Matt LaFleur: “We’d be crazy” not to want Aaron Rodgers back

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers
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Does Aaron Rodgers want to keep playing for the Packers? That remains to be seen. Packers coach Matt LaFleur wants Rodgers to stay.

“Certainly we want him back here,” LaFleur told reporters after Saturday’s stunning home loss in the playoffs to the 49ers. “I think we’d be crazy to not want him back here.”

Frankly, they’re crazy to let it get to the point where he’s thought about leaving. But that’s not on LaFleur.

We’ll see what Rodgers says. We’ll see whether the Packers offer to pay Rodgers significantly more than his current contract, which carries Jared Goff (yes, Jared Goff) money.

Rodgers will be speaking soon. Stay tuned.

33 responses to “Matt LaFleur: “We’d be crazy” not to want Aaron Rodgers back

  1. of course he wants him back, better to have a team capable of winning 13+ with him instead of a team lucky to win 9 without him

  2. Rodgers is doing a Favre. Maybe he can play for the Jets for one year, then go to the Vikings.

  3. I don’t think Rodgers cares about the money. He’s wanted the commitment from the team since early last year.

    The only way a team commits is to have a cap number hit that’s too large to stomach if you cut the player.

  4. Get rid of him. Clearly he chokes in the playoffs. Great regular season quarterback, can’t take that away from him but, year after year, he chokes in the games that matter most. Let some other team take on thag disappointment. Sad to say it, been a packer fan all my life but, he’s proven he can’t do it. Got lucky in 2010-2011..

  5. I have no like or dislike for Rodgers but, it seemed to me watching the game that he didn’t have the heart or mainly desire to win. The win at any cost and desire to win the Superbowl at any cost like Tom Brady just isn’t there. The true great ones Peyton, TB12, Brees and even Gave had that drive Rodgers doesn’t care

  6. This is like NE in 19 do the right thing and let him leave like they did with Brady especially since you CAN trade him. They wont be able to surround him with the team he needs, because they have so much too worry about in terms of cap. At least they have an option that has been learning behind him instead having to roll with Cam Newton.

  7. Time to blow that team up. It’s obvious they’re never getting to the SuperBowl as constituted. Rodgers stunk the place up, there were very few balls thrown to receivers who could catch and run, almost all of his throws were short with receivers having to dig them out of the dirt. The hail mary to Adams with about 4 minutes left made absolutely no sense. They needed a first down to run clock and he throws a rainbow into double coverage? Drayton had better never see the inside of the Packers locker room again. I don’t know if this is worse than the Seattle ST debacle in the Championship game a few years back but I tend to think so. Blocked FG right up the middle, blocked punt right up the middle, 50 yard returns given up and cherry on top 10 men on the field when the game was on the line.

  8. Time for a new era of Packers football to begin. Love takes the reins and we get rid of the “I” in team. This new era will result in a team that’s closer and all pulling in the same direction.

    Despite all his talent I have to believe there are players on this team who are tired of Aaron sitting in the front of the boat for the cameras, oar in hand doing nothing while everyone else is heads down with oar in the water doing the hard work.

  9. Green Bay Packers fans better be careful what they wish for…once Aaron Rodgers is gone,he’s gone and he will take all the winning with him. It will be long dark days in titletown when Jordan Love eventually takes over as starting QB.

  10. sharpdressedfan17 says:
    January 23, 2022 at 11:29 am
    Green Bay Packers fans better be careful what they wish for…once Aaron Rodgers is gone,he’s gone and he will take all the winning with him. It will be long dark days in titletown
    They’ve won a single SB in what, 30 years? If Rodgers can’t get you there, and I don’t think he can, then does it matter if he leaves?

  11. Duh. If he moves on without him his job is over. Nor sure he even gets any other interviews. You have an awesome regular season QB/WR combo. 2010 was over a decade ago. No playoffs for you. Hilarious that the great Rodgers got beat by a team that scored zero offensive touchdowns. And a broken Jimmy glass.

  12. Without Rodgers, coach LaFleur would be lucky to have a 5 win season…meaning the Packers might as well have Peter LaFleur or White Goodman coaching…

  13. kaepurnicus says:
    January 23, 2022 at 1:24 am
    Now I see why the 49ers didn’t draft Rodgers. They own him.
    And yet he has more rings than them since then.

  14. LaFleur likes padding his regular season with rodgers chasing MVPs. LaFleur said it himself that he is not interested in super bowls

  15. The Packers are $40M over the cap. Forty. Million. Time to call The Property Brothers for a complete rebuild. Jordan Love, come on down!

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