Is that it for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay?

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers
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When the 2021 season began, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that quarterback Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t return to the Packers in 2022. As the campaign progressed, a vibe emerged that maybe he’ll be back.

Now, with the No. 1 seed once again squandered by the Packers and Rodgers, what come next?

Rodgers will meet with reporters soon. Maybe he’ll say something. Maybe he won’t. Maybe he will, and then after everyone reacts to what he says, he’ll try to act like he didn’t.

Regardless, we may have seen Rodgers’ final game as a member of the Packers on Saturday night, with his fourth loss in four tries against the 49ers in the postseason. If so, he exits with one Super Bowl appearance in 14 seasons as the starter.

117 responses to “Is that it for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay?

  1. I hope he’s happy with owning the Bears. Because that’s all he’ll be remembered for at this point. That and choking.

  2. Rodgers choked. The offense did absolutely nothing in the second half. Yet, people will blame the special teams and defense for losing. He needs to retire.

  3. The great Aaron Rodgers has now gone 11 years without winning his conference.
    Playoff choker with the exception of 1 lucky year

  4. “Better football for better people.”

    Not tonight, buddy.

    California team went to the frigid tundra and got the win.

    I’m so stoked and I HATE the 9ers.

    Go California!! Lol

  5. Jimmy Crappollo > 40 million dollar Dak

    Jimmy Crappollo > The MVP Goat Aaaaaaaron Rawwwwwwwwwwdgers.

    Bye bye Aaron. Dont forget to throw your team mates under the bus on your way out.

  6. Doesn’t matter really. He can’t win another Super Bowl with them anyways. He’s just a great regular season QB who underachieves in the playoffs.

  7. He is done and Adams will leave. Too many chokes to continue in GB.On to Jordan Love and spending winters ice fishing in GB.

  8. Wow. Quick takes. 1- Samuel is bleeping beast for SF. 2- Shanahan’s quality as a coach I think is growing visibly. 3- can you be among the best of all time, if you have the mountain top within reach so often and don’t reach out and grab it. Rodgers is not an all timer. Not by his playoff performances. IMO

  9. MVP, #1 seed at home, playing in the elements against a west coast team, and they still choke it away. As good as LaFleur has been in the regular season, his post season appearances have been less than ideal. Aaron Rodgers now 11-10 in the post season, barely better than a.500 quarterback.

  10. The Packers are done with or without Aaron so most likely I think he moves because he has no interest in a rebuild.

    The Packers are 38 million over the salary cap for next year and that doesn’t include a contract for Davante Adams.

  11. The Packers can only hope. The dude is the exact opposite of clutch. He’s Mr. Regular Season. Packers fans can sleep well tonight knowing Aaron is hugging his MVP trophy again.

  12. It’s amazing that somebody with so much talent can’t close the deal in the big moments. If I were a GM of another team, I’d have to think long and hard about whether the Rodgers aura is what I want in my building.

  13. He honestly looked shocked. Definitely not a MVP performance. He threw to one target all night. Do you really want his obvious problems? His last good playoff run was 6 years ago.

  14. How about leave him alone and keep it about the playoffs. Worry about this nonsense after the Super Bowl

  15. Rodgers is a failure. Full Stop. Get the shot because you won’t be playing anywhere else until you do.

  16. Wow. Props to SF for their team win. As for Rodgers, something is just off in the postseason. That will be part of his legacy unless he gets to another Super Bowl.

  17. Go away Rodgers, we don’t need you and your regular season brilliance that leads to predictable post season failure.

  18. ARod will drag the process out as long as he can because he’s an insufferable egomaniac. All the talent in the world but not half as smart as he thinks he is. Taking that sack when he did? Brutal. My only request is that when he begins his inevitable “will he stay, will he move, will he retire?” BS that NOBODY covers it until 8/31/22. ARod is an idiot and does not deserve anyone’s attention. Congrats GB you had ARod and lost to Jimmy G lollllllll

  19. Might as well be. Pretty evident they peaked. San Fran played well. Just want someone to explain to why turner wasnt playing RT and Nijman wasn’t left tackle

  20. It sure looked like he didn’t want to be out there. I lost a lot of respect for him as a player tonight. The way he just kept locking on to Davante Adams was pathetic. He barely looked at another receiver. And don’t blame the special teams. Rodgers should have put the game away early in the 4th and he didn’t.

