Aaron Donald fined $10,815 for trying to choke D.J. Humphries

NFL: JAN 17 NFC Wild Card - Cardinals at Rams
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Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald received a $10,815 fine from the NFL for unnecessary roughness during the wild card playoff win over the Cardinals.

Donald got into it with Cardinals left tackle D.J. Humphries on Arizona’s first drive of the second half. The unplesantries ended with Donald trying to choke Humphries before Humphries shoved Donald’s facaemask.

Officials flagged Donald for a 15-yard penalty.

Humphries was not penalized or fined.

It is the second time this season cameras have caught Donald trying to wrap his hands around an opponent’s neck, and the second fine for Donald this season.

The NFL docked Donald $10,300 for trying to choke Packers center Lucas Patrick during their Week 12 game. The All-Pro was not penalized, however.

The league now has fined Donald 11 times for $178,160 in his career, per Spotrac.

22 responses to “Aaron Donald fined $10,815 for trying to choke D.J. Humphries

  1. These fines make no sense, CD Lamb fined 10,300 for waving goodbye and 15k for untucked jersey. Being one of the big names apparently makes the fine smaller, even if you choke someone.

  2. Hmm. 10k for CHOKING someone, and not the first time, while Dak gets 25k for words? Fix this, NFL. Make it all mean something.

  3. Trying to choke another player, twice, seems right up there in seriousness with the “Suh stomp”. Yet Donald seems to get nothing but praise. Maybe more scrutiny will be appropriate going forward.

  4. Tyreek 12k for celebratinga TD with cheerleaders pompoms.

    Donald 10k for choking someone.

    Make it make sense.

  5. As usual, Humphries started it, Donald ended it. Entire Cards team was cheapshotting during the blowout. Apply a little context.

  6. It has become apparent that Donald has been reading his press clippings. When an offensive lineman handles him he gets angry. How dare they, don’t they know who he is? Classless player.

  7. Carlton Davis was fined $12,875.00 for removing his helmet. The amount of these fines doesn’t make sense.

    Donald has a history of unnecessary roughness penalties. He’s even been fired for choking before.

  8. Maybe fining him isn’t getting the point across, but the league isn’t suspending a superstar in the playoffs.

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