Joe Burrow overcomes playoff-record nine sacks to advance

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
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Joe Burrow is Joe Montana.

Yes, it’s too early to compare achievements. It’s not too early to compare attitudes.

Both were brash, in a way that wasn’t. Montana had, and Burrow has, a nonchalant confidence backed up by their abilities. On Saturday, Burrow stayed cool and calm through nine sacks — equalling a playoff record — to emerge from Nashville with an upset over the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

It’s still not quite clear how it happened. Up 16-6, the Bengals blew a 10-point lead and it felt like the Titans would take the game, if not cover the spread. But a bad call (and/or bad execution) on fourth and short and an interception on a carom (Ryan Tannehill‘s third of the day) opened the door for the Bengals to steal it with a walk-off, 52-yard field goal.

Burrow finished with 348 passing yards, no touchdown passes, and an interception. Most importantly, he willed his team of upstarts to an unexpected win — and to their first AFC Championship appearance since 1988.

Inevitably, he’s going to take them to their first Super Bowl win. And their second. And maybe a few more. The first one quite possibly will come in three weeks.

30 responses to “Joe Burrow overcomes playoff-record nine sacks to advance

  1. Tanahill will not get you to the promise land in Tennessee. He is above avg but not elite. I feel bad for Tennessee fans.

  2. I’ve been a fan ever since his senior season at LSU. Not surprised to see him having so much success.

  3. Wow, congrads to this young inexperienced Bengals team.

    Run game, defence and kicker were stars that won game.

  4. Gutsiest big game performance by a QB I may have ever seen. Burrow is incredible. His HC and staff are garbage. Pollack needs to be fired ASAP.

  5. Vrabel outcoached himself
    1. Going for two cost him the game as he could have run out of the clock in the end
    2. Not icing the rookie kicker for the game winning FG
    3. Running Tannehill on 3rd and 1
    4. Rushing Derick Henry back to the team. He made no difference

  6. Burrow is such an exciting young player. Harassed, hounded, pounded, never lost his composure. Just kept picking himself up and delivering strikes.

    Tennessee, man, nine sacks and you don’t win? Maybe Tannehill needs to go back to playing WR.

  7. Boomer Esiason picked the Bengals to win 21-17 in the pregame show. I bet he’s insufferable right about now.

    Joe Burrow is going to be really something. The Bengals could be scary for years to come if they can keep Burrow upright.

  8. The boy is phenomenal. If that had been Brady, #1…he’d be in traction by now and #2…the referees would all have tinnitus from the whining by now. That’s what I love about that kid…no whining, just toughness like no one since Montana.

  9. Not sure I’d bet on Bengals to hang with or play competitively with either Chiefs or Bills. I’m thinking tomorrow’s game is likely the AFC Super-Bowl representative.

  10. Joe is so talented and such a great guy i wish he was our MVP karen rodgers could learn a lot from this young buck about lying about humility and to drop the diva BS .

  11. Wanna keep doubting this team now? The rest of us have been here, welcome to the party, pal.

  12. So should we put Burrow in Canton already???

    Dear lord, the guy is good, but come on, he easily could have lost this game. Easily.

  13. Burrow is a good quarterback. But multiple, “inevitable” Super Bowl wins? Dan Marino would likely remind you that those are never guaranteed, even to excellent quarterbacks who show such promise in their youth. Possible? Sure. Inevitable? Just not fair or true to proclaim.

  14. Don’t put him in the Hall yet please. Chillax. There was a time when it looked like Tony Romo was going to grab multiple Super Bowls and be HoF bound and looked how that turned out. You pump up this hype and it will burn. Take it easy Mike.

  15. Agree with you wiremans12. Cincy MUST fix that OL through the draft and free agency. This kid is to good to waste. Look what happened to Jim Plunkett when he was in New England! It took him a few seasons to recover from that experience.

  16. The milking of the clock and lack of urgency was stupid before the tipped interception by Tannehill.

  17. Saying that inevitably he will win 2 Super Bowls and maybe a few more is way too premature. Sonny Jurgensen, Dan Fouts, and Warren Moon are all in the Hall of Fame and never even made it to a Super Bowl. Dan Marino made it to one but his team lost. Rodgers, who will be in the HOF, only has 1 Super Bowl win.

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