. It’s what they do when they’re on.

  3. You heard it here folks, Bengals are getting the Titans at 100%. Bengals are going to make this a game to remember.

  4. I’m thinking Burrow will put up a much better showing vs. the Titans than Murray did against the Rams. But we’ll see…

  5. Fresh legs might be a good thing. I’m betting it will be a decent running game & the Titans don’t pass more the 25 % of their offensive plays.

  6. Exciting news when a player like this is in the playoff mix – only makes what should be a great weekend of football even better.

  7. Bengals D-Line is decimated.

    Zac Better let Joe Burrow off the leash early and often.l, if they have a chance at winning.

    Thanks for a great season wither way Bengals.

  8. Only one starting DT is out for the Bengals. The DL is not decimated! lol
    They would probably go heavy bodies in the DT position for this game anyways.
    Still Cincy has issues with big backs, so we will see. Probably the Bengals stack the box and try and force a Tannehill vs Burrow shoot out.
    I’ll take Cincinnati.

  9. King Henry is a beast. He will give the Titans a big boost, he sets up Tannahill and the Titan offence. I look for the Titans to be jacked tomorrow, and their D line will be in Burrows face all day. Should be a great game.

  10. When is the last time that a player who has missed months of football, then the first game is back to full speed and in game shape? Henry will be a factor but not the usual workhorse that we have come to admire.

  11. Yea he’s activated, but what about that steel plate in his foot? How does it feel cutting a 250 pound frame on that steel plate?

  12. Hail to the King👑…. The Titans must win the time of possession battle. If so, they will prevail.

  13. Well, at least Cincy ended their playoff winless streak last week because they’re about to get clobbered.

  14. Derek Henry could have played two-weeks ago. He will be a full go Saturday. Henry’s injury was way overstated. The fracture was on the outside of his foot and he played on it for the remainder of the game in which it was injured. He’ll get every bit of his normal workload and the Titan’s found a great second punch with Foreman. They were still the best rushing team in the NFL even after Henry went out.

    For all the Cincinnati backers, here is a seed of doubt. The Titans played 91 players this season. They only have three players on their injury report and none are significant. Many different players played meaningful minutes and they are incredibly deep. They can’t dress all their linebackers. They’ll rotate their defensive line all-day Saturday with little drop off. That freshness won’t bode well for a shaky offensive line that gives up a lot of sacks and the crowd will be hostile. Fully expect turnovers to return for the Bengals who have avoided them in recent weeks.

    This is the first time all year that the Titan’s will have their full offensive arsenal available that have not been nursing injuries. Play-action will be a problem for the Cincinnati defense and the league seems to forget that the Titans were the highest scoring offense in the league two seasons ago. Much of the offense is the same, or even improved, it simply hasn’t been on the field together.

    It’s a good chance the Titans run up 30-40 points tomorrow, but most are not seeing it.

    Everyone is sleeping on the number one seed. The Packers and the Titans are a long shot 10/1 to both make the Super Bowl, and it’s not the Packers increasing those odds. Those are unheard of odds in a typical playoff year, but no one is giving the Titans credit for a tough season full of adversity. And that was before they got healthy. The Titans are the most balanced top-to-bottom team in the AFC for sure, and maybe the entire league, yet the masses are doubting how good this team can be.

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