A.J. Brown’s 33-yard touchdown ties Bengals, Titans at 16 late in third quarter

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
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The Titans aren’t out of it yet.

Tennessee has scored 10 straight points to tie Cincinnati at 16 at the end of the third quarter.

Kicker Randy Bullock made a 34-yard field goal with 1:36 left in the period to make the score 16-9. And on the Bengals’ ensuing drive, a Joe Burrow pass went off the hands of running back Samaje Perine and safety Amani Hooker caught it just before it hit the ground for an interception.

Hooker’s pick was reviewed but the ruling on the filed stood as called. There was not enough evidence to show that the ground affected Hooker catching the ball.

With the ball at the Cincinnati 27, the Titans started their possession going backward. But after a false start gave Tennessee second-and-16, quarterback Ryan Tannehill hit receiver A.J. Brown in the end zone for a 33-yard touchdown.

Brown made the catch one-handed at his stomach in the corner of the end zone.

With the extra point, the game was tied at 16.

27 responses to “A.J. Brown’s 33-yard touchdown ties Bengals, Titans at 16 late in third quarter

  1. There was plenty of evidence that the ball hit the ground while he was catching it. I have never seen such a call stand ever until tonight.

  2. The Bengals got screwed on that INT. The ball hit the ground and should’ve been an incomplete pass.



  5. Wake me up when they get to the 2 minute warning. This has to be the most boring “playoff” game I’ve ever watched. KC or Buffalo would have 28 points on the board by the 3rd quarter on both these teams.

  6. Incredible how well Cincy has done despite giving up so many sacks. How many yards has Burrow surrendered? 70-80?

  7. Bullcrap call on the pick.

    It hit the ground! That’s why the DB was able to secure it. Why are interception criteria less than reception criteria.

  8. I have no dog in this fight but that was NOT an interception.

    NFL is “managing” games again.

    Ruined NBA, now NFL

  9. The Dolphins version of Tannehill showed up today. Heck of a win by the Bengals. That rookie kicker is having an unbelievable season.

  10. Hands up who thought the game winning field goal if not a long run TD was gonna go the other way huh … just another example of how the game and your season can be flamed by a bad bounce or a few inches n kinda funny too in the end nine sacks didn’t mean a thing. !!

  11. Can someone please explain to me how Chase was that wide open with that much of a huge cushion on that last 19 yard completion???
    Tennessee had a great past rush all game but the DBs played 12 to 15 yards off the line of scrimmage all game. That isn’t prevent, it is prevent you from winning!!

  12. I’m a Tenn fan, but have to vent. The first INT was definitely on RT. The other two were tipped by the receivers, so that puts some of the blame on them….this is football, not volleyball. You’re paid to catch it. But my question is…..who called the plays to have RT throw a pass??? The running game was working!. Especially on that last play, all they had to do was keep the ball on the ground. Try for a first down run or go into overtime. No reason at all to try a pass at that point. OC was too over-confident. Their focus should have been on protecting the ball.

  13. 9 sacks are safer then 3 Picks! by the way, Mariota would have won this game easy peasy… always gold in the red zone and healthy , he did win a playoff game

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