Overtime rule undermines NFL’s best weekend ever

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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The divisional round delivered. In every way possible. Four games. Four walk-off endings. But the best of the quartet of high-stakes postseason games left an unsatisfying feeling for everyone except the Chiefs and their fans.

The overtime rule no longer makes sense. A first-drive touchdown shouldn’t end the game. Not with the rules so skewed toward offenses. In Bills-Chiefs, whoever got the ball first was scoring a touchdown and winning the game. Thus, the coin toss before overtime decided the game.

There’s an essay in Playmakers about the problem that has lingered since the league hatched a clumsy half-measure after the 2009 NFC Championship, when the Saints won the coin toss to start overtime, secured a few first downs (thanks to a couple of questionable calls), and punched a ticket to Miami with a walk-off field goal against the Vikings. The solution reached at the time wasn’t to guarantee the team that kicks off to start overtime an opportunity to possess the ball, no matter what. The solution was to guarantee a crack at matching a field goal only.

In tonight’s game, Josh Allen and the Bills should have a shot to match the touchdown scored by Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. It should have happened in the 2011 wild-card round, when Tim Tebow connected with Demaryius Thomas for an 80-yard, first-play touchdown against the Steelers. It should have happened in the 2014 NFC Championship, when Seattle capped a comeback with a first-drive touchdown against the Packers. It should have happened when the Cardinals scored a first-drive touchdown against the Packers in the 2015 divisional round. It should have happened in Super Bowl LI, when the Patriots scored a touchdown on the opening drive of overtime against the Falcons. It should have happened in the 2018 AFC Championship, when the Patriots kept Mahomes on the sideline for the final drive of his spectacular first season as a starter and scored a touchdown to advance to Super Bowl LIII.

And it should have happened tonight. The Bills should have had a chance to match.

Maybe, in the next playoff game that unfolds like this, the team that loses the coin toss will try an onside kick. (Unfortunately, it’s currently much harder than it used to be to recover an onside kick.) Or maybe there won’t be another next playoff game that unfolds like this. Maybe the NFL will finally realize that the current rule must be replaced with something more fair and equitable.

Former NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino notes on Twitter that the league wants to preserve the sudden-death quality of overtime, so that fans won’t “leave your seat.” This assumes that fans wouldn’t otherwise be glued to the TV throughout all of overtime in a playoff game. This also assumes that fans will find the final outcome fair and satisfying when, as has happened far too often, the team that wins the coin toss advances.

Is it enough to give the kicking team a chance to match? The Bills, if they’d scored, could have gone for two (assuming the Chiefs attempted and made a one-point kick). Still, a pair of touchdowns would have resulted in the Bills kicking off again; there will always be an imbalance to that approach.

The right solution guarantees an equal number of possessions and declares a winner based on who makes a stop. Several years ago, we proposed (and the Spring League and the XFL eventually adopted) a penalty-shot system with teams taking alternating cracks at two-point conversions, whether three or five before it goes one-for-one, back and forth until one team scores and the other doesn’t. (Under our formulation of the procedure, the offense and defense for each team would be on the field at opposite ends of the stadium at the same time, going back and forth with 40 seconds between attempts.)

If the goal is to ensure that fans won’t walk away, something like that would cause them to staple their asses to their easy chairs. And, more than anything else, it would be fair.

That’s all we’re looking for. Something that seems fair, at a visceral level. Tonight’s outcome simply doesn’t fee that way — except for Chiefs fans who were on the wrong side of the coin flip three years ago.

For Bills fans, the prospect of waiting three years for karma to come crashing through a card table doesn’t seem very palatable right now. Win or lose, they needed to emerge from this game believing that the approach to deciding a winner after 60 minutes of regulation play was fair. The current approach simply is not.

225 responses to “Overtime rule undermines NFL’s best weekend ever

  1. Disagree, play defense. The idea of everyone gets a participating trophy worth of a drive in OT is nonsense.

  2. The same scenario went against the Chiefs in the 2018 AFCCG, I don’t remember the national outcry after that game?

  3. The Bills should’ve held off on the glad-handing and rah-rah with time on the clock in regulation. They relaxed and Mahomes caught the defense slipping. If they hadn’t convinced themselves they had won, there wouldn’t have been an OT.

  4. This game was on the magnitude of the 1982 Epic in Miami. Imcredible.

  5. The current OT rule is stupid to say the least. This is not rocket science. Both teams should touch the ball once regardless of who scores what on the first possession of OT. It’s ridiculous that this is not the rule.

  6. Unfortunately the time to discuss changes is the offseason, not now. Furthermore it gets discussed every offseason, and they’ve kept it this way. I’d say play the full 15-minute “5th quarter”, and another if needed, til time expires with a winner. That’s fair

  7. Could change the OT rules. Or teams can start playing defense. I dont care how legendary the opposing QB is, game should be over with 13 seconds left.

  8. This league favors passing and offense more than ever. Whoever wins the coin toss in an has a massive advantage just by how the game is played today. The old rules were fine 20 years ago.

    It’s time to update them now for today’s game.

  9. 4 tds in the last 2 minutes of regulation and your blaming the OT rules? Maybe try playing defense

  10. This is correct. The first drive “TD wins but FG doesn’t” makes no sense. Either go all in with the rules or don’t.

  11. Did Tom Brady ever have to get in a shootout like this with a cushion from Belichick’s defenses? Makes you wonder. This level of quarterback play between Mahomes and Allen is up there and good for years to come.

  12. Quit complaining about overtime not being fair. Both teams know the rules going in. A very small percentage of games go overtime anyway. How about don’t let the Chiefs set up for a tying field goal with only 13 seconds left after the kickoff and starting at their own 25? Should never happen. If you truly want to try to make it more fair, (and I don’t know why they don’t do this), just give the home team the option at overtime to get the ball first or defer. That’s a true home-field advantage, and again both teams know the rules going in. Just enjoy the classic NFL game you saw tonight. One of the all-time best.

  13. In the post season, make the overtime period a full quarter. If it’s still tied, then do penalty kicks or whatever.

    Right before the coin flip, the referee said “It’s a new game.” If only that was the case…

  14. You know what? Life isn’t fair, nor is it meant to be. For years the NFL had true sudden death, no “participation trophy” possession rules, and it produced classic results – “Ghost to the Post” – a DOUBLE overtime playoff game in 1977, along with the Miami-KC Christmas Day classic playoff game in 1971 (also DOUBLE overtime), and the 1958 Giants-Colts NFL Championship. Bottom line – if you don’t like it, make sure your team can play better defense!

  15. I know people don’t like it, but seriously college OT rules make for a fair and much more exciting conclusion to the game. (I will now put my flame suit on)

  16. I can’t blame the rules. The Bills had the game.

    I don’t LOVE the rules, mind you. But I’m not gonna complain. The Bills got one of the most heroic efforts I’ve ever seen from a QB, and they coached one of the worst 13 seconds I’ve ever seen.

  17. Totally disagree, if the defense can’t stop them from marching down the field and getting a TD, well thats part of the game, too. People seem to forget that just a few years ago, the Chiefs could have went down and won it with a field goal. Its good as is.

  18. I’m pretty sure the Bills hired McDermott for his defensive mind. If his defense wasn’t offensive, maybe they would’ve won. Chiefs weren’t much better, but how do you key guys run wide open the entire game? Chiefs had a communication error when Matthieu went out, and had a CB slip. Other than that Allen ran so much he caught them off guard occasionally. The Bills defense was bad from start to finish. And let’s remember that a missed FG and extra point miss are the only reasons that game went to OT.

