Aaron Rodgers: Relationship with Brian Gutekunst has grown “a lot”

NFL: JAN 22 NFC Divisional Round - 49ers at Packers
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At one point in April 2021, a report emerged that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wanted the team to fire G.M. Brian Gutekunst. Rodgers, who knows how to send a message when he wants to, allowed that one to marinate.

Now that the 2021 season has ended for the Packers, Rodgers has a glowing assessment of Gutekunst, and of the extent to which they currently get along.

For the final question of his post-game press conference following the 13-10 loss to the 49ers, Rodgers was asked to explain how far his relationship with Gutekunst has grown over the last 12 months.

“A lot, you know?” Rodgers said. “A lot honestly. Brian came out and saw me on the west coast and we had some good conversations. And from the day I got back, I feel like there was earnest decisions on both sides to meet in the middle and communicate. I’m very thankful to be a part of the conversations I was a part of. I feel like my opinion mattered. To feel the even deeper and more meaningful support from him and him and [director of football operations] Russ [Ball] and [CEO] Mark [Murphy]. So that was definitely a special part of the season, to see that relationship grow. I think [he] put together a really nice team. A team that could have won the Super Bowl. And he deserves a lot of credit for some of the moves that he made. Disappointed we couldn’t put it together for him and the organization tonight.”

That’s a sign of real progress between Rodgers and Gutekunst. While it doesn’t mean Rodgers definitely will want to stay in Green Bay in 2022, the impediment to continuing his career there apparently won’t be his relationship with the front office.

19 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: Relationship with Brian Gutekunst has grown “a lot”

  1. That’s nice, but the Packers have a lot of players who are in their prime or just coming into it, and there’s no way to keep most of them and also keep a QB approaching 40 who doesn’t do well in the playoffs. If they lose all those other players it’s #12 and a bunch of marginal guys, and neither Rodgers nor anyone else will be happy. He can retire or they can trade him. The future of GB, for better or worse, is with guys like Alexander, Gary, Dillon, Clark, Douglas, Stokes, Campbell, and yes, Love or another QB.

  2. I think we all know how it could change when they’re not longer in the building together every day.

  3. Gutekunst may want a QB that can win in the playoffs. It should be beautiful mystery as to what happens this off season.

  4. This is all you need to know: Aaron Rogers has more appearances on the game show Jeopardy than in the Super Bowl. Let that sink in.

  5. Oh great another offseason thats gonna be all about Rodgers. Well im sure nobody is happier then him about that

  6. The great Aaron Rodgers can’t win in the playoffs! The Packers GM and front office should trade Rodgers for a draft haul while they can get value for him. Aaron Rodgers is a headache that they should be glad to get rid of for the sake of the team. Aaron Rodgers has one Super appearance and one SB win. Every year this team division champs for what? Time to cash in on your return, trade ARod…

  7. Attention all media!!!!! Please focus on the teams playing on championship Sunday and do not let A A Ron hijack coverage like he did in last years draft. We have all had enough!

  8. stellarperformance says:
    January 23, 2022 at 7:11 pm
    Let him walk, and take his arrogant, lying manbun with him.
    Awww soo sad after all the years you fished about him being “California Cool” and crying about Barr’s legal hit. This is hilarious!

  9. All of us in Minny are hoping he leaves. Might give our Vikes a bit of a chance at relevance again.

  10. The great Aaron Rodgers can’t win in the playoffs!

    First time since 2013 that he hasn’t won a Playoff game (6)

    11 trips overall, wins in 7 of them.

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