  21. If I was the Packers I’d tell HIM HE’S not good enough for THEM! Jordan Love could have choked as badly as Rodgers has the past 2 seasons in the Playoffs for a lot less money and a WHOLE lot less drama!!! Tell HIM HE’S the problem this off season.

  22. You could make a case that if the 2010 Bears had a better option at quarterback, Rodgers doesn’t even make it to a Super Bowl…..

  23. Such a fraud…but at least he has his coveted MVP for his display case because he’s “the greatest thrower” of the football ever…what’s his playoff record again?

  24. He could realistically come to SF. Jimmy will be gone regardless of what happens and Trey can sit two more years.

  25. A California team went to the frozen tundra and beat the mold n gold in the cold. Smirk Boy has left the building, and he’s taking his fake championship belts with him.

  26. Come over to the SF, Aaron! It’s time to make that arm count for some championships. Put a Gold helmet on, so we can get some gold rings

  27. Rodgers isn’t leading the Packers anywhere, so they may as well cash out and roll with Love. Trade Rodgers for picks and keep moving.

  28. He sure played like he was done. Zero enthusiasm on his part, sat on the bench like he had already decided he was never coming back.

  29. Why would he leave the NFC North, a division that is so soft the Packers are a shoo in to win the division title every season? Try the NFC West, Aaron.

  30. Packers are $50 million over the cap and Davonte Adams is a free agent. So is MVS, ESB, Robert Tonyan, DeVondre Campbell…

    It’s over.

  31. Yes, Several years too late too boot! I wanted too keep Huntley and now he looks great on the raven’s

  32. I’m going to take a wild guess and say Aaron is at the top of the most playoff losses.

  33. Let’s hope this is it, so we don’t have all the drama Rodgers & Florio like.
    Let’s be serious though, is there a more overrated QB in the game? Rodgers can’t win the big important games and in this one he couldn’t even pad his meaningless stats.

  34. A situation where (in private) both sides probably think it hasn’t worked. GB leveraged it’s future with AR’s contract in order to try and win another SB, and AR doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild created by leveraging it’s future. The bill is coming due. The rosters have been good enough. There is no substitute for AR performance in the post season.

  35. The most overrated QB of all time. Despite all the MVPs, he can’t come through in clutch time. Then there’s his lack of character . . .

  36. 38 mill over the salary cap with only 31 players on the roster and no Davante Smith. You can bring Aaron back if you want but it’s going to be a bad team either way.

  37. Rodgers choked. The offense did absolutely nothing in the second half. Yet, people will blame the special teams and defense for losing. He needs to retire.

    How can the defense be blamed? They gave up only 3 points. Best performance since holding Barry Sanders to negative yardage..

    10 points wins that game. So yeah, the special teams is the rightful fall guy.

  38. Always fun to see the junior cap wizards chime in.

    Jaire Alexander is due for an extension. $14mil of his contract can be moved around.

    $14mil of Za Smiths contract can be moved. Possible he may not be back at all.

    Cobb won’t be back at $8mil

    They’ll be under the cap in no time. VERY few teams have done a better job with their checkbook over the years.

  39. harryhands09 says:
    January 23, 2022 at 3:16 am
    I’m going to take a wild guess and say Aaron is at the top of the most playoff losses.
    Manning 13. Brady 11. Favre 11. Rodgers 10. Of course, the first two on the list have more SB wins than Favre and Rodgers.

  40. He’s a goner. Packers are in cap hell and are going to have to blow up their team. They put their chips in the middle of the table and lost.

  41. Possible back to back MVP. These are franchise players that you don’t want to see go.

  42. Great game. Brady is still, and always will be, the GOAT. Kupp should be this years League MVP, not Rodgers.

  43. I’m not a Packers fan, nor an Aaron Rodgers fan, but all this hate because of the playoff losses? You gotta be pretty good to have so many opportunities to have playoff losses.
    I hope he does not go to the Browns because they can’t afford his salary nor ego, but I also hope he doesn’t go to the Steelers because the Browns have to paly 2X per year.

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