  19. Whatever the OT rule cost the Chiefs a Superbowl 3 years ago and that was by a FG. You play by the rules that you knew going in.

  20. If Buff squib kicks or kicks it short they would have won. This is on the coach.Also, current Overtime rules are lame.

  21. No doubt the Chiefs fans who cried long and loud about how unfair it was in 2018 that KC didn’t get a chance to match New England’s TD are crying just as long and loud tonight that Buffalo wasn’t given an opportunity in OT. A team is made up of Special Teams and Defense as well as offense. If you don’t win the toss and can’t make a stop you lose, it is what it is.

  22. I don’t think it’s only Chiefs fans that feel satisfied. Please don’t make your personal mission automatically the mission of everyone. However, I think every OT should be a full 10 minutes. If one team can milk almost all 10 minutes and walk-off, kudos to them. But it gives both teams time to score however they can. After 1 OT, go to penalty shot style…

  23. Don’t really care about how this game played out. However, I do like the college system better than what the NFL does.

  24. Everyone crying about the OT rules when we all knew what the rules are going into the season. Cry me a river. Pathetic

  25. There are three aspects of football: offense, defense, and special teams. If you want to win (especially playoff time), you’d better give all three your attention. Green Bay didn’t give proper attention to special teams and they lost. Buffalo stopped playing defense and they lost. Rules don’t need implemented or changed. Teams simply have to remember they need more than just offense. Thank you for your time.

  26. Overtime dis seem to happen a lot more this year. For KC to miss and XP and field goal, Buffalo to covert a 2 point conversion, it was all chance. Lots of things could’ve happened to change the score, and teams both could’ve done things to change the score from the 60 minutes of game time. Don’t like overtime or the chance of a coin flip? Prevent yourself from getting there.

  27. The thing is the teams had 4 quarters to determine a winner. If they didn’t do it in the first 4 quarters, it’s tough to complain about the unfairness of overtime.

  28. How far do you take this? Buffalo scores to tie the game, then KC gets another try. They score and to be fair Buffalo needs another chance since KC had two chances. They score to tie the game again, and so on and so on.

  29. The rule is good how it is. There will always be one more possession for one team and would result in more ties for the regular season. At some point the Bills had to make a stop, be it during regulation or in OT. Defense is part of the game too.

  30. What happened to the “spot and choose” alternative that was going to be proposed to the league last spring?

  31. Leslie Frazier lost this game. His guys weren’t getting smoked. They were playing what was called. They made it easy for the Chiefs. Meanwhile Josh Allen and team were made to earn every yard.

  32. I feel like your argument is really that you just wanted an awesome game to continue. We all did, but I don’t think you go back and change long-standing rules just because they might deprive us of a little entertainment. In other cases, they would provide for that entertainment. Imagine this game had somehow been a 0-0 tie going into OT (I know, no chance with these teams). But if it had- a sudden TD to end it would seem poetic.
    Bottom line for me- this was an all-timer of a game. Josh Allen had it won with 13 seconds to go. And KC pulled it out. Insane! I wouldn’t change a thing.

  33. You know, I vaguely remember being castrated over calling the OT rules garbage after watching GB lose two consecutive playoff games in OT between 2014-2015. I was told to get over it. Why is there all of this outrage now?

  34. I am finally convinced that this change needs to be made. I always just thought if you lose the toss just make a stop. Can’t do it? Then don’t cry when you lose. Back in the day, offenses were nothing like today. With the rules helping offenses to engineer high-scoring games, teams score quickly; like tonight, and often. Given that fact, in the interest of fairness, both teams need a chance with the ball IMO.

  35. My favorite part was when Josh was crying and celebrating with :13 left in regulation.

  36. Bills coach is to blame for that loss. He should have made them kick a ground kick down the middle of the field to take time off the clock. You do not give KC 13 seconds and 3 times out. That is crazy!

  37. I’d like to see OT changed to be a full 5th quarter – or maybe a 10 minute “OT period”. If it’s still tied after that, it would go into sudden death for however long it takes. That would make it as fair as possible. However – were that to happen – the first time a star player gets injured in the 3rd or 5th series of a dueling-score OT, there would be articles about how brutal the new OT is on players and the league doesn’t care about player health.

  38. The easiest solution is to eliminate the coin toss altogether. The ref announces the rules, the defending team chooses a side. I would be open to a, both teams must possess the ball clause, but eliminating the coin toss would treat overtime like any other part of the game. As far as this game went it was always coming down to the qb to have the ball last. The super bowl will likely be overshadowed by this game.

  39. ryates67 says:
    January 23, 2022 at 10:42 pm
    Defense is part of the game too, dude.
    That’s exactly the point, both teams should have to play defense.

  40. Just another example of the tilted rules that scores lots points. And defense is an afterthought…..it’s no coincidence that the group of qb’s and receivers are all being called greatest this and that, in the last twenty years, as a result

  41. And then what? Team that would lose with 1 possession in ot against 2 for the Winning team would conplaint that its not fair and so it never ends.Play defense specially with 13 seconds to go

  42. After the Chiefs lost the AFC Championship game to the Patriots in 2018 without ever touching the ball, Clark Hunt suggested a rule change during the 2019 offseason to ensure that both teams would touch the ball in overtime.

    It was voted down.

    Don’t blame the Chiefs.

  43. DOESN’T MATTER WHEN THE COACHES CANT COACH THEIR TEAM TO A WIN. hey at least they all got paid, otherwise they might actually give a $%&@

  44. More hogwash from this yellow journalist site. Fact – the Bills could have kicked off differently to make it harder for the Chiefs to score in the end of regulation. You fail to grasp that. You are a muckraker and an idiot. Deal with reality. If the OT rules were to be changed, you’d have some putrid and yellow argument to offer that would get you more words so you could be paid – unprofessional, unethical hack.

  45. These two teams SCORED 78 POINTS!!! ….How long do you want to let them keep going?? Whatever team would finally win, what chance do you give them the following week after playing an entire extra quarter?..or 2?

  46. If your defense can’t hold the other team to a field goal attempt on the first overtime possession then you really don’t deserve to advance to the next playoff round!!

  47. Football OT will never be fair.

    Let’s be honest Bills choked. And given their complete defensive collapse everyone knew whoever got the ball first was going to score and win. Bills could have tried an onside kick and if they recovered they would only need a field goal to win (the kickoff counts as the receiving teams opportunity to possess).

    No one wants a playoff game where the bills advance by just running qb power runs to gain 2 yards everytime.

  48. I have no problem of “first-drive touchdown ending the game” – after all, we need a tie breaker and a sudden death. But the coin toss does introduce an unnecessary bit of luck into the game. I propose to get rid of the coin toss. Based on the final score of regular time, the team comes from behind will need to kick off at start of OT and the original leading team gets to receive. All current OT rules apply – we’re just getting rid of the coin toss. If the final score of regulation ended in 0:0, then we’ll coin toss.

