Robbie Gould is 18-for-18 on field goals in the playoffs, best in NFL history

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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San Francisco kicker Robbie Gould is taking a perfect playoff record into a cold and windy night in Green Bay.

Gould is 18-for-18 on field goals in the playoffs, which is the best mark in NFL history: No other kicker has attempted that many field goals in the postseason without a miss.

Most of Gould’s playoff field goals have been during his time in San Francisco: He’s made 10 with the 49ers, as well as six with the Bears and two with the Giants.

Gould is also a perfect 31-for-31 on extra points in the postseason. The good news for the Packers is that their own kicker, Mason Crosby, is a solid 30-for-33 on field goals in the postseason, and a perfect 69-for-69 on extra points in the postseason, which is the best mark in NFL history. Both teams can have confidence in their kickers tonight.

18 responses to “Robbie Gould is 18-for-18 on field goals in the playoffs, best in NFL history

  1. An article like this hits in the morning ,so I can guarantee you he will now miss the winning FG this weekend for the 49ers.

  2. Isn’t this the guy that Chicago “gave up” on? Even though he had pretty darn good numbers at soldier field, a somewhat tricky field to kick in?

    If Chicago had kept him, the double doink vs Philly never happens

  3. Gould also has experience kicking at Green Bay from his many years in Chicago. Why the Bears ever let this guy go is beyond me… 17 years in the league and still going strong!

  4. Wasn’t Gary Anderson perfect for the Vikings before he blew a kick at home in the playoffs against Atlanta?

  5. Career stats are nice, but it’s better to focus on how they’ve kicked this year.
    This season Gould’s field goal percentage was 87% and made 39 of 40 extra points. Crosby was 73.5% and 49 of 51.
    But the biggest different between the two was their accuracy between 30 and 49 yarders. Crosby was a turrible 13/21 compared to Gould who was 11/13.
    The biggest edge the 49ers have over the Packers is their kicking game, which should make Green Bay fans hope that the game isn’t dependent on Crosby making important kicks.

  6. The Bears releasing Gould and the Patriots releasing Vinatieri remain two of the most dumbfounding moves in modern NFL history.

  7. Meanwhile he Bears kicking game has been a mess since they made the asinine decision to let him go.

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