Both No. 1 seeds lose in divisional round for first time since 2010

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers
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Saturday was a bad day for the top seeds in both conferences.

The Titans and Packers both lost at home on last-second field goals by their opponents. Tennessee sacked Joe Burrow nine times, but their offense couldn’t convert a key fourth down and Ryan Tannehill threw three interceptions in a 19-16 loss. The Packers failed to score on eight of their final nine possessions and made several special teams errors on the way to a 13-10 loss.

It’s been a long time since the NFL will head into the conference title games without the No. 1 seed in either conference being alive.

The last time both No. 1 seeds lost in the divisional round was in 2010. The Packers were on the winning side that time as they knocked off the Falcons 48-21 and the Jets beat the Patriots 28-21 one day later to complete the sweep.

Green Bay wound up advancing to and winning the Super Bowl that year. They won’t be doing that this year, but the 49ers or Bengals could still follow in their footsteps.

10 responses to “Both No. 1 seeds lose in divisional round for first time since 2010

  1. These are the exact kind of games the Saints could have won. What a shame

  2. I hate it that the Packers keep losing like this. They get our hopes up, and let us down. Sucks.

  3. YES!… Now if the Chiefs get put out we can have an interesting Super Bowl…
    ENOUGH of these tired, old reruns!

  4. The 14 team playoff format really delivered,… 2 teams that didn’t belong getting blown out in crappy games… The only 2 teams with bye weeks losing was a big surprise….

  5. Completely agree, hopefully KC loses today as well. Coming into this, I wanted Rodgers and Mahomes eliminated- one down, very good chance the second falls today.

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