Bruce Arians says he’ll be back in 2022

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Quarterback Tom Brady may not be playing in 2022, but coach Bruce Arians will be coaching.

Arians told reporters after Sunday’s loss to the Rams in the divisional round that he’ll be back next year.

Oh yeah,” Arians said, via Sarah Walsh of NFL Network.

Whether he’ll have Brady or someone else at quarterback remains to be seen. As to the possibility of Brady returning, Arians said, “That’s up to Tom,” via James Palmer of NFL Network.

If not Brady, then who? Arians has said that Blaine Gabbert is the most underrated player in the NFL. Plenty of Bucs fans surely would prefer that theory to go untested.

38 responses to “Bruce Arians says he’ll be back in 2022

  1. Someone needs to give Arians some SPF 50. I don’t know if it was my TV, but his face looked like he spent WAY too long, poolside this past wk.

  2. I’d love to see Tom Brady retire and Bruce Arians return. The world would get a good, up-close look at what a fraud this guy is.

  3. He’ll be 70 next season and he was wearing a medical monitor during the game. Why?

  4. That’s nice. What the voices that matter (Brady’s & the Glazer’s) have to say probably will carry a bit more weight though.

  5. The fact that he said Blaine Gabbert is underrated just shows you how clueless Brady’s puppet really is.

  6. He’s probably going to lose both coordinators, so he better hope Brady returns, otherwise BA will be SOL

  7. Bowles will be the 2022 HC. There’s been too much with Arians and players: AB, Andrew Adams. Leftwich will likely be a HC on another team.

  8. @Goodellmustgo is the most bitter Patriots “fan” I’ve ever encountered. All this dude does is hate Brady.

  9. Why isn’t Florio insisting that the Bucs got some sort of raw deal, and the wrong team is going to the NFC Championship?

  10. Is he wearing a pace maker ? He may be the type that dies a month after retirement. Better keep “coaching” Bruce.

  11. computojon says:
    January 23, 2022 at 7:24 pm

    Why isn’t Florio insisting that the Bucs got some sort of raw deal, and the wrong team is going to the NFC Championship?

    He’s working the Mike Tomlin to Giants discussion. Not much information available yet.

  12. None of the Tampa Bay coaches should be head coaches after that circus. The coaches can blame the players all they want, but there was no game plan and the play calling was Pop Warner-ish. Unfortunately TB12’s decision may be dependent upon Licht’s decisions.

  13. If Brady doesn’t come back, you can bet Roethlisberger will magically unretire and play for Bruce in Tampa

  14. If that fanny pack has some sort of life-support/monitor thingy, I’d be concerned. What’s next – wheeling him out there on a hand-truck, like Hannibal Lector?

  15. Look…if I was the Glazers I would offer Bowles or leftwhich the HC job, and start the next chapter in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history.

  16. Uh, sorry coach that was the question for the guy close to retirement BEHIND you. Just let us know before we have to reorganize the reserved parking spots next week if you’re not coming back. To be Frank what is the mood amongst you TB fans do you WANT him back? The act is starting to look stale from afar

  17. If Brady hangs it up, which he probably won’t, but if so, coach will suddenly have issues like when Carson Palmer called it a day and he was left with Drew Stanton.

  18. What Bruce fails to realize is that it’s “up to Tom” whether Arians will be back as well.

  19. If Brady goes, Gronk will go as well. Arians will return to being a below average coach who only won last year because Brady loaded the team with stars.

  20. Someone should have told Bruce that when you sell your soul and manhood, you are supposed to get something in return.
    Oh well. . . too late.

  21. well, if bucs want to slip back into being irrelavent, keep the angry old man, otherwise, make Leftwich the HC like today!!

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