Aaron Rodgers: I’ll “take some time” but then make a decision before free agency


The clock is ticking on Aaron Rodgers‘s next move, sooner than he expected.

Following Saturday night’s upset loss at home to the 49ers, Rodgers said he’s going to figure things out, and that he’ll make a decision before free agency begins.

“I’m gonna take some time and have conversations with the folks around here,” Rodgers told reporters after the game. “And take some time away and make a decision . . . It’s fresh right now. It’s a little shocking for sure.”

He added that he thought he’d have more time to being the process of contemplating his future, and that he’s “a little numb” that things ended so quickly. He plans to talk to G.M.Brian Gutekunst within the next week.

Will how the last three seasons ended factor in the decision-making process? “I mean of course it does,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers also made it clear that he doesn’t want to be “part of a rebuild” in the event the team decides not to keep some of the key players who are due to become free agents.

Rodgers created the impression that his decision will be to stay or retire. Would he play for another team?

“It’s tough to say at this point,” Rodgers said. “I don’t think it’s fair to anybody or myself to really go down those paths at this point.”

At some point soon, those paths will become relevant. Rodgers will win the MVP award for the fourth time in his career, and for the second straight year. If he wants to play but not for the Packers, he’ll  need to identify a new football home.

120 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: I’ll “take some time” but then make a decision before free agency

  1. The great Aaron Rodgers has now gone 11 years without winning his conference. Playoff choker with the exception of 1 lucky year

  2. It’s hard to imagine him getting a better opportunity for a ring than this year with this team. Every other road looks tougher due to issues with other teams themselves or tougher divisions. Yet mediocre coaching and special-teams issues keep tripping things up in GB. Tough spot.

  3. No surprise Packers fans. Special teams list is down. But there are good players in the NFL, there are stars and there are superstars. Superstars carry teams on their backs in the postseason and Rodgers once again failed.

    The good news for GB fans is the team has leverage with a lame duck 2-time MVP to get some draft capital they can turn into drafting really good players or to use as chips to trade up I’d they don’t think Love has what it takes.

    Good bye Aaron. It’s time to move on.

  4. I was under the impression that when he renegotiated with the Packers last off season he demanded that they trade him following this season. I also don’t believe he will retire now.
    I do think the Steelers and Broncos will both make a play for him.

  5. Ok, so then Denver or New Orleans it is. Well, at least GB won’t have to be bothered with January football for the next decade or so.

  6. The NFL MVP should lead in throwing yards or TD’s and be able to win a playoff game.

    Rodgers – #10 in passing Yards
    Rodgers – Tied for #4-6 in passing TD’s
    Rodgers – Tied for 29th in postseason victories for 2021.

    Apparently, the MVP goes to the QB on the best team with the easiest schedule.

  7. Rodgers should play for a good weather team. Playing in January in Green Bay doesn’t take advantage of his skill set.

  8. poop hits the propeller. see you later Mr Arod. The beautiful mystery has melted.

  9. Denver is best fit. Great defense. Has cap space to pay Rodgers and Davante Adams. Able to give multiple first rounders plus Cortland Sutton or Jerry Jeudy. Plus they’ll hire Hackett as HC and Getsy as OC. Can’t see s better set up anywhere else, including GB, since Hackett and Adams will be gone.

  10. I am done – all year special teams and a blocks punt – how does that happen? I am out…

  11. MVPs win playoff games, especially those at home when their team is the number one seed.

  12. Where else can he go and have a better chance to make a SB run? The Packers will be favorites to win the NFC again next year.

  13. Here comes the Drama Queen! Since he is incapable of winning Super Bowls, he tries to stay relevant by threatening to quit every year.

  14. He’s talented. No question. But he’s also trouble, and comes up small in big games. He can be destructive and divisive. Not sure how many franchises will buy into this package.

  15. If I were Rodgers, I’d want to go to a team where I respect the head coach. First team that comes to mind is the Steelers and Mike Tomlin. Big Ben is retiring, so it might be a good fit. Tough division though.

  16. Great QB…. In the regular season. Let’s face it he has as many Super Bowls as Nick Foles, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Phil Simms, Jeff Hostetler, and Doug Williams. Rodgers has had way better teams to get the job done than most if not all of these QB’s listed above. Then you have guys like Eli with 2, and Ben. I put Rodgers with a guy like Steve Young. Rodgers has the completions, yards, TD’s, and amazing TD/INT ration. But if we base winners on rings, he has one. This guy has been set up to win just about every year, and the only one he has is with Mike McCarthy? Come on man. STAY OR RETIRE.