  49. You get 60 minutes to win a game. And then if you lose the coin toss, you still get a chance to stop the other team from scoring a TD. It used to be only a field goal was needed. I’d like to see the percentage that the team winning the toss goes down and scored a TD. I’d say its way less than 50%. It’s a good rule. It was the best weekend ever for games. And it’s awful that one of those teams today had to go home. Heartbreaking. Buffalo played like champions and still lost. Tyreke Hill wanted to win as badly as I’ve ever seen. And he took over. Mahomes was hurt last year and couldn’t run. This year he’s healthy. If these teams played ten games, they’d each win five. It’s that close. This game fell KC’s way. They’ll meet again. At least the refs didn’t decide the game. And the rule book didn’t either. KC just won by a whisker. The other three playoff games were decided by last second field goals, and the kickers made all three. I’m not real crazy about kickers deciding which organization is declared a winner and which is a loser, so I’m not losing sleep over the rule book thing. The game was about as well coached on both sides as I’ve seen. It was a masterpiece. I was pulling for the Bills, and they played great. Good enough to beat anybody 95% of the time. KC was just a pinch better. Mahomes was masterful. This was one for the ages. Patrick Mahomes made so many huge clutch plays down the stretch against the best defense in the NFL. That’s what I saw. I also saw Josh Allen silence the last critic. if any still exist.

  50. Your argument is the inevitability of scoring a TD? Follow that logic then: Chiefs score, Bills score, Chiefs score. Same result.

  51. I must’ve have missed your false indignation when the Chiefs lost this exact same way a few years ago. Toughen up Buttercup!

  52. Fear of Hill caused the Bills to kick it out of the end zone, stopping the clock with 13 Seconds. I think the playoff OT rules should be different. In the regular season, stick to what we have. In the Post-Season each team should get the ball once.

  53. Yep, I disagree. I like the fact you have to stop them from getting a TD. I don’t like the fact that the game is offensively slanted. But it is what it is, so defensively you’ve gotta adjust.

  54. Everyone crying about playing defense.
    You had two of the best young QB’s in the league playing at an unbelievable level.
    Those teams couldn’t have gotten to that game without having good defenses.

  55. If the Chiefs had any integrity they would have gracioulsy offered the Bills a chance after the td. After all, in 2018, all I heard for months was how unfair overtime rules are and that every team deserves to get an offensive possession. Apparently that’s only when it’s not the Chiefs.

  56. I have tended to disagree with this line of thinking because defense is part of football too and you do have the opportunity to stop the other team.
    However this is one game where it was obvious that both teams were gassed and didn’t have the personnel to stop anyone. Whoever won the coin toss was going to win the game. It was obvious.
    I would change the rule for playoff games when so much is at stake but leave it in place for the regular season

  57. The way the rules are geared to offensive production it’s only fair that at a minimum both teams get a chance to score

  58. Agree that Buffalo absolutely blew it.

    However, the “make it take it” that can happen with a coin toss is wild. Imagine the tying score was and 8 minute ground and pound by a team who then wins a coin toss and gets to go right back on offense. It’s not about “fairness”, it seems like something that doesn’t necessarily fulfill the idea a parity… Which is one of the best things about football.
    You can make the argument to “play defense” and I don’t disagree. Maybe the team who wins the OT random coin flip should also have to play defense? It is a part of the game, afterall.

    Don’t know the answer, I just know it feels pretty strange when a game like that ends that way.

  59. The XFL adopted your OT rule idea because that league is a joke. No place for anything like that in the NFL.

  60. I understand the perspective of not wanting to change the OT rule. I’m a traditionalist and I’ve been extremely frustrated at the rule changes over the past 20 years.

    However, I’d argue that it’s exactly because of those rule changes that the OT rule now needs to change. We’ve had decades of rule changes that favor the offense to the degree that it’s no longer a level playing field. Offenses have a tremendous advantage over even the best defenses. Both offenses should have a chance to possess the ball in OT.

  61. If McDermott squib or pooch kicks with :13 seconds left, the Chiefs are forced to field the ball which will take several seconds off the clock and Mahomes has one shot. The NFL shouldn’t have to change the overtime rules just because the losing coach can’t manage the clock or his vaunted #1 defense can’t make a stop in regulation or overtime. There are a ton of overtime games every season where the defense actually makes a stop and gives their offense a chance to win with a FG.

  62. You’re over-complicating it, Mike. The NHL has is it figured out; keep the currently gimmicky OT rules in the regular season, in the playoffs you play as many normal rules, 15 minute overtime quarters as needed to determine a winner.

  63. There is some merit in the argument that it is unfair the Bills lost the game without touching the ball in OT. The solution is to use CFL overtime rules where there is a series of mini games where each team gets the ball on the opponents 35 yd line and the side that scores the most points in that one possession wins the OT. If they both get a field goal or score a touchdown another mini game is played. It is completely fair and quite thrilling when a team scores a TD on their possession of the ball and their opponent knows they have to score one too or the OT is over.

  64. You don’t play 60 minutes of regular football and decide to settle the game playing somethin else. At some point the game has to end. There will always be a team that needs to make a stop. TD to win is the perfect way to keep the game of football like it is and also be fair. Defense is part of the game as well.

  65. With so much at stake it is only fair that both teams get an opportunity to have the ball. I understand that defense is important too, but in the playoffs a game practically decided by a coin toss is ridiculous.

    Play a full quarter in OT, at least in the playoffs.

  66. If Buffalo wanted the ball in overtime then there were two ways to accomplish that. Either their defense should have stopped the Chiefs or Josh Allen should have called “heads”. Neither happened. Chiefs won. Move on.

  67. Just watch Football on Saturdays. The NCAA has a lot wrong: OT isn’t one of those things. College OT back and forth has given some of the most exciting finishes in the game. And you get to play defense too.

  68. 13 seconds left and they didnt squib it… so i blame the coaches and could give a crap about the o.t. b.s. rules. If the bills win tonight im still not happy with my coaches tomorrow, they blew it

  69. The problem with the “just play defense” argument is flawed because the coin toss winner didn’t even need to play defense in this game. And I’m even a Bills fan. If the system is fair, why do teams ALWAYS want to receive? See now?

  70. The problem with the “just play defense” argument is flawed because the coin toss winner didn’t even need to play defense in this game. And I’m not even a Bills fan. If the system is fair, why do teams ALWAYS want to receive? See now?

  71. I don’t know what game all these “play defense” whiners we’re watching. In the game I watched 9 of the 12 second half possessions ended in a score. And it was getting worse as scores were turning into all touchdowns. The offenses were running the gassed defenses ragged. Save for a random turnover or missed PAT, that game might still be going.

  72. Get a better defense. I understand these QB’s were playing great football, but you have to find a way to keep them out of the endzone. Or you lose.

  73. Let’s cry about the rules instead of acknowledging that Patrick Mahomes just played a legendary game!!! Josh Allen had a great effort to but history remembers the winners in these types of games.

  74. No they shouldn’t have competing two point conversions to decide playoff games and even championships. They changed the rules only because Favre never saw the ball in OT years ago. And they said OK it’s a fair compromise. It was inevitable that people would then want to change that. Then if they give each team a possession soon they will want to change it so a full OT quarter is played. It will never end. Enough with the weak ‘it’s not fair’ routine.

  75. 10 min period. That’s all.

    Still ties. Start kicking 50,55,50 Hardee’s till one gets missed. It’s FOOTball!!!

  76. Personally, I like the NCAA overtime rules.

    The Bills didn’t lose this game because of overtime, though. They lost it because they couldn’t protect a 3 point lead with 13 seconds on the clock and the ball at the Chiefs 25.

