Joe Burrow: Evan McPherson is unbelievable

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
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The Bengals only managed one touchdown in Saturday’s game in Tennessee, but that proved to be enough to get the job done.

Rookie kicker Evan McPherson had a lot to do with that. The fifth-round pick made all four field goals he tried during the 19-16 win, including the 52-yarder at the whistle that gave the Bengals the victory. He also made four field goals in the Wild Card round win over the Raiders and he’s hearing plenty of praise for his work in helping the Bengals get to this point.

Head coach Zac Taylor said McPherson has “ice water in his veins” and quarterback Joe Burrow said the team has the same confidence in McPherson that McPherson has in himself.

“That guy is unbelievable,” Burrow said, via the team’s website. “He was talking to Brandon [Allen] as he was going out to kick, and he gave a little warmup swing and he said, ‘Ah, it looks like we’re going to the AFC Championship,’ right before he went out there and kicked it. We knew exactly what we had as soon as he walked into the building in camp and we just saw how he carried himself. You know exactly how a kicker is going to perform when obviously everyone at this level can kick through the uprights, but it’s how you handle yourself in the locker room that shows us that you have the confidence to go out there and make a kick like this and perform the way he did in a game like this. We knew exactly what kind of guy we had in camp.”

The Bengals didn’t leave themselves much margin for error on Saturday and McPherson ensured that they wouldn’t need it.

9 responses to “Joe Burrow: Evan McPherson is unbelievable

  1. This Bengals team should have a long, bright future ahead of them however they MUST protect Burrow and build up that o-line or that long, bright future could become very dim very fast.

  2. He has one clunker game, where he missed multiple FGs against Green Bay early in the year that arguably cost them the game, The key to kickers is how they handle adversity – misses – and he has been rock solid since the GB game. Good teams have to have good to great kickers, and the Bengals apparently have found one.

  3. Evan was a 5th rd pick , wonder how many other teams will reconsider the ole strategy of not drafting a kicker higher than 6 or f agency

  4. Special teams are underrated. A generational kicker gives you peace of mind. Look at Vinatieri with the Patriots, Tucker with the Ravens. Too soon to tell but this kid got it done yesterday when it mattered. Good for him.

  5. bike1122 says:
    January 23, 2022 at 10:50 am

    Evan was a 5th rd pick , wonder how many other teams will reconsider the ole strategy of not drafting a kicker higher than 6 or f agency


    As was Dan Carlson for the Vikings, but grumpy old Zimmer cut him after a rough and very short start to his career. Glad to see a new management day in Minny.

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