NFL fines Carlton Davis, KeeSean Johnson

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Bucs defensive back Carlton Davis celebrated a fourth-down stop of the Eagles in the second quarter by removing his helmet. The Emmitt Smith Rule has been on the books since 1997, so every player in the NFL knows or should know that’s a no-no.

Davis not only earned a 15-yard penalty but a $12,875 fine from the NFL.

Davis finished with five tackles and a pass breakup while playing through a back injury.

Eagles receiver KeeSean Johnson was fined $4,722 for unnecessary roughness. He had a helmet hit on Bucs receiver Jaelon Darden but was not penalized on the play.

Johnson had no stats in his first action of the 2021 season. He played two offensive plays and 16 on special teams.

4 responses to “NFL fines Carlton Davis, KeeSean Johnson

  1. So almost 13k for taking off a helmet after a play vs. 5k for a helmet to helmet hit after a player was down. Tell me again how the NFL values player safety.

  2. I guess he should have celebrated by choking an opponent like Aaron Donald, he could have saved a couple of grand.

  3. $12,875 for taking off your helmet. $10,815 for choking someone.
    Got it (sarcasm) 👍🏽

  4. Remove your helmet:. $12,000 fine. Choke your opponent (Aaron Donald) $10,000 fine. Gottit.

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