    As for overtime, they had the same chance of winning the coin toss as the Chiefs. (What could be fairer than that?) All they had to do was stop the Chiefs from scoring and they would have only needed a FG to win. Or they could give up a FG and win with a TD. OR they could give up a FG and extend the game by scoring a FG. That’s actually easier than what the Chiefs had to do. If the Chiefs score nothing or only FG, then their defense ALSO has to hold the Bills to zero to win or a FG which would extend the game. Then the Chiefs would need to score ANOTHER FG to win.

    This comes up every postseason and the League never votes to change the rules. They say “defense wins Championships.” Well, the Bills defense wasn’t good enough when they needed it the most; at the end of the game AND in overtime.

  77. The Bills left 13 seconds on the clock in regulation with only a FG needed to tie. Everyone I was around knew that they should not kick the football into the end zone but do a Squib kick. That would cause 4-5 seconds to run off the play clock, leaving just 8-9 seconds. Two plays max. That means a Hail Mary as there would not have been enough to move down the field for the FG, even for Mahomes.

  78. The rule is perfect the way it currently is.

    THE ONLY EQUAL alternative would be both teams get one possession in each in OT but extra points are not allowed. You must go for a 2 point conversion.

    This would negate any benefit for the 2nd team to possess the ball last and go for 2 instead of 1.

    But this equal offense is too bias and repetitive like a penalty shootout.
    Defense/special teams should and DO matter.

    Just ask the Packers ST or Cincy Def

  79. It makes no sense to allow the other team a chance to match the field goal but not the TD.

    It’s great that crybaby Brady has been eliminated.

  80. Couldn’t have said it better. if 2 teams each scored 2 touchdowns in OT, then the game should end in a shootout style 2 point conversion attempts for each team, till one misses. That easily could have happened in this game.

  81. Alright. If you don’t like it, play an entire extra quarter until the clock reaches 0. That would be fair but we all know why they don’t play that way…

  82. Nobody can say that the way college handles ties is unfair, in my opinion, as it gives each team equal opportunity. What in the world is wrong with that idea? I am not in favor of the same format however. Teams should simply get an equal opportunity. In this case KC would kick off to Bills. If Bills scored TD, great. Game continues until one team stops, or outscores other on equal possessions. What would be wrong with watching two awesome teams keep going at it a while longer? We all know it most likely would not go on long. Otherwise, like ref falsely claimed, new game. Come up with a period of time, most points at end of period of time wins. Otherwise another period of time, etc.
    I have an idea. In baseball, if score is tied at end of 9 innings, let’s speed things up. Let’s have a flip of a coin. Winner of coin toss gets to bat. If they score, game over. Or in basketball, if tied at end of regulation, jump ball, first team to score wins. Don’t like it, PLAY DEFENSE. Makes as much sense.
    A coin toss should never determine a winner of a game and thus end a season for a team. If Bills would have won the toss, my strong bet is on the Bills driving the field for a touchdown. Time for this to be the last season for this lame rule.

  83. All I can say is wow! Great game. 13 seconds and the Bills screwed up there coverage big time. You let there big time players get the ball and that was a big mistake.

  84. The OT rule is fine as it is. If the kicking team makes a stop, all they need is a FG. There are any number of things that one can dissect about a football game that are not fair. Life is not fair, so move on.

  85. Lots of Chiefs fans here/Bills fans not here because they need a minute. Hence the up down vote disparity.

    Anyone who likes to watch overtime where a shootout like this is over just because your team didn’t win a coin toss is either just a chiefs fan or bills hater.

    And yes, chiefs fans, you know as well as anyone how much that sucks so don’t be a hypocrite.

  86. The problem wasn’t with Buffalos defense as much as it was about coaching. There’s no way that they should have allowed the PK to kickoff the ball into the end zone. That was incredibly stupid to allow KC to get the ball at the 25 yard line without running one second off of the game clock. Head coach, special teams coach and even the kicker should be fired!

  87. If you let them match the first score (touchdown or field goal) what about the next go a head score? Fairness or not is in the eye of the winner or the loser.

  88. Keep the overtime rules the same during the regular season but adjust them for the playoffs. Play a full 15 minute overtime period then if it’s still tied, continue playing under sudden death rules.

  89. Nope. Rule is fine. Play defense. This was like Dr. Strange seeing 14 million outcomes with only one good one. The Bills chose the one outcome that would guarantee a win. You almost have to try really hard to mess up that many consecutive decisions. It was like McDermott and Frasier’s brains melted.

  90. I’d like to see a full quarter played in overtime games in the playoffs. That’s the only fair way because last night was a travesty with the game decided by a coin flip.

  91. Each team should get a possession, then it goes to sudden death. I know you mentioned that then whoever wins the coin toss gets the third possession, but that’s why the team that scores second would want to go for two to win it.

    Nothing will be perfect, but that would be the best way to handle it in a fair manner. The 2 point conversion thing is awful, though. There’s a reason the NHL doesn’t use shootouts to determine a playoff game; it’s not real hockey.

    Can you imagine a team winning the super bowl on a series of 2 point conversions? Gross.

  92. As someone who grew up with, “sudden death overtime,” being part of my vocabulary, I have no sympathy for any NFL team that loses in the current version of overtime without ever touching the ball on offense simply because their defense allowed the other team’s offense to score a touchdown. You want to win a game? Do it in the 60 minutes of regulation.

  93. You keep saying that the overtime rules aren’t “fair”. But actually they are perfectly fair – they give neither side an advantage because each is equally likely to win the coin toss. Can’t get more fair than a coin toss.

    What you really object to is that the overtime rules are too “random”, because an explicitly random coin toss helps determine the outcome. But you shouldn’t worry about this so much, considering how all the randomness and luck that shows up in every moment of a football game.

    What we saw tonight were two equally matched teams, and if they could play 100 times, they’d probably each win about 50 games. KC got lucky and won tonight’s game. They didn’t dominate the Bills, or prove they were the “better team”, they just won. Because one of the teams had to. It was awesome to watch, but it was also random. And there’s no way to tweak the overtime rules so that the winner of a game that winds up tied at the end of 60 minutes will be anything other than “the lucky winner”.

  94. I have to agree with this article.

    I am not certain how to fix the overtime system but the current system is not fair. Imagine if one had 2 baseball teams with high powered offences and the game was called if a team scored 2-3 runs in the top of the 10th (after a coin-flip of course). Fans would feel robbed because the other team would deservedly believe that their hitters should have had a chance at the other team’s pitchers.

    To have 2 units (Bills offence and Chiefs defence) not even get a chance to impact overtime is ridiculous. Sure, the Bills should have played the last 13 seconds better but that should be considered irrelevant to this argument. After 60 minutes of football the teams had scored the same number of points. The officials announce to both teams that it is a new game. However, predicting the way a metal disc spins in the air and lands is crucial to winning this new game. Unfair and has to change. Please fix this NFL!!

  95. A horrible defensive call by the DC cost the Bills that game, he called a 4 down rush that left Kelce totally incovered and he got a 25yd completeion totally uncontested, if the DC have put a player on the line to chuck Kelce and cover him off of the line Kelce wouldn’t have been WIDE OPEN on that play and the Bills would have probably have won that game with no overtime……….. but NO THE DC MAKES A COMPLETELY STUPID CALL AGAINST THE BEST TE IN THE NFL AND LEAVES HIM TOTALLY UNCOVERED!

    THE BILLS DESERVED TO LOSE! They should have won the game in regular time and it should have never went to overtime, PERIOD.