  17. He looked absolutely stunned walking off the field. His ST absolutely screwed him over.

  18. Gonna be weird to see him in a Broncos uniform. I’ll get used to it I guess like with Msnning…

  19. It blows my mind that an entire generation of Packers fans has grown up knowing nothing but HOF QB play. Kind of like the billionaire’s kid that doesn’t have a clue how tough the world really is. Whenever A-A-Ron does hang it up, that fall back to earth is going to be very long and very painful.

  20. He will be back in Green Bay. For another fantastic regular season, and yet another “shocking” early playoff loss.

  21. Again, a team that is quarterbacked by Aaron Rodgers comes up short. Now, at least for this season, all he has left to stay in the spotlight he so covets is keep his personal soap opera going.

  22. Well that’s a wrap for Rodgers…..a loser this season both on and off the field. How fitting….so tired of listening to him. Don’t really care if he stays in GB, or moves on to another team. At least if he retires we won’t have to listen to him anymore.

  23. bearsman says:
    January 23, 2022 at 5:36 am
    If I were Rodgers, I’d want to go to a team where I respect the head coach. First team that comes to mind is the Steelers and Mike Tomlin. Big Ben is retiring, so it might be a good fit. Tough division though.

    Rodgers doesn’t respect anyone except his own ego.

  24. He needs time to sulk and be angry and blame everyone in the world except himself. He should go back to Jeopardy full time.

  25. Miami has the draft capital, they are not in the NFC, they have more then enough cap space for Adams also. They have a pretty damn good YOUNG defense. Perfect weather, no income tax. Wouldn’t mind seeing that happen.

  26. The heat Peyton got was so much more than what Rodgers has for lack of postseason success.

  27. The QB from California with the actress girlfriend is going to move to Pittsburgh, PA? I can’t think of anything less likely than that.

  28. I feel bad because I enjoyed his losing that game.

    I’m impressed with his not saying something regrettable during the post game interview, given his obvious disappointment. However, I’m thinking he will ultimately decide to look at a few other potential SB ready teams that just need an elite QB to get them there.

  29. supercharger says:
    January 23, 2022 at 5:55 am
    He looked absolutely stunned walking off the field. His ST absolutely screwed him over.


    Special teams were an issue but other than the 1st drive of the game Rogers and the Packers’ offense did nothing all game

  30. Good to hear his discussions will be with the team. That’s the place to start. Planning for the 2022 season begins today.


  31. Aaron Rodgers is so full of himself that he will never be able to see his faults much less correct them.

  32. The Colts would be pretty scary if Rodgers landed there.

    I don’t see a ready-made Super Bowl team other than that.

  33. Anyone saying the Steelers will sign him doesn’t know the Steelers. They don’t throw big money around. It’ll be a team with cap space and the willingness to use it or he simply retires.

  34. The heat Peyton got was so much more than what Rodgers has for lack of postseason success.

    Pretty fair, though.

    Probably the most hyped prospect ever.

    And Mannings teams were much better, overall. The Packers have been considerably flawed most of Rodgers career.

  35. When will people realize that half of Erin’s success is getting to beat up on the terrible NFC North.

    He’ll look at the Niners and decide there’s no way he wants to live in that division all season.

  36. Tom Brady would have won that game. But that’s not being fair. I mean, Brady is pretty good at playoff football, seeings how he is the GOAT.

  37. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Rodgers.can’t beat the Niners. Rodgers to SF for Trey Lance?

  38. In a small defense of ARod, missing Dillion and MVS probably limited his options at crucial moments… Dillion is perfect for cold weather, and MVS was the only WR who had the speed to stretch the field….

  39. I’ve lost track, how many times has Rodgers lost to the 49ers in the playoffs? Oh ya, every time.

  40. This was so predictable. The Packer faithful turning on their QB? I mean, just replace Favre’s name with Rodgers.

  41. Rodgers has options to go any direction he wants. I’m guessing he leaves Green Bay and rides off into the sunset . As in , he heads west to Denver , Las Vegas or the LA Chargers.

  42. A part of me would love to see someone like the Texans giving away the farm for Rodgers so we can see how Aaron feels about Gutekunst doing what’s best for the GB Packers. With two MVPs the Packers have leverage, and some team will ignore the postseason disappointments and take the hope of just making the playoffs.

