Todd Bowles completes interview with Vikings

NFL: AUG 10 Buccaneers Training Camp
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The Vikings announced they completed an interview with Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles on Friday. He is the fifth candidate to interview for the job since the Vikings fired Mike Zimmer on Jan. 10.

Bowles, 58, is his third season as the Bucs’ defensive coordinator.

He and Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn are the two candidates for the job who have head coaching experience. Bowles was the Dolphins’ interim coach in 2011 and served as the Jets’ coach from 2015-18. Bowles went 2-1 with the Dolphins and 24-40 with the Jets.

Bowles began his NFL coaching career in 2000 as the secondary coach of the Jets.

The Bears are scheduled to interview Bowles on Saturday. He already has spoken to the Jaguars.

10 responses to “Todd Bowles completes interview with Vikings

  1. Is it just me, or does it seem disturbing all these nfl teams that need coaches do like a quick interview with 4 black coaches right away to comply with the Rooney rule? Im white and I see it, look at all the coaches interviewed so far.

  2. The janitor came away very impressed. Seriously who in (or out) of the building is conducting all these interviews?

    Because if it’s just the Wilfs well football isn’t their primary gig. If it’s anyone else how come we haven’t heard their name?

  3. Do you want a guy who would bail on his own club in the middle of the playoffs? I get trying to jump on the best candidates but some of these interviews are just nonsense.

  4. Bowles went 24-40 with the Jets. I know nobody really watches Jets games, but as an ex-Jet’s fan for 30+ years, the guy looked lost as a head coach. There were too many times where if the camera showed the Jet’s sideline, Bowles seemed dumbfounded with a deer in the headlights stare or completely out coached and bewildered on what was happening on the field.

    I know the NFL is pushing their virtue signaling, but good luck if you seriously think Bowles is head coach material. He’s very good example of a really good defensive coordinator, but a really bad head coach. Oh well, go ahead and hire him and see what happens. Common sense would say you should be getting you GM situation figured out first. After squaring away the GM you want, then you get his or her input on finding someone they can work with to build a successful football team. If you do it the other way around, you are sett yourself up for possible failure.

  5. Could there be a more Vikings move than hiring Bowles after the big egg the Tampa defense laid today? What’s that, the talent laden defense you lead crapped the bed in the first half of a playoff game? You’ll fit in just fine in MN, we’ve doing the same thing in big games for decades. 🤦‍♂️

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