  96. you are completely wrong;

    this is the NFL, not basketball where you score an infinite number of times or college football where you play until somebody stumbles and falls on their possession from sheer exhaustion;

    the overtime rules in the NFL put a premium on what at times seems a lost art—playing DEFENCE;

    if you want the ball back, stop the other team, not wait for your turn on offence whether you stop the other team or not;

  97. The NFL will go with whatever makes them more money. A longer OT means more ads, so there you go.

    Also, as long as a very vocal minority with a large platform keeps hollering about it, the NFL will feel phantom pressure to consider it – regardless if the true majority of people like things the way they are, but who ever listens to the people anymore.

  98. Okay, let’s do that: Team A scored a TD to start Overtime. Now Team B knows it has to score a
    TD, so they will use a full four downs to keep their drive alive until they score that TD, and that’s an advantage that Team A didn’t have. Unfair.

    Then Teams A and B both score TDs and the game continues until one of them scores again. They play two overtime quarters of 10 minutes each and somebody wins, and gets to play next week, tired, maybe traveling, having lost two players in OT to injury, because, well, they were tired and had run 100+ plays. Unfair.

    Often, in the effort to make thing “more fair” you just make things unfair in a different way.

  99. Ok I’ll play Florio. They both get the ball once and both score TDs. What happens if the OT ends in a tie (can’t in the playoffs) then what? Should only one team get it next? That isn’t very fair Mike. Like numerous previous posters have said, teams should have to play defense as well.

  100. This isn’t the first week that the OT rule has been stupid – it’s been that way since it was implemented and frankly I’m surprised that these supposedly “smart” people would vote something like it in.

    So, two teams have battled and are equal after 60 minutes of football – let’s flip a coin and give an advantage to the team that wins the toss!

    A very simple solution: If the 1st team gets a touchdown, the 2nd team gets the opportunity to match, no game clock. Must go for two starting in 2nd OT. There – fixed – and FAIR.

    And this is from someone that is happy KC won – Bills played far too well to get jobbed by the OT rule. Hell of a game, Bills – you got ripped off by the OT rule.

  101. Everyone with the “play defense” argument is missing the whole point here. Both defenses were totally gassed and it showed at the end of the game. Therefore, it is HIGHLY probable that if Bills won the toss, it would have been KC “unable to play defense” to stop the Bills scoring a TD. And what does that say? THAT A COIN TOSS DECIDED THE GAME. Do we really want that?

  102. So if the Bills scored, then The Chiefs scored again, do the Bills get another shot to continue to be fair? How long does that continue? No, the rules are fine.

  103. .ryates67 says:
    January 23, 2022 at 10:42 pm
    Defense is part of the game too, dude
    Sure it is. So both teams should get a chance to play offense and defense in OT.

  104. The NFL’s #1 defense should have done better.

    That said, the rules ARE currently skewed to help offenses and it really doesn’t take much for a good team to get into scoring position these days. The red zone for a prolific offense is almost anything inside the 40 anymore.

    They should probably just get rid of the sudden death nature of OT and have it be an additional 5 or 10 minute period.

  105. KC vs Bills game had an incredible ending. Now lots of calls for changes to the overtime rules (All Bills fans, If the coin toss and subsequent score had gone the other way there would not be a peep out them. -Note: The Chiefs were on the losing side of these rules in 2018).
    The rules should not be changed as the “Sudden Death” setup gives that measure of uncertainty that discourages teams from playing for a tie, knowing they are not guaranteed a shot to match the coin toss winners score. What would be the point of even having the coin toss in overtime?
    This was one game for the record books, one of the great finishes by both sides, playing all out to win, risking it all, all in!

  106. I’m from Buffalo. Although this does hurt, I believe the overtime rules are fine. Play defense Buffalo. Bills deserved to lose after giving up the lead with 13 seconds. I would’ve liked to see Allen have a shot, but they should’ve put them away in regulation. Great game and congrats to the Chiefs and their fans.

  107. Mike I agree with you completely. The coin toss did determine the winner. That said, I do wonder if the NFL enjoys the buzz over controversial rules of the game such as this. It ensures a lot of water cooler talk that lasts far longer than the talk about the game itself.

  108. Where do you draw the line?
    If either team played defense, the game would have been over in regulation.

  109. It should have happened in Super Bowl LI, when the Patriots scored a touchdown on the opening drive of overtime against the Falcons.’

    If your team is up 28-3 with a little over a full quarter left in the game and loses, they didn’t deserve to win!

    As a Saints fan, having this happen to the Failclowns makes it even sweeter!

    Geaux Saints!!!!

  110. Robbed of the Best weekend ever lol 👌 I remember the same crying to change the rule when the Pat’s won now I bet andy reid loves the rule.

  111. It feels strange because it is strange. The NFL is the only major pro sport where overtime ends with an incomplete period. We have it that way because football is a sport uniquely susceptible to a single extra play leading to catastrophic injuries, so we want to minimize those as much as possible–but at the same time, for some strange reason, the NFL doesn’t like ties, so it insists on playing some kind of overtime anyway.

    And thus, we end up with this bizarre, half-baked set of rules that prioritize getting the game finished ASAP over any kind of fairness.

    I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: The solution is no overtime in the regular season–let ties be ties–and play timed 10- or 15-minute OT periods in the playoffs, until there is a winner.

  112. Stop it. The game can’t go on indefinitely. The defense and special teams get paid too. They have to drive the whole field for a score. Player safety has to be factored in at some point. Ask the Rams. That’s exactly how they made it to the Super Bowl by picking Brees on the Saints first possession in 2018.

  113. It’s been Sooooo long since I saw a TRULY CLASSIC NFL game I thought the NFL had died…..I’m glad I saw this epic playoff game. Thank you KC and Buffalo!!

  114. The Bills D had two chances to close out.

    They didn’t stop the Chiefs with 13 seconds left on the clock. 13!

    They didn’t stop the Chiefs in the first series of the OT.

    This has nothing to do with the rules. Chiefs got beat, period.

    Great game though!

  115. Ya think! I still remember Favre’s Vikings losing to the Saints in OT without even touching the ball.

  116. This is the same thing said after the Pats won over KC a few years ago, and guess what? They changed the rule. Not only a FG could win the game in sudden death. You had to score a TD on your first possession or the game continued. We can “fairness” this game down to the minutiae with these rules and soon it will look nothing like the game we all grew up with and loved. NFL is parsing itself into extinction. It is coming soon.

  117. Buffalo is more to blame that the OT rules. If their defense had made a play you would be singing their praises.

  118. The rule is fine. Have the defense make a stop. What does fair mean. Each team had chances to win in the 4th quarter. Buffalo had to defend for 13 seconds and couldn’t do it.

  119. They should play the entire fifth quarter. Alternating 2 point conversions is a gimmick that should be left to lesser leagues like the XFL.

  120. There’s no perfect answer when it comes to OT. The fairest way would be to just play another quarter, but that’s not realistic (plus the safety issues), and what do you do if it’s still tied? You can poke holes in the current rules, but they’re definitely better than the days when 40 yards and a field goal would win it. Maybe we replace the coin toss with rock-paper-scissors, or best 3-out-of-5?

  121. Stop the “fairness on the playground” stuff. This is silly, and undermines the idea that it’s a competition. Stop the other team from scoring. Should be easy, and if it’s not, you lost the game before OT happened anyway. If the rules have given the offense so much power they can’t be stopped, change THOSE rules.

