Packers had 10 players on the field for game-deciding field goal

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers
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It’s never easy to block a field goal. It’s even harder without 11 players on the field.

The Packers had only 10 players on the field for the field goal attempt that resulted in the 49ers upsetting Green Bay and advancing to the NFC Championship.

“That’s unacceptable,” coach Matt LaFleur told reporters after the game. “That’s on me.”

It’s easy for him to say that, because he has a regular-season record of 39-10 in three years on the job and will not be fired. The real question is whether special-teams coordinator Maurice Drayton will pay for the blunder with his job.

It doesn’t help that it was a blocked punt that opened the door for the 49ers to tie the game.

“I’ve got to do a better job, obviously, and be more involved to make sure those types of things don’t happen,” LaFleur said. “Ultimately, it all falls on me.”

It may fall on LaFleur, but he won’t take the fall. We’ll see whether anyone does.

51 responses to “Packers had 10 players on the field for game-deciding field goal

  1. When the punt was blocked, and the ball eventually landed, there were 3-4 49ers around it and zero Packers. 49ers wanted it more.

  2. Drayton is done. The Packers special teams were not good all year. Your ST give up a blocked fg and a blocked punt for a TD in the playoffs, there’s no chance you survive

  3. If you watched Packers games this season, that shouldn’t come as a shock to you whatsoever.

  4. They even had a SF timeout during which they could make sure they were ready. Absolutely unbelievable.

  5. Good for LeFleur to say that but special teams blew it. The punter looked like he was doing his normal routine as if he had tons of space behind him, just punt the ball quickly and make sure it doesn’t get blocked.

  6. Yep he won’t last long without Aaron. If he can’t manage a team with a solid QB then he has no shot if he has to play like the rest of the league

  7. The Packers fired Mike Pettine, after the Defense had 3 interceptions to bring the Packers back in the game. The Special Teams coordinator is definitely gone.

  8. Those playoff bye weeks don’t look very good anymore. I think those teams lose their edge.

  9. Such a disaster. I actually kind of feel sorry for the ST coordinator because he knows he is so fired.

  10. watched LaFleur on that post-game interview. He was in a state of shock. And why not, his team got beat by a team that did not score an offensive TD.

  11. I don’t know the intimate details of that special teams formation but it seems like the field goal block unit would be the same guys in that location no matter what. Don’t know how that happens. I would bet the mistake is really on a player, not a coach.

  12. The likely MVP and CoTY winners crap the bed at home against a warm weather team. Rough night.

  13. The special teams coach was busy calling his wife telling her to pack instead of getting 11 players on the field.

  14. LaFleur I think was too busy jumping up and down to get the crowd in it that he forgot to actually coach.

  15. If you watched Packers games this season, that shouldn’t come as a shock to you whatsoever.

    They literally could have had a kick blocked every week. Thats how bad it was.

  16. That was an incredibly Viking thing to do. We feel their pain in Minnesota. Too bad for us, though, the Packers have been a much more successful franchise.

  17. That special teams unit has been an issue for GB all season. They never addressed it and it came back to bite them.

  18. Special teams play was horrible. But don’t look past the fact that the so called best QB playing only managed one TD. This team wasn’t going all the way this year anyways.

  19. Packer fans told us all year long that they would win it all. The team needed a shutout to win, because Rodgers does not get the job done, again, against playoff teams.

  20. Packer fans disappearing today, like always. Must be busy looking at free agent QB’s on the interwebs.

  21. Packer fans told us all year long that they would win it all. The team needed a shutout to win, because Rodgers does not get the job done, again, against playoff teams.

    The D gave up 6 points. So 10 would have won it.

    Blocked FG would have been 13, which would have got them to OT.

    But, yeah, a shutout would have been special……….

  22. I get it. It was a mistake. They could have 12 on the field there and the 49ers still make the FG.

  23. Remember this is a good ‘ol boys network we’re dealing with. ST coach might get canned but he’ll just end up on another team or in a broadcast booth somewhere.

  24. Any knowledgeable fan would have seen this Special Team blunder on its way. Drayton was last year’s asst. ST coach of an already inept ST group. Why he was promoted from within was a mystery to me and many others. When LaFluer began with GB, Gutey decided to pinch pennies and haggled over $ with Darren Rizzi, an experienced ST coach who took the New Orleans offer. Perhaps this off season the GB decision makers will spend a few extra dollars and get a competent ST coach. Good riddance Drayton!

  25. It really hurts to admit it but 10 men on the field with the game on the line is still much better then 12 in the huddle. I feel your pain!

  26. Maybe your head coach should spend more time coaching than cheerleading on the sidelines.

  27. 2 Blocked kick attempts in any game is inexcusable. The fact that Management allowed the Spec. Teams to regress as the season went along is also unacceptable. Accepting blame as the Head Coach on more than one occasion does NOT fix the problem. It begs the question on where’s the accountability with your assistants after multiple blunders game after game. I guess the great coaches have the ability to be a “players coach” as needed (listening to Aaron’s opinion on calling certain plays) and playing the heavy hand when your asst. coach is inept at his job. A coaches credibility is also on display when an incompetent coach is promoted. I hope Lafleur will grow from this going into next season to the point of holding your assts. accountable no different than your players.

  28. The contrast is striking. Niners special team’s unit scored all of their points and blocked a field goal before halftime that would have left the score tied if successful. I recall another playoff meltdown against the Seahawks that the Packers forgave Mike McCarthy to blunder through more seasons. Better to take him at his word and sack him now.

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