Chiefs and Bills are headed to overtime in an instant classic

NFL: JAN 23 AFC Divisional Round - Bills at Chiefs
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The Bills twice thought they had the divisional round game in Kansas City won. The Chiefs thought they had it won once.

As it turns out, the duel of the ages between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes is headed to overtime.

The Chiefs and Bills combined for 25 points in the final two minutes. They are tied 36-36 headed into the extra period to decide who hosts the AFC Championship Game next week.

The Bills scored with what they thought was the game-winner with 13 seconds left. Gabriel Davis‘ record fourth score of the day and second in the final two minutes gave Buffalo a 36-33 lead.

It was too much time for Mahomes with three timeouts remaining.

He had a 19-yard pass to Tyreek Hill and a 25-yarder to Travis Kelce to set up a last-play field goal of 49 yards by Harrison Butker.

The Chiefs thought they had the game won with 1:02 remaining when Hill caught a pass across the middle and ran for a 64-yard touchdown. (Officials missed a taunting penalty when he flashed the peace sign at a Bills player on his way to the end zone.) It gave Kansas City a 33-29 lead with 1:02 left and came only 52 seconds after the Bills had scored a go-ahead touchdown and 2-point conversion.

The Bills, though, got a 19-yard touchdown from Allen to Davis to put Buffalo back on top.

But Mahomes kept the Chiefs’ season alive, getting them in field goal range for the tying points.

16 responses to “Chiefs and Bills are headed to overtime in an instant classic

  1. He did and could have made a HUGE difference or not. Think he was penalized for it before?

  2. I’m sure the Kc fans will insist on a rule change to insure both teams get the ball in overtime.

  3. Huge mistake by the Bills to kick in the end zone with 13 seconds left. They should have kicked to the goal line, pinned KC deep and taken a few seconds off the clock. Belichick has been doing that for years. Didn’t the Bills learn anything? MAhomes wouldn’t have had enough time to do anything

  4. And just like that Buffalo missed their SB window. The Patriots take back the division this year.

  5. Enjoyed the game

    But OT rules suck, OT should be a full extra quarter regular season and playoffs. If tied after 5th quarter in playoffs keep playing full quarters. Coin flip and score TD is just not right

  6. So many fails in the last minute of this game. Exciting to watch as a non-biased fan, but my god both teams/coaches were bad. Not kicking it short of the goal line was one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a while. Absolutely cost Buffalo the game.

  7. I always thought the OT change they made was at best a band-aid. My take was for both teams to get 1 possession, and if still tied, then the next score wins. At least it would make more sense in the playoffs (where to shorten the game is of less importance)….

    But then again, this is the same entity that refuses to fix the officiating miscues hundreds of thousands see on TV that the officials on the field cannot…..

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