  43. Rodgers will drag this out ,so the packers just need to plan their 2022 WITHOUT him……..starting today

  44. He might be the best/most talented QB on the market, IF he decides to leave GB, but here‘s hoping my Steelers decide not to pursue another lying, troubled problem child. I‘d rather have Watson or the cool kid from Pitt and a fresh start on offense.

  45. At the end of the day, when it was all on the line, Garoppolo led two 9-play drives, the last with the game-winning field goal.

    Rodgers led the Packers to two 3 and outs.

  46. I’m done with Aaron Rodgers. The man doesn’t know how to prepare for adversity, and expects everything to be smooth sailing. He’s content to play like an MVP during the regular season, but once the post-season lights are on him, he disappears. He’s Peyton Manning 2.0. Only way he wins another ring is by riding the coattails of an elite top 5 defense to the Super Bowl. Even with all the weapons he has, he still can’t win the big game with his arm.

  47. Aaron really has zero say where he ends up in a trade. Gutekunst should take the best deal he can get and in a tiebreaking scenario, trade Rodgers to an AFC team.

    The one piece of leverage Rodgers has is to choose to retire (pout) if the trade will be to a team he has no interest in joining (e.g. the Texans). Then his already tarnished image takes another hit.

  48. He’s currently the most talented NFL quarterback. The problem is he’s a diva, can’t take adversity, is oversensitive, and doesn’t come through in the clutch.
    It’s sad to see how someone’s attitude and character can limit them. He has more talent than Brady and Montana combined. But he’s just not a winner.

  49. Singing to the same tune as ‘Wheels on the bus.’ The wheels on my bandwagon have fallen off, fallen off, fallen off. The wheels on my bandwagon have fallen off, I will always be a ‘One Hit Blunder.’

  50. If Brady retires, Rodgers comes back to the Packers. He has no chance to win the NFC with Brady still playing.

  51. The Packers defence turned up. Sadly, the rest of the team including the quarterback didn’t…

  52. numba1wiscosportsfan says:
    January 23, 2022 at 12:40 am
    Can we get Huntley back? He looked great for the raven’s this year


    Leave it to a Packer fan to not know the difference between Tyler Huntley and Brett Hundley.

  53. All you GB fans hoping Rodgers goes away should probably think about this; if HE goes, what do you think Adams will do?

  54. dk61 says
    if HE goes, what do you think Adams will do?

    Adams can be tagged at not much more than he already makes.

  55. dk61 says:
    January 23, 2022 at 4:34 pm
    Anyone touting TB over ARod for MVP should be watching the Rams/Bucs game right now.


    Win or lose, Brady is still the GOAT. Rodgers, a goat, has only 1 ring.

  56. Being a packer fan, and I mean this, Aaron, go away…move..get out..take your drama filled life and your fake intellect elsewhere

  57. Sorry AR but most of us GB fans were wrong about you.We believed in you and defended you.Unfortunately now I have to agree with the staunch Purple fans to the west.You are not a big game QB.Watching the young guns like Mahomes and Allen.TB12 had another comeback and had to be beat.For Pete’s sakes Stafford rose up and won a game when it was all on the line.You were not close.
    When the Packers needed you most,at home in GB weather …..you folded.Yes the Special Teams were terrible but you should have been able to make up for that.You didn’t.You chose to do your own thing and not run the offense.Then you let the pass rush intimidate you.For all your talk about the weather being in GB’s favor,you could not deal with it.
    Time for you to move on.We have salary cap issues and you do not want to be in a rebuild.You are the problem not the solution.Advice for Gutey and LaFleur.Concentrate on the OL and the defense.We have pretty good pieces in both with good backs.Not sure what we have in Love yet.Way too early too tell but none of the other teams in the division are rock solid at QB either.Don’t even start Bears fans.Fields hasn’t proven squat and the owners history of hiring coached to develop QBs isn’t too promising.Cousins and Goff?Yeah right.Love only needs to be average and he is at their level.Trade AR for whatever you can,let Adams go.Right thing to do.Get the cap straightened out,coach Love up and draft wisely.The division is there for anyone of the 4 teams next year.

  58. brucetrimble says:
    January 23, 2022 at 1:29 am
    MVPs win playoff games, especially those at home when their team is the number one seed.————————————————————————————————
    Literally false. MVP voting happens before the playoffs start.

  59. Rodgers says “It’s fresh right now. It’s a little shocking for sure.”
    Why is it shocking?
    It happens every year.

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