  122. billsfan716 says:
    January 23, 2022 at 11:50 pm
    The way the rules are geared to offensive production it’s only fair that at a minimum both teams get a chance to score
    Ok, I’ll bite. Lets say the game didnt end with the Chiefs TD. Lets say Buffalo got the ball and scored a TD. Then the Chiefs got the ball and scored a TD. And now the game is over because both teams got a chance to possess the ball. It still ends up that a coin toss determined the outcome of the game. “How come both teams dont get to possess the ball the same number of times”, will be the next argument, cuz “it needs to be fair”, wah. The side that loses is always going to whine about the OT rules.

    People will then say, why dont they just play the full OT period. Ok, so the team that wins the coin toss goes on a 15 play, 9:30 drive, taking all the time off the clock. Then when the second team gets to possess the ball, without enough time on the clock, what will the whining be then?

  123. I have just a few things to say about the Bills/Chiefs game… A first-drive touchdown shouldn’t end the game. A first-drive touchdown shouldn’t end the game. A first-drive touchdown shouldn’t end the game. A first-drive touchdown shouldn’t end the game. A first-drive touchdown shouldn’t end the game.

  124. Play defense. Don’t let them score in 15 seconds! It’s key to the game. It’s football and physical. The game needs to be decided quickly, limiting injuries.

    This has been the rule for over a decade. A Super Bowl was decided with this rule.
    Why change now? Is it just cause your team was on the losing end? C’mon.

  125. You would think the #1 Defense could make a stop when needed? At least hold them to a field goal?

  126. Squib kick and the game is over. Time runs out. Stupid not to. Hell of a game, though. Just amazing, all four of them…. Brady almost pulled out another miracle. The Buc Defense lost that game. Sadly. Good for Stafford, though. Go RAMS now….

  127. Imagine a baseball playoff game going into extra innings. The visiting team scores in the top of the 10th, they’re declared the winner.
    That’s the NFL..

  128. Lets quit keeping score and hand out participation ribbons when time expires.

  129. As you know, KC has been on both sides of this rule in the AFCCG.

    What you may not know is that the owner of the KC Chiefs, Clark Hunt, proposed a change to the OT rules after the Chiefs lost without touching the ball in OT in the 2018 AFCCG.

    His proposal was voted down.

  130. ryates67 says:
    January 23, 2022 at 10:42 pm
    *Defense is part of the game too, dude*

    Dude, everyone was gassed, on BOTH sides which hence the point, team getting blall first was going to win.

    Rule needs to be looked at again.

  131. Just thought, & cuz not mentioned (maybe “yet”)…in Ohio high school both possess from 20 yds in. We all know college is 25 and in. Mid-field for pro? Input/feedback?

    A number of solid points above, & also re: whining, connection to particular team. Yes play defense, yes it’s a different game with rules that help offenses, etc.

    No rooting interest, 36 yrs assisting under high school Hall-of-Fame head man. Seen equal to better coaching decisions, strategy, clock management throughout the country at high schools, smaller colleges, than “some” in NFL. Love of game, vs money’s addition.

    Bills celebrated early & am sure many of you were thinking that at the time, as was I. True it is hard to control millionaire adult players. Allen & Mahomes both terrific.

    Near any time left needs to be managed…just earlier in the day 42 seconds, we’ve all seen less time before yesterday.

    As far as rule changes, owners rarely truly gonna care about players. Sure some. Players play, billionaire owners usually/mostly about the money…few know the game all that well, Al Davis-like exceptions. GM’s?

  132. Everyone says “play defense” and I agree. However, it seems that neither defense had much success in stopping the opposing offense. Therefore, the other team (BILLS) should at least have a chance to respond.

  133. This is such a lazy argument. If the Bills wanted to win, stop KC from driving the field in :13 OR hold them to at least a FG in OT and your stud QB gets a chance.

    Defense matters.

  134. I don’t care for the OT rules, but I don’t remember this kind of outcry when the exact same scenario happened to the Chiefs in the AFCCG just 3 years ago!!..

  135. Dean Blandino’s comment probably nixes this, but mix in some strategy and just play another 15 minutes with 2-3 timeouts. Lots of room for more commercials too.

  136. Many teams have won playoff games in overtime after losing the coin toss

    See: 2003 Packers, 2009 Cardinals, 2011 Giants, etc.

    Leave it alone.

  137. I can’t wait to see a team win the coin toss in OT and then gets a laughable defensive pass interference call in the end zone or near it to put them in great position to win the game and deny the other team a possession.

    Maybe then that will convince everyone these rules need to be updated for today’s NFL.

    As for the argument that the coin toss is “fair” – no not really. Advantage to the team with the superior passing game. Maybe one defense is completely gassed and then their team wins the coin toss giving them a badly needed break. Nope. That’s not fair.

  138. finfan39 says:
    January 24, 2022 at 1:36 am
    The problem wasn’t with Buffalos defense as much as it was about coaching. There’s no way that they should have allowed the PK to kickoff the ball into the end zone. That was incredibly stupid to allow KC to get the ball at the 25 yard line without running one second off of the game clock. Head coach, special teams coach and even the kicker should be fired! Lol how about covering kelce?

  139. back2ebayy says:
    January 24, 2022 at 4:05 am
    Everyone with the “play defense” argument is missing the whole point here. Both defenses were totally gassed and it showed at the end of the game. Therefore, it is HIGHLY probable that if Bills won the toss, it would have been KC “unable to play defense” to stop the Bills scoring a TD. And what does that say? THAT A COIN TOSS DECIDED THE GAME. Do we really want that?


  140. A chance to match does nothing as it would just leave the Bills deciding to go for 2 or handing it back to KC for a sudden death 3. Either way it isn’t equal.

    The best solution to keep sudden death is to go back to immediate sudden death when OT starts, but do the OT coin flip before the game. You would know which team gets choice of the ball to start OT from the very beginning of the game. Then if you can manage your drives differently if you know you aren’t getting the ball in OT for sure. It the game last night, I don’t know that it would have changed any decisions as the Bills should have squib kicked it and close the game out with 13 seconds left. A tie shouldn’t have been possible. However, generally a team could decide to go for 2 or run more clock knowing that they don’t want to end up in a tie.

  141. It’s funny that you don’t hear the Chiefs whining now about the overtime rule like they did when the Patriots won the coin toss and the AFCCG a few years back. They even tried to have the rule changed in the offseason. What if they had gotten their way and the NFL gave both teams a possession in OT? The outcome may have been different yesterday. Bottom line, the rule is in place and if you don’t win the coin toss, your defense needs to hold it to a field goal or make a stop. The Bills should have squib kicked with 13 seconds left in regulation. It’s on them, so no one should be blaming the OT rules. It should never have come to that.

  142. ksiner46 says:
    January 24, 2022 at 7:10 am
    Adopt college overtime if you want excitement

    Seems fairer than now. Although that will cause a different problem…then you’ll have 72-66 games and QB’s throwing for 10 TD passes in a game and I don’t think anyone wants to see that either.

    But you need to give the other team a chance now. Great passing offenses win the coin toss and it’s already game over.

  143. You either have true sudden death, or play an extra period and see who’s ahead after the time period. This mickey mouse give everyone a chance participation trophy rule they have now is just dumb. If you don’t want to lose, play defense. Life isn’t fair. Get over it.

  144. Or what about a 5th quarter. Make it shorter like say 10 minutes.

    And if still tied after that play a 6th quarter.

    And so on.

    The other major pro sports leagues do this for playoff overtime. Play until someone wins.

  145. Two things cost the Bills that game, no run game to speak of(which has been a problem for years) and Leslie Frazier! What DC in their right mind leaves the #1 TE in the NFL totally uncovered for a 25yd gain with just 0:08sec on the clock, you put your biggest, fastest DB on Kelce and try to knock him on his azz as soon as the ball is snapped and you also have someone playing behind them 2-3yds incase they miss?

    You don’t let him run downfield 20-25yds uncontested! JEEEEEEZ
    If the Bills would have played even an ounce of D in the last 13sec no overtime would have been needed, it looked to me like they just laid down and let KC tie the game, in the last 13sec there was no effort out of the Bills D what-so-ever!

  146. If there is a change I just hope the NFL does not follow the college/high school model. It’s fine for high school but for the NFL that would be worse. Keep the OT procedure like a game.

  147. ryates67 says:
    January 23, 2022 at 10:42 pm
    Defense is part of the game too, dude.


    Kind of sort of. IMO, it’s hard to implement new OT rules when teams can’t really play defense any longer. I’m fine with the argument that each team should get a chance to score. That said, first team to score after that should apply so I’m not sure it matters. It still comes down to whichever team wins the coin flip.

  148. nydre4 says:
    January 23, 2022 at 10:49 pm
    Could change the OT rules. Or teams can start playing defense. I dont care how legendary the opposing QB is, game should be over with 13 seconds left.

    THIS! Fans need to understand how utterly impossible it is is to play defense in the NFL today. The fact people are clamoring about how epic a weekend of football it was only compounds the problem. You can’t cheer for the NFL emphasizing offense and than complain about how the defense didn’t hold up. The truth of the matter is the defense was barely there to begin with.

  149. What happen after both teams touch the ball? Is it unfair if one team gets it twice?

    Either keep it as it, or play another timed quarter. “Both teams get the ball” is still problematic.

  150. Rams fan here.

    What about unsportsmanlike conduct penalties between 2 players going 110%. No one should “get involved” in their conversation. Just separate the players. Most of these guys are friends off the field and if not, at least have some respect for each other on/off the field. The 15 yard penalty on Suh should have not been called.

  151. Couple of observation:

    1. The Chiefs were on the other end of this a few years back and there was no national uproar about it. It was only Chiefs fans who were upset and all that was said is these are the rules

    2. The Chiefs who benefited from this last night actually petitioned for the OT rules to be changed and the league including the Bills were against the change

    3. Finally, a coin doesn’t play defense and the Bills defense last I check was the number #1 defense in the league and according to a television analyst, Mahomes is broken and they are not good.

    No complaining is necessary Florio. It is what it is. The Bills are good and will get to the Superbowl but they just fell short this year. That’s it.

  152. dualprime says:
    January 24, 2022 at 8:29 am
    I have just a few things to say about the Bills/Chiefs game… A first-drive touchdown shouldn’t end the game. A first-drive touchdown shouldn’t end the game. A first-drive touchdown shouldn’t end the game. A first-drive touchdown shouldn’t end the game. A first-drive touchdown shouldn’t end the game.


  153. The way these offenses were playing it was clear that whoever got the ball first was going to win. Each team had a 50/50 chance to win the coin toss. KC won the coin toss so they won the game. If the Bills would have won the coin toss they would have won the game. So there you have it. The best game I have seen in years decided by a coin toss. Gotta fix this.

  154. If McDermott squib kicks the kickoff, Bills win. If McDermott has defense pull down Hill and Kelce at line a scrimmage twice for 5 yard holding penalties, Bills win. McDermott is a great coach, but the last 13 seconds is all on him.

  155. No one wants to see the nonsense like in college where they eventually end up in a skills competition for two point conversions. It’s idiotic. This is still football. Play defense and special teams. Defend your end zone after kicking off. If someone drives the length of the field for a TD on you, you deserve to lose, and no, it’s not unfair because you didn’t get to respond when you had four quarters to end it.

  156. Overtime rule needs to be changed to something similar to college football where one team has to get a defensive stop to win the game.

    Other point is why Tampa and Buffalo allowed such wide open passes to be caught after playing knock out defense to catch up and get ahead of KC and LA? Tampa was worst since they allowed two huge competitions to get so deep in their territory that a field goal was a given.

  157. An obvious and fair solution would be to just play an addition 10 (or 15) minutes. That should ensure each team gets at least one possession. If the game is still tied at that point just continue organically into sudden death without any convoluted rules. Perhaps get rid of the coin toss and let the home team decide if they want the ball or not to start overtime. This would give an additional bonus to the home team for having a higher seed.

  158. NHL would disagree. If you lose the face off, then get the puck. It is a team sport and your defense is part of the team.

  159. I wouldn’t have a problem with a 10 minute 5th quarter, but think the current OT rules are ok. The “old” OT rule (where you could win with a field goal on the first possession) I do believe was unfair.

  160. I undermined nothing. Its part of the game. If a team can only win if it gets the ball and cant do defensive stops then thats a half team that does not deserve the win.

    This was an exciting weekend of football that showed how great this game really is. Don’t screw it up.

  161. dtb67 says:
    January 24, 2022 at 9:10 am
    Everyone says “play defense” and I agree. However, it seems that neither defense had much success in stopping the opposing offense. Therefore, the other team (BILLS) should at least have a chance to respond.

    They did. When you hold the lead with 13 seconds to go you have been given one hell of a great chance to respond. If you go on to lose it from there thats on you and you only.

  162. I made my comments earlier on what I thought of a flip of a coin in a game like we all saw which was all offense basically deciding the game. Ridiculous in my opinion. I would have preferred if they put on the movie Heidi after KC won the toss! It was game over, seen this before with Patriots and Falcons.
    By the way, I had no dog in the fight as a lot of people imply if you don’t like the current rules must be Bills fan. My teams got their rears kicked in the first round. I would love to know how many KC fans love the rule, the same rule that they were on the other side of when Patriots beat them a few years ago.
    Sure the Bills screwed up, should have not kicked it into end zone. As great as Mahomes is, not many I am sure thought he was going down the field in so little time. But, terrible defense cost them.
    One last comment, I would certainly hope we can all agree on what the NFL does and continues to do for years now. Who on this planet is in favor of a scheduled televised game that goes long getting pre-empted by your local team starting their game? You are watching game, goes to overtime or whatever, then too bad! Your team is now on and we will let you know the outcome when its over! Give me a freakin break! It’s like having a movie theatre texting you the ending of a movie that you were watching instead of showing it. I think most of us would be fine showing the game conclusion we were watching, then going to other game when it’s over. At the very least, have a split screen and show both games simultaneously until first game ends. It’s not that complicated NFL.

  163. “Buffalo didn’t get a chance in overtime!!!!”

    Yes they did. It called a coin toss and the Bills lost that chance. Sorry. It’s up to fate at that point and the Chiefs capitalized on it. Not a fan of either team. Wanted to see Buffalo win, but stop complaining that the Bills didn’t get a chance.

  164. So the game is 3 phases unless you lose in OT? Maybe teams will get back to playing a little D and Soecial Teams.

  165. A lot of people have mentioned the “everyone was gassed” excuse for both defenses (apparently offenses are immune from getting gassed, but I digress). How about this solution. Take a five-to-ten minute break between regulation and overtime. Let the teams rest up a bit, strategize and then play with the current overtime rules.

  166. KC – deserved the win – No doubt. But, so did Allen. When you are talking playoff games, you need to allow the other team a possession to at least respond. You play until the other team doesn’t respond. That’s the only fair way to find out who the better team is.

  167. So if Buffalo defense got a pick 6
    On the first play of overtime,would
    There still be talk today about the
    Buffalo Offense not taking the field?

  168. The Bills have no one but themselves to blame. There are many things they could have done to win the game. They could have gone for two. They could have squib kicked. They could have played better defense.

  169. I don’t think this is a problem, for three reasons:

    1) Both teams deserved to win and only one could. No matter how it played out, we’d feel the other team could have won it back with just one more chance.

    2) The Bills had the lead with 13 seconds left in regulation, yet they allowed the Chiefs to score the next 9 points to end the game. Why does that team deserve another chance to win? They had a golden opportunity to win, and only went to OT because they mishandled the end of the game. That’s losing through game play, not through a fluke of the rules.

    3) My belief is that OT isn’t about what’s most fair – it’s a hazard created by not taking care of business in regulation. It should be treacherous and unforgiving.

  170. Doesn’t matter what a team should have done in regulation. Everyone talks about the end of regulation – should have done this, should have done that. Plays made throughout the ENTIRE game matter – not just the end. That missed read, that “bad” call, that dropped pass – all matter. Doesn’t matter HOW they end up tied. Love the argument “should have played defense” – hey, you first – you chase Tyreek after you’ve already been doing it the whole game. Easy, right?

    Fix – If 1st team scores in OT, 2nd team gets a chance to match. No game clock. Must go for 2 starting in 2nd OT. If you MUST keep OT as it is – a 10-15 minute break to allow recuperation – because when KC won the toss, that pretty much determined the winner.

  171. If the Chiefs had “played defense” as many have suggested, there wouldn’t have been an OT. It works both ways. A coin flip should not determine the winner of such an amazing game!

    And YES, I felt the same way when the Pats won the coin flip against the Chiefs.

  172. I do think each team should get at least one attempt in OT, especially in a playoff game.

    However, that does not explain the soft defense and scheme that the Buffalo defense displayed, particularly how they covered Kelce.

    Also, Buffalo made a mistake by kicking that last kickoff deep and not doing a squib kick to kill more time off the clock.

    It’s things like that which are the reason why Buffalo ended up losing the game. Not the OT coin toss.

  173. lunscr says:
    January 24, 2022 at 6:31 am
    It feels strange because it is strange. The NFL is the only major pro sport where overtime ends with an incomplete period.
    The NHL says hello.

  174. During the coin toss for OT, the ref had me confused. He said they’re playing a whole new game with a 10 minute period. I thought they were about to use CFB rules. But the CBS staff flashed the rules and clarified that it’s the same old rules. I was exciting for another 10 minutes of back and forth gun slinging by Mahommes and Allen.

  175. It seems like College football and the CFL have overtime figured out. But the NFL, like so many things it tries do do, can’t get out of its own way.

  176. the vaunted Bills defence the talking heads were raving about the statistics of didn’t do it’s job, in regulation or OT;

    that is why the Bills lost..they still have no pass rush, plain and simple (and no running game, if you remove the quarterback from it, what with him being the most important player on the team and all);

    had their starting safety had been back there, no way one WR scores four TDs;

    the Bills did a nice job capitalising on the Chief’s obvious weakness in the back four, but otherwise they are still the same old Bills regardless what their gaudy stats say, with the same weaknesses they’ve always had—weak pass rush, little running game and only one WR to really worry about;

    hopefully they find a consistent pass rush or a good RB before their quarterback gets killed by a LB he didn’t see coming;

  177. BTW, a squib kick would not have ended the game;

    the clock doesn’t start on a fair catch of a kickoff, so the Chiefs would’ve wound up even closer to midfield with thirteen seconds left;

  178. One of the flaws with any rule that intentionally extends overtime is next week. Whoever wins has to play again next week, and a long OT puts them at a greater risk for both injuries and fatigue. We as fans may get a great game, but the winning team will run a bigger chance of losing the following week, either because they lose a key player to injury, or the team is just too emotionally and physically spent for another game.

  179. I like the Bill Belichick proposed OT rules… Just add an overtime period minus the sudden death. Could be 7.5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes or whatever makes the most sense. Probably only need it for the post season.

  180. So…you want both teams to be able to touch the football. But fans don’t want to see one endless drive after another.

    So…here’s a new idea:

    Alternating snaps!

    Each team secretly submits a yardline where they are willing to start to get the football. Whoever bids lower, gets the first possession. No more downs, just alternate possession, play to play.

    No field goals. Just see who gets to the end zone first.

    Bring it!

  181. Whatever rule they come up with, just don’t let a coin flip to decide a game. That’s the whole point of the argument. This is a game of athletic competition, not a casino. Having a coin flip to decide a game is a joke. If the “play defense” argument is valid, would you like your team elect not to receive?

  182. i’m not blaming kc that they won, and in fairness they got ripped off against new england back in 2018. also, defences have to play better during crunch time, i think everyone can agree on that.

    that said, for the future, if the nfl implemented a college-style overtime going forward, that would be great.
    -each team gets a possession chance the 1st time, no matter what.
    -fg or td scored in 1st possession series must be matched by the other team to continue.
    -after first series, it’s sudden death. a fg or td wins the game.

  183. I’m sorry but the Packers/49ers game was god awful. The winning team didn’t score an offensive or defensive touchdown. The Rams/Bucs game “looked” good at the end but was boring though out. Not the best weekend ever, sorry.

  184. Instead of an overtime kickoff, the first team gets the ball at their 10. The rest of the rules stay the same.

  185. Only one other sport has a “sudden death” ovetime, and that is hockey. Baseball plays complete innings; soccer has a half hour extended time; basketball has five minute overtime periods. So there is no reason football cannot just have a 10 minute overtime, and whoever is ahead at the end of ten minutes wins.

    If they are tied at the end of a 10 minute overtime, then go to a field goal contest. First kicks are snapped from the 25 yard line, i.e., a 42 yard kick. You move the ball back five yards for each subsequent kick. And do that until a kick is blocked, or someone’s kick is not matched. Meaning, if the first kick from 52 yards is blocked and the second one is wide, you kick from 52 yards again.

  186. Vikings lost an OT NFC championship game on a terrible DPI setting up a final field goal. The Vikings never saw the ball in OT and no one said a word. The packers lose by giving up a touch down and everyone started with both teams should get the ball.

  187. I have a simple idea without dramatic change, just a minor tweak of the current rule. Whoever scores the first TD must go for 2 point conversion. If the offense scores 8 points, game over. If defense can limit them to only 6 points then their offense gets possession to tie it or win it with a TD plus 2pc. If tie again and then it’s sudden death from that point on. The theory is that if a defense cannot stop a TD AND 2pc then you don’t deserve possession. There will be no kicking extra point at all in OT.

  188. I have a simple idea without dramatic change, just a minor tweak of the current rule. Whoever scores the first TD must go for 2 point conversion. If the offense scores 8 points, game over. If defense can limit them to only 6 points then their offense gets possession to tie it or win it with a TD plus 2pc. If tie again and then it’s sudden death from that point on. The theory is that if a defense cannot stop a TD AND 2pc then you don’t deserve possession. There will be no kicking extra point at all in OT. Two point conversion is a 50/50 proposition so it adds drama for the viewers, unlike a predictable kicking of